Black Orbs in daytime, semi invisible

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Black Orbs in daytime, semi invisible

Post by wings »

Several days ago, I was going to the hospital to visit a loved one here in Phoenix. The area is in the very far North of Phoenix in the desert. It was sunset, a bright orange sky. I was driving along the freeway and happened to look up and thought I saw stars, black stars. It worried me and I continued to look straight ahead, getting close to the hospital, I tried to ignore it. I got to the parking lot, parked, got out of the vehicle and for some reason, looked up by the tall building and there were more stars, like when you have a embalance, maybe feeling bad, and you see stars? Well, I noticed that the stars didnt move and when I looked back up, they were in the same place, not moving, and I noticed they registered a distance and size with my vision. The other odd thing is that I couldnt look directly at them. They were gone. But if you looked off to the side, you saw a block sphere with a white arc along its bottom side. There were many, the normal 3 feet in diameter size, but black-ish and shiny on the bottom.

You know, it made me think of inside out chrome. I do 3D model making, and these looked inside out and they were reflecting the sky from the bottom of the sphere, like it had no outside on it. Very hard to describe if you do not know what I am talking about. Like if you had a glass sphere in your hand, and the outside was totally transparent, but the side was chrome looking. Like that.

And thats it. Another one of those 'nobody is going to believe this' events, and I continued on into the hospital to visit my family member, wondering what in the world those things were up there.

I would say there were a few of them, maybe 5, and I would say also about 50 to 100 yards away.

I remember seeing a cell phone video capture a russian had made of a sphere (orb) that was hovering in a street next to a store front. You could clearly see that it was like a bubble and in it was like a picture of someplace. You could see movement in it and changing of light. With my rich imagination, all the SciFi movies I have seen in my past, it made me think that it was a virtual bubble and people were able to look through that bubble from some other location. Again, thats my imagination speaking, thinking out loud. The things I saw, at first appeared to be something physical wrong with me, till I noticed they were not normal 'stars illusions' but actual things up in the sky, holding position, with size and distance able to be seen (barely).

The crazy things one sees sometimes...

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Re: Black Orbs in daytime, semi invisible

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Hi Wings,
I think there are probably orbs floating all over the place. I took a picture of one in my back yard, which I know you have already seen. I also used to see orbs sometimes during visits with the star people, and I considered those orbs to be "probes"; tiny little scout ships that the star people would send ahead to collect data before they came down with their larger craft.

The orbs you saw in the daytime looked black or like "inside out chrome." And the bottoms reflected the sky...very interesting. Like they were see-through or just partially visible. In Mexico City they see orbs all the time, even during the day, but I think they are mostly white.

I think it may be surveillance.

Thanks for sharing.

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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