UFO once a week.

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UFO once a week.

Post by colin2015 »

My home is in the absolute middle of nowhere so that does help. BUT (and its a big but!) the sky at night runs on forever just outside my door and with almost no lights about, the views of the night sky is just breathtaking. Over the years I have seen some spectacular skies but nothing is like what I have right now. If it moves (or flashes) I can see it and almost every time I go out late into my garden (its the size of a small park) and I get to see a UFO. These are not aeroplanes or even the constant red light of the ISS or satellites going over they are 100% (none man-made) UFOs. The stay in one place (normally over the woods near my house) for a while flashing their lights white, green, blue and orange and then they are gone. For me its as normal as bread and butter.

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Re: UFO once a week.

Post by Bonnie Jean Mitchell »

Hey Colin,

We are experiencing the same thing here in Uruguay. The night sky is so clear and filled with stars it is amazing! And just about every night we see lights flying around up there. Sometimes they just sit in one spot and flash randomly. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 flying in tandem. They appear and then disappear and then appear again.

One of the typical types we see all the time is a white or red light that flies in a steady path. At some point, it seems to fill up with energy and sends out a pulse of light. The light goes from tiny to large as it fills up with energy and then it goes back to being a tiny light again and continues on its way.

It happens so often it has become very normal.
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Re: UFO once a week.

Post by guldage »

I have the same in Denmark. Have made several film on lights moving about in a manor that is not normal to what would be airplanes or the like. And yes that almost seems normal these days.

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