UFO Fleet Over Columbus Ohio

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UFO Fleet Over Columbus Ohio

Post by Senketsu »

I believe that this video is a genuine one.

SOme people say these are "flares" or night skydiver. But please come on use your brains. Skydiver do not fly updwards such as these objecst are doing. And flares produce smoke and are influenced by wind. Flares also do not fly upd and down, to each other etc....

What do you think?

See by yourself
The Videos name is: MASS SIGHTING! UFO Fleet Over Columbus Ohio! Military Formations? 8/17/2015

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWFipOw ... cureteam10

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Re: UFO Fleet Over Columbus Ohio

Post by ManhattanSkyline »

Nice video! I believe it is authentic as well. The majority of the UFOs I've seen in my area look and behave exactly as the ones in this video. I began seeing them heavily in 2008 and now only occasionally see them; there seem to be seasons of activity. The orbs I've seen are round balls of light like in the video. They are orange/amber in color. They may have been that color in Ohio. I know many cameras will show colored lights as white because there is not enough light at night for the camera to focus and get a good color reading.

These lights will pop into existence, move around a bit, and fade out of existence again in a completely silent sky. Many of the ones I saw will start out as one large light that is really several lights clustered together. Then they will separate accordion-like, drift apart and fade one by one up the chain. Some will then reappear in different places in the sky and fade out again just like in the video. I've seen them arrange themselves in vertical and horizontal lines over town. I've also seen them arrange themselves in geometrical patterns and rotate. For example, in one spectacular, up-close sighting, I saw several lights pop on just off the side of the road when I was driving, just a stones throw away and very low. First it made a horizontal row of lights and then one by one individual orbs appeared above the line and became a rotating triangle. It was like fireworks it was so animated! My window was down, and there was absolutely no sound. Also, it was still light a little. The sun had set, but the sky was still blue with light. Most of the sightings seemed to happen at this time in the evening. You could see in between the orbs, and there was no visible craft in between them; although, you knew something had to be there. They always clustered in groups when they appeared. I will say the only difference between what I have seen and what shows up in the video is that my sightings happened much more quickly. The ones in the video seem to take their time moving, appearing, and disappearing, and then they keep reappearing for a long time. My sightings were much quicker where the movement was quick and the entire sighting from start to finish lasted on average 3-5 seconds.

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