German UFO's before WWII?

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German UFO's before WWII?

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Did you know... The Germans had 'flying' full size flying saucers back before WWII? They did. Not many people know this. They had small craft flying in the 1930's. They started this in 1924 under the Vrill cult group (for lack of a better name). There are two cult groups in Germany that link to their ancestry, the other is the Thule group. Both of these were doing flying saucer designs up to and into and during WWII, coming up with two versions of 'gravity' engines, a large assortment of various shapes and sizes of prototype saucers, and finally, near the end of the war, a massive saucer, as well as a Zeppelin sized saucer called 'Andromeda Gerat.' Gerat means 'device' which the SS called these, as they werent airplanes, but 'round aircraft', or 'Rundflugzeug's. RFZ was the Luftwaffe designation, later changed to Haunebu. Vrill were the 'first' series of flying saucers, then came the RFZ series, then the Haunebu series, with versions going up to I, II, III, and in 1946 or 47, version IV was photographed over Germany after the war. Version III was massive, around 200 feet in diameter, could carry up to 70 passengers, was several stories high, could fly at 7,000 KPH at sea level and was designed for space flight.

The tube shaped 'Andromeda' was photographed, one was captured at 50% assembly stage, its engines (4) were torched out and removed before the Allies could capture it at its assembly station. But, one before it was finished in 1944, and even named, the 'Freya'. The 'Freyr' was in assembly when captured in Friedrichshafen. This too was massive, about 30 meters in diameter and some huge length. Two gravity engines mounted at each end in line with the kiel.

Funniest part of all of this is that they were trying to go to another star system, not to the moon or Mars. Another star system. They were on their way to Alderbaron.

Its a fascinating story. Documentation of the craft were found in Berlin. Most of the saucers were all taken out before the Allies could get them. U-Boot commanders that had been running people to a secret base in Antarctica, called Base 211 in 'Neuschwabenland' stated that these craft were already there. Admiral Byrds fleet of ships set to the nazi base in 1947 were confronted by the smaller sized saucer vehicles. The fleet were so overwhelmed, they turned around and left at flank speed. Footage of the saucers (two of them) show them diving at the ships and cutting through antennae wires and towers which knocked out communications with the fleet.

Google: Vril, Thule, Andromeda Gerat, Thule Triebwerke, Schumman SM Levitator, Kohlman Converter, nazi flying saucers, etc.

I know, sounds like science fiction. It would make an amazing movie. Supposedly the Russians captured 'one' of the scientists of that field, and also two functioning saucers of the smaller size.

Really makes me mad that they had this tech way back then. Its so much more advanced then rockets. Their early projects were doing 2,000 KPH, all on magnetics and electricity.

Thought you might like to know...

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