Are weird blue lights associated with UFOs and/or abductions

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Are weird blue lights associated with UFOs and/or abductions

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In 1994 myself and a bunch of people I worked with drove around a curve in a freeway (5 AM, still dark) and drove right up to a massive, silent, triangular object. it was hovering above a grove of trees, just to the right of the southbound lanes of an interstate freeway! I just saw this thing, and, arrived to work on time. A couple of my co-workers didn't see anything in the sky but lost 45 mins. of time and had flashbacks of what certainly sounded like an alien abduction - it's a long, crazy story. This wasn't likea lot of sighting I hear about - I was probably only 120-feet from the thing - which was huge - and I got a great look at light on the bottom, puslating - completely silent....straight of a sci-fi movie.

Many years passed and that event haunted me. But I never saw another UFO. Then, about 5 years ago, I was living in a crowded residential area and awake at about 3 AM - just horsing around on the computer. I was home alone. I went to get a cup of coffee, in the kitchen, and there was a window above the coffee pot stand that looked out over my driveway and a vacant lot. I was pouring coffee an area around my house was suddenly bathed in the strangest blue light I have ever seen - I had a tooth bonded and they dried the porcelain with an infra-red, blue light. That's the closest I have ever seen to it... I asked the dentist what the light was - he said "infrared". And there were no shadows, and the light had a distinct stopping point that extended about 45-feet beyond my house. It was crazy. it went out after about 5 seconds and I thought, "wow - did I just see that...?" The minute it I had that thought it came on again. I have no idea why but I actually said, aloud, "You jokers" and thought this was something to do with a a UFO. I ram out the front door and it was out - not a car in either direction for two blocks. About 4 nights later, my wife was at home and she laid out on the couch to watch movies while I went to sleep in the bedroom. I had told here about the house being bathed in this crazy blue light. I woke up in the morning and my wife - little Mexican lady - came in the bedroom and said, "That blue light that you told me about - I call it laser blue, laser blue - it came on all around the house......". I asked her if she went outside to see what it was and she said she was too scared. I asked her why she didn't wake my up and she said she tried like hell to wake me up but I couldn't be roused..... Are blue lights, like this (no shadows, etc.) associated with UFOs, as far as anyone knows? I know that's what I thought it was, immediately, and I don't know why....

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Re: Are weird blue lights associated with UFOs and/or abduct

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Hi 88Guy,
Welcome to the Alien Abduction Help Forum. Thanks for sharing your triangular object sighting and the blue "infrared light." Yes, the blue light you wrote about is fairly common amongst UFO sightings and abductees/contactees.

I think the visitors can hear us when we speak to them and I think they can even hear our thoughts sometimes. When you saw the blue light and then it went out, you thought, "wow - did I just see that...?" And, as you wrote, "The minute I had that thought it came on again. I have no idea why but I actually said, aloud, "You jokers" and thought this was something to do with a a UFO."

I find it humorous that you called them "Jokers" because I have also called them different things over the years...usually in a kind of familiar way. For example, one night while I was lying in my bed, I started to hear weird noises like something out of a cartoon. Then I felt all the muscles in my body go limp and I began to slip right out of my body. I was awake and aware, even had my eyes open the entire time. The visitors were pulling my conscious awareness right out of my physical body. As it turned out, I did not feel like going, so I stopped the process by talking really loud and somehow "waking" my body up. I went back inside my body and sat up. I said aloud, "you guys are pests!"

For me, this has been a lifetime experience and I have become pretty familiar with them.

The way that you called them "jokers" also says something about YOUR relationship with them. Perhaps there is a stronger connection with them than you realize...otherwise, you might not be speaking to them in such a casual manner.

When you and your co-workers were in the car, only YOU saw the triangular object, correct? This is because only some of us are able to see them and their craft. Not everyone is capable of actually seeing them.

Congratulations on being brave enough to write about it. Not everyone can do that either. :-)

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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