Colorful Lights in a Dark Cloudy Sky

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Colorful Lights in a Dark Cloudy Sky

Post by RoRapezo »

My fiance and I lived in a small neighborhood in a small town in Western PA in 2011. It was December, shortly before Xmas. It was a very cloudy snowy night, late like 10pm or so. I was inside watching TV.
The lights and TV had been flickering for a little while. We assumed it was the cold weather. (in our small town, the littlest bad weather causes lights and WIFI to go out). My fiance was outside, sitting on our porch smoking a cigarette. All of a sudden, he came in, starteld, and told me to come look outside. The sky was lit up with colors. There was no noise. No crash or boom. Just 'lightening' in green, red, blue and yellow for a few minutes off and on. All of the neighbors were outside or hanging out their windows pointing and exclaiming, 'look! what is that!?'. Of course, I immediately assumed it was UFO related, although I honestly cannot say. I hope it was! But I will never know. I reported it to MUFON and even called the local news station, who thought I was crazy. A friend suggested it was a blown up generator, but I do not know enough about that to surmise that it indeed was.
Does anyone have any input on what this could have been or have had a similar experience?

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Re: Colorful Lights in a Dark Cloudy Sky

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Hi RoRapezo,
There are lots of people seeing flashing lights in the sky. When John and I still lived in Indiana, in 2013, we were outside one night and saw an incredible light display in the sky. It looked like flashing lightning, but, like you said, no noise at all. It did not change colors, however; it stayed white. The flashing was so incredibly intense, nonstop, we had no idea what it could be and no one else talked about it.

People all over the world are seeing strange flashing lights in the sky, sometimes of different colors. No one really knows what it is.

I think, most likely, it is man-made, military technology, possibly HAARP or Project Blue Beam:

Yes, some of these lights may be star people/ETs, but a lot of it now is a false illusion created by the Illuminati. They are gearing up for a FAKE ALIEN INVASION. The best we can do is use our own good judgement and not fear any of what we see.

I happen to see lights in the sky at night that will show up while I am speaking outloud to the star people. I consider those kind of lights to be from the star people, but some of the lights in the night sky are human-created holographic images.

Here are some videos of people witnessing flashing colorful lights in the sky, similar to lightning:

Hidden Knowledge Every Person Should Know: AWAKENVIDEO.ORG

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