UFO Shapeshifting and teleporting

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UFO Shapeshifting and teleporting

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This is incredible footage of a UFO shapeshifting and teleporting. I believe that some UFOs might actually be some kind of spiritual beings rather than vehicles for ETs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xngu5GqyWo

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Re: UFO Shapeshifting and teleporting

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That looks very holographic to me. It could be a holographic image projected there as a test for Project Blue Beam. In the secret government's agenda, they plan to stage a fake alien invasion. And the technology is definitely in place, holographically speaking. They have turned the sky into a plasma by chemtrailing for many years now. And that is the perfect screen to project images.

However, I do agree that UFOs may be living beings themselves. In fact, I have met a couple of them during my nightly journies. Some of them are alive, that's for sure.
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