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Low flying sky objects / moving planets

Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 1:36 pm
by lucinda28
Hi there,

for some reason the forum was unavailable for me for ages, it just wouldn't load. It's only just managed to work for me, so hopefully whatever the issue was has been fixed.

Have any of you experienced the following:

-Low flying, silent drone type objects in the sky, characterized by a pair of wing lights (often they appear to be bright stars from a distance)

-Bright, stationary stars on the horizon that could be mistaken for planets, but slowly move over the hours and eventually fade out (brightness varies)

-low flying, silent red and white flashing small objects, that fly around but don't appear to leave the area

-other low flying silent objects that appear to be drones, but feature a main bright 'spotlight' that seems to randomly come on and off, unlike a landing light.

Information on these drones would be appreciated, as they aren't shy and we have been approached a few times in the car. Thanks!

Re: Low flying sky objects / moving planets

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:09 pm
by Bonnie Jean Mitchell
Hi Lucinda,
The site encountered some issues and was down for a bit. I hope everything is working perfectly now!

Many times, John and I have watched a tiny, solid white light in the night sky that seems to move in a fairly straight line until it disappears out of sight. This light can be far away or pretty close. There is a possibility this is a drone; military aircraft. It does not perform any fancy maneuvers, it just flies in a straight line. These drones can come down fairly close to the ground, so they are not always far away. When we were still in the USA, we even had a drone fly right through our backyard at tree top level!

There are other lights in the sky that I do not think are drones. These can pulse a white light, as if it is powering up. The light fades in and out as the object flies across the sky. We have even seen them "take off" as if they are going straight up at an accelerated speed. There are many different objects up there, some are even stationary, unmoving and will flash at us from the same location over the course of many nights in a row.

Here is a video of some unusual lights we filmed back in 2016 in Uruguay: