Japan HAARP Tectonic Nuclear Warfare

please read this extremely important information

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Japan HAARP Tectonic Nuclear Warfare

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Please be aware that the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear catastrophe in Japan was purposely created with HAARP technology. The secret world government is trying to sink Japan. And it is only a matter of time before they hit the USA. We are not being told the truth about the radiation either. You can watch videos about the radiation and HAARP at our other website, awakenvideo.org.

There are two videos in particular I want you all to see. These are interviews with Alfred Lambremont Webre and Lauren Moret discussing HAARP technology, the earthquake in Japan, and the radiation that is now spreading over the United States. Click on this link to watch: http://awakenvideo.org/2011/03/japan-haarp-tectonic-warfare/

So far, our research tells us to eat lots of kelp/seaweed (so eat lots of sushi) or take kelp tablets. All seafood is good, as long as it doesn't come from the Gulf of Mexico! You can also rub tincture of iodine (from the drugstore) right on your skin and let it absorb. You can do this any day as a supplement, but in an emergency, rub the tincture of iodine directly onto your thyroid gland at the bottom of your neck. Also, stay out of the rain for now because it is full of radioactive iodine-131 and xenon-133.

The idea is to keep your thyroid gland full of healthy, natural iodine so it will not be able to absorb any radioactive iodine-133 from the air or water. Your body naturally needs about 150 mcg of iodine each day. This is a good, healthy amount. You don't want to overdo it either, so be careful.

Potassium Iodide pills are only used in an extreme emergency when you know you are facing strong radiation. You would take 130 mg just before exposure or immediately following.

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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Re: Japan HAARP Tectonic Nuclear Warfare

Post by Tiggi »

Hi there
I have done a bit of research into natural remedies for radiation here is what I have found

Chlorella is honestly a natural wonder food. It is the most researched algae in the world, and countless studies show it has a radioprotective effect to gamma-ray induced chromosomal damage as well as antitumor properties.
Listen to what chlorella can do for you: chlorella builds your immune system, detoxifies heavy metals, normalizes blood sugar and blood pressure, balances your body’s pH and fights cancer, protects against ultraviolet radiation and due to its high chlorophyll content helps detoxify the liver, bowel and bloodstream.

A British company, Earthrise UK, is reported to have sent shipments of spirulina tablets and spirulina powder (spirulina is a super green sea algae) to clinics in Belarus for the treatment of children suffering from radiation sickness after Chernobyl. Earthrise sent shipments to the Children of Chernobyl Committee in Minsk and Soviet physicians used the supplements in clinics in Minsk and Grodno, Belarus as well as in Kiev, Ukraine.
By taking 5 grams of spirulina a day for 45 days, the Institute of Radiation Medicine in Minsk found that the children showed enhanced immune systems and T-cell counts and reduced radioactivity.
The Institute also reported regeneration of bone marrow, spinal fluids, blood and the liver. Dangerously low white blood cell counts of about 1000, typical of leukemia, rose to an average of 3000 in 20 days, and the spirulina produced rapid improvements in the health of treated children compared to others who did not receive the algae.
In particular, spirulina reduced urine radioactivity levels by 50% in only 20 days time and so the Institute developed a special program to treat 100 children every 20 days with spirulina. Amazingly, health restoration was reported even when radiation sickness was so advanced that the children’s eyeballs were bulging out of their sockets. Furthermore, the healing occurred during the continuous presence of radiation as well as the presence of radiation contaminated food and water sources.
Based on the Institute of Radiation Medicine in Minsk results, the Belarus Ministry of Health concluded that spirulina accelerates the evacuation of radionuclides from the human body.
In particular, spirulina given to children with accumulated high doses of radionuclides reduced radioactive cesium. No side effects were registered.

Sea vegetables contain a polysaccharide substance -- called sodium alginate which is present in large quantities in brown algae such as Laminarae (kelp), Fucus (bladderwrack) and Ascophyllum (fertilizer seaweed) -- that selectively bound radioactive strontium and eliminated it from the body.
At the time of the atomic bombing of Japan, Tatsuichiro Akizuki, M.D. was Director of the Department of Internal Medicine at St. Francis's Hospital in Nagasaki and fed his staff and patients a strict diet of brown rice, miso and tamari soy soup, wakame, kombu and other seaweed, Hokkaido pumpkin, and sea salt and prohibited the consumption of sugar and sweets.
Sugars and sweets were forbidden because they suppress the immune system!
Because of this diet -- which was rich in sea vegetables -- he saved everyone in his hospital while many other survivors perished from the radiation sickness.

Edible Clay
Clays are particularly known for their ability to remove toxic metals from the air, water, and soil because of their unusual structure of “pores” (channels and holes) that allows them to absorb huge amounts of contaminant materials.
Toxic gases, chemicals, mold, heavy metals, and other toxins are drawn by the natural negative electrical charge into the crystal micro pores of the clay. The unique structure of clay provides literally millions or pores or sieves -- “shape-selective catalysts” -- that catch only molecules small enough to fit into the cavities while excluding larger molecules.
The unique structure of clays therefore gives them unusual filtering capabilities for absorbing toxic wastes, including radioactive contaminants.
In just one gram of zeolite clay, for instance, the three dimensional structure of the channels in its crystalline structure provide up to several hundred square meters of surface area on which absorption (and chemical reactions) can take place. The zeolites are particularly useful for removing heavy metals and radioactive species from water.
The way zeolite chelates out heavy metals is that within the structure of the zeolite molecule there are certain “structural cages” with positive ionic charges. The ionic charges within these cages attract heavy metals – such as cesium, strontium, uranium, mercury, etc. -- and the caged structure of zeolite tightly binds them. Next, these caged and binded heavy metals are excreted from the body without getting deposited in other places.
For an edible purified zeolite product like “Natural Cellular Defense,” it’s reported that 40% of ingested zeolite binds the heavy metals in the gastrointestinal tract, and 60% binds toxins in the bloodstream. At the Chernobyl disaster site, the crystalline structure of zeolites was used to trap and remove radioactive cesium and strontium-90 from the system of affected individuals.


Black and green tea offers anti-radiation effects similar to seaweeds is that the tea catechins absorb radioactive isotopes and removes them from the body, just like the active ingredient sodium alginate in kelp seaweed. Epigallo-catechin-gallate (EGCG), which is found in some green tea extracts, has also been shown to protect the body’s cells against the free radical damage caused by radioactivity. In other words, much like seaweed the ingredients in green tea absorb radioactive isotopes so that the body can excrete them, and it also contains the cancer fighting compound EGCG.

Rooibis tea, which contains the flavonoid compound luteolin, also helps the body withstand radiation). In particular, it protects DNA from radiation-induced free radicals.

Siberian ginseng, also known as Eleuthero.
Though the full dimensions of the protective mechanism is still unknown, Siberian Ginseng also exerts a definite radioprotective effect and has been demonstrated to lessen the side effects of radiation. In fact, it was widely distributed by the Soviet Union to those exposed to radiation during the Chernobyl accident to counteract the effects of radiation and is commonly used to help cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy.

Burdock root, which has been used as a blood purifier for centuries, and which is also included in the famous Hoxsey formula and Rene Caisse's Essiac cancer formulas, is said to remove radioactive isotopes from the body as part of its ability to neutralize and eliminate poisons from the body. Essiac tea, by the way, is a famous cancer preventative whose constituents (burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, turkey rhubarb root) tend to clean the body and help dissolve tumors.
Burdock also supports the bladder, kidney and liver, contains niacin and an abundance of minerals, particularly iron. Hungarian studies have shown considerable antitumor activity in burdock and Japanese scientists at Nagoya University have isolated an anti-mutation property in burdock, which they call the “B factor,” that is uniquely capable of reducing cell mutation in either the absence or the presence of metabolic activation.

Basil, which contains two water soluble flavonoids called orientin and vicenin, has also been proven to protect the white blood cells, chromosomes and bone marrow from radiation poisoning

Spiderwort, is so sensitive to changes in radiation levels that you can also plant it and use it as a natural radiation detector (dosimeter), just as they use canaries in mines as detectors of poisonous gas.
Whenever the spiderwort plant is exposed to even low levels of radiation, its normally blue petals start to turn pink and the greater the radiation exposure, the greater the mutation. A silent warning system how cool is that!
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Re: Japan HAARP Tectonic Nuclear Warfare

Post by Tess »

Thanks Tiggi for all the information.
But one has to be careful were the products came from as most our oceans are polluted to.

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Re: Japan HAARP Tectonic Nuclear Warfare

Post by Tess »

yes Bonny you are right.
When i was reading about the Japanese president tell the people not to worry about radiation i could not help post a comment where i wrote 'Be afraid be very afraid'.
Recently there was an article on the Chernobyl disaster and the truth came out about how the radiation had spread to other countries and how millions have been effected by the radiation.

I have suffered for 20 yrs from cfs like millions of others word wide.
Recently i was found that my thyroid is not functioning and now have to take tablets for life.

I keep wondering why the people are left in the dark.We have simple destroyed mother earth and the prize we are paying is high.

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Re: Japan HAARP Tectonic Nuclear Warfare

Post by mami777 »

Hi Everybody : Fantastic information from Tiggi thanks so much. my family and me are August 29th 2005 Hurricane
Katrina survivals, ( because we made the big mistake to stay in our city !!!), and I can give information of first hand: days Before the hurricane beat our City I saw a lot of the wet little footprints inside and outside from our house, I was frightened and I thought it was an ghost, but how always my life is full of strange things I try to no give second thoughts.

But I remember that year the summer no was too extreme like ex 2003,2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, for an Hurricane so strong like Katrina, but the leafs from the threes fallen like autumn, the grass no grown like others years
My father teach me how " Read" the sky in connection to the Moon, birds migration.
And years before Katrina, Always we had 3-4 naturals nests of Beautiful Birds, A lots of Bees,
Lizards, flowers etc. etc. and this years was unusual dry and different, but how we were very busy w/ our works we no paid a lot of attention.

Five days before Katrina nobody looked worried, but I started w/ a big headache and insomnia, my hair always look like magnetized always suffered little electroshock and everybody who I touched
suffered the same, I must change almost all of the light in my house an little electric appliances
(microwave, phones, computer, etc.etc), were fail a lot., I start w/ Bronchitis
I was like in trance before, during and after Katrina ( after Katrina It was like an infra world, where the most high and most down feelings were exposed). And It's was like if
I had a memory of skills how handle the whole situation)

The Aftermath was like your worst nightmare come to your life and I take the risk and
I went to other City w/ my son, called Mobile, Al. for a Truck, because our trucks and cars were under water, and the person who give us a ride no had place for my husband.

I want come back and rescue my husband and our workers , when I got the truck I come back to my city at night ( 11:30 Pm It was the first time I drive in the night!!), Two bridges was under water and probably I must to do a lot of deviations, it can cause to me made do maybe 6-7 hours with not traffic.
I was in total terror ! but only one thing I had in my mind: MY HUSBAND , my son was safe at this time , but my whole body was shaken because I has
poor night vision , the majority the road signs were fallen, a lot of holes in the road, fallen threes, cars, RVs, buses people walking etc.etc. but anyway I decided took the risk, a lot of our family
was upset and very very worried for me, , but I told them, " my husband need me If you do not help me, I am going go in my feet "

When I start to driven almost crash like three times but, like at 30 min . . . . . . . . . . .
I was in my City ! ! ! ! ! I did not questions. The gas tank was intact ! . . . .
no questions ! right now I am crying . . . . . . When I was in The City limits:

The soldiers stop to me they are like : How the hell you pass the two searches points. . . . they almost pass out, because nobody saw me ! they ask me for IDs
They took me pictures , a lot of military trucks w/ a lot of light come and everybody
was yelling, they ask me where I stole the gas, the food. . . . The truck !
I am felling like I was w/ kids or retards, because I did not see the reason the such
fussing, when I show them the bill from the gas station ( 09/01/05-10: 15 PM), Mobile,
Al, was when everybody shut up and look me like if am a ghost !

And One Big Man told me Are you told me that you come from A L A B A M A ?
- I answered : Yes. . . . . something is wrong ?
This man was very serious and told me : - You Know that you can normally driving 65-70
mph you do 3 1/2 hrs ? I answered : Yes Sir,
He told me look Lady nobody. . . . just nobody can come here, only for air, just answer to me ! how the hell you come here !
I was feeling sorry for him, because he look very confused, and I tell him the truth.
After that I asked him, permission to find my husband , because he needs an
medication that I had w/me.

I just remember felling very tired and wake up like 5-6 am in a shelter. I had a dream where I saw a Big black hole in middle of Gulf of Mexico made for Alien/Man, during 2001- to 2005, who provoked Katrina, then when Tragedy of April 20, 2010 oil spill, it was confirmed. Because in the center of the Earth is a big Magnet (core) and now it is partially exposed
now, what we can do to avoid it can happen again.

I do not had any special memories about my travel between Mobile, Al and my City, only I did it in 30, 33 min, ( when it could be 6-8 hrs)

The time I was asleep in the military check point ( 41/2 hrs aprox) only I remember search dogs, and the black hole.
but I did no remember how I was transported to the Shelter,only remember a very blond policemen
who do not let me left the shelter, because I can have accident, but a Friend of mine who was there help me to
"scape" , she show me the route because due the destruction . ( the truck was with me), everything was different .

Well It's Only part of my History about Katrina Thanks for let me sharing.

Sorry for my Grammar English

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