Bonnie and John Uncover Reptilian Baby at Hallmark

please read this extremely important information

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Bonnie and John Uncover Reptilian Baby at Hallmark

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Hi everyone,

Bonnie and I were walking past our local Hallmark store the other day when Bonnie stopped in her tracks and turned, then pointed..."Look at the eyes" she said. We see these things constantly now but this one is just belligerent and begging to be exposed. So here it is...hope you enjoy. There is the use of the F word in the audio track one time, fair warning. We felt the audio as a whole embraced the energy of this creepy but important video. Remember...this serpent seed is in every single Hallmark store across the entire country. Think that might be saying something? Many Blessings to our Forum community. It is wonderful to see you all helping and sharing. Awesome !

John ... lian-baby/

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