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The star people taught me about The SHIFT, which I do believe is happening now. Here we are in 2020, the time for clear vision, the time for the TRUTH to come out. People are waking up to what is real, not all the lies we have been told since childhood. Everything in this world is changing now, including every individual. We are being asked to make a choice about where we stand: are you for Truth and Love and Light? Or are you going down a dark path? We will all end up in the same place at the end of this, we will all go back home eventually, but the people on that dark path are taking the difficult, long way around.
The SHIFT is about consciousness and being awake and aware in this place. We are bringing divinity to humanity. WE are learning the TRUTH and speaking it. The SHIFT is pushing all of us to WAKE UP.

I made this video over a year ago, but it is very relevant now. I talk about the SHIFT near the end of the video. I do plan to make another, more up-to-date video about The SHIFT soon. Until then, please watch this video and make the necessary changes in your life. Now is the time to really drop what does not work for you and follow your dreams!!!

Here is my next video about THE SHIFT!

A shift in conscious awareness is happening now. The year 2020 is bringing clear vision, so we are seeing many hidden truths coming to light. If you are psychic and empathic, you know that many changes are upon us. Now is the time to focus on love and light. Keep yourself in a good place as you move toward higher vibrational frequencies and a higher awareness of what this reality is about. Most importantly, we are moving toward an awareness of who we really are and why we are here. The Shift is about truly WAKING UP, realizing our connection to Source, and moving into higher levels of awareness. Which path are you on? There are two choices: light and dark. Make sure you are on the right path. Now is the time to make your final choice and stick to it as we move into a great awakening!

Be sure to check out all my videos on Awakenvideo! Here are links to the newest videos posted in June 2021:

Manifest Your Way Through the SHIFT

Find the Joy in Your Life

The Shift of Consciousness is here. I am going to focus on the love and light in my heart. I am going to manifest good things in my life…good things for me and the people I live with and the people that are around me. It has to start with me. I am projecting my thoughts and intentions outward with my third eye. My reality is in my hands as we transition from the old 3D matrix to 5D and the world of bliss.

Though we are going through a rough transition, it is very hopeful. I feel the shift of energies and the awakening of humanity. I am inspired and uplifted knowing that THIS is where I am going. I see all of us who are waking up going in the same beautiful direction.

Be strong with Love in your heart and we will make this transition together in a high vibrational frequency of love and light. Practice on finding the good wherever you look. Blessed Be!
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