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 Post subject: Schoolyard Abduction?
 Post Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:53 am 

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Ok I've had this in my head from as far back as I can really remember and I think I would like some feedback on it now. This all came back in a dream a few years after it happened and for years I wondered if I had maybe just had the exact same dream twice but I remember having the dream and even at the time when I was very young I knew I was remembering something that had actually happened.
Anyway I'll start by saying I went to first school next door to a hospital which at the time was called Westwood Mental Hospital. The reason I mention this will become clear.
Ok the first thing I remember I'm in the school yard laying on my back (I remember the exact spot) and I can't move, I'm pinned to the floor by something I can't see. There's some kind of pressure on my chest.
It's completely silent and I notice this because there should be the noise of other children playing but there is just me. I look straight up and the sky is filled with huge silver objects. They are different shapes (I remember one being the shape of a building with straight edges).
I'm certain that these objects are what are keeping me pinned to the floor and just looking at them they give off the feeling of being oppressive.
After some time (I don't know how long) I realise there is someone standing to my right, I turn my eyes and there is a tall woman with brown bobbed hair and a suite, tie and dress on. I don't recognise her as one of my teachers but she somehow puts the image into my head that she is a teacher. She's just stood staring at me so I ask her, 'what are those things in the sky?' and she just dismisses them by saying 'Oh don't worry about those, they're just balloons from the gala next door'. The hospital next door used to have a yearly fair which the called Westwood Gala which I loved going to every year as my brother worked there.
I knew she was lying though because the gala only happened once a year during the school holidays so it clearly wasn't the gala, also these things were not balloons, they were all smooth and silver.
That is as far as I remember. I don't remember getting up or being carried or anything. I just ask the question, get a nonsesical answer and that is it.

I used to watch scary films as a child and I've always wondered could I have got all of that from a movie? If so I would love to see it again and then that would be that.

From as early as I can rememeber I have had strange things happen in my life and I'm certain my mother had them happen also. She is no longer with us so I cannot ask her about them any more.
For instance I must have been very young as I was sleeping with my parents. I remember being in bed with my mother and my father is stood on a chair with a slipper in his hand and my mum is telling him to kill something on the walls. He clearly can't see them and she is pointing saying there, there's one there and he is doing his best to kill these things with a slipper.
I can see what she is pointing to. They are blobs of pulsing coloured light. They are moving about on the wall and I start to point out where they are and I get told to shut up as they think I am just mimicking my mother.
There are many other things which happened around my mother which I won't go into here.

I'd like to know, does this sound like it could be abduction based? I'm not going to pretend or say I've seen any figures operating on me or flashing lights in the sky. I don't want attention. I just find myself in a time in my life when through DMT and other Entheogens I am having experiences (through choice) that remind me of the things that happened growing up and I would love to know what the crack is with it all.

I've spent all of my adult life running away from these thoughts and have used every drug I can to numb them. The problem I am facing is that the more sober I become the more real these things are and if I don't keep my wits about me they turn bad very fast.
I've been to every doctor and "proffessional" that will listen and every single one has thrown me to the wolves and won't have anything to do with me.

I can see how someone would end their life in this situation. There's something about us as people that when we just know something is real we feel it. It's not about what we see or hear but what our instinct tells us and mine tells me these things are very real and have been happening my entire life.

 Post Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:26 pm 
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Hi Dimitrius,
You are not alone, my friend. Many of us have had incredible experiences and a knowing these things are real. Some of us don't have friends or family to talk to, because they choose to remain ignorant. This mind blowing information is too much for some people's little reality bubble.

Because you had the experience of seeing the colored lights running around the wall when you were a child, that tells me you had the ability to see what your parents could not. There is a good chance that your pineal gland and third eye were active and functioning very well.

When I was a child, I would lay in the dark at night waiting to fall asleep. I looked into the darkness of the room and watched for movement. I soon began to see colorful images of things like candies in shiny wrappers, ice cream cones, toys and then animals. I did not realize it until recently, but I now know I was creating those images with my pineal gland and third eye. And if I could stay awake long enough, I would also see people. These were real people but not in physical bodies. They tried to speak to me but I could never hear them. I don't think I was creating them, but I was able to see them because I had that innate ability to do so. This was also how I saw the star people for the first time, when I was four years old.

When you take DMT, do you sometimes interact with the "elves" or little people? I have been hearing more about this from DMT users and it really makes me wonder about the natural DMT that is produced in the human brain...and if our pineal gland and third eye is working, perhaps we have that natural DMT working for us too. Even when we were children.

Your experience at school where you saw the silver objects in the sky and then saw the "lady" standing next to you does sound like it could have been an alien visitation. The majority of visitation experiences are not the stereotypical events you see in the movies or on TV. It is way deeper than that. If you take DMT you must realize there is so much more to this world than the physical plane of existence.

It is actually a GOOD thing that you have this awareness. You have to know that for yourself and not depend on others for their approval. The truth you are looking for is within yourself.

Many Blessings, Bonnie

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