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advice from a long-time victim

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I am 47 years old and am a long time victim. I would like to briefly share my experience and knowledge

Aliens are evil and have bad intentions for humanity. They are here but do not disclose their presence because they secretly interfere with people's lives and manipulate them.

All major religions, psychic abilities, dreams, ghosts, hearing voices, are a product of aliens influencing human life. They have the technology to read human minds from far away, and to implant thoughts and dreams into humans from a distance.

Do not get involved with new age spirituality, alien pop culture, healing techniques such as Reiki, etc. The deeper you get involved the more you will be harmed.

Aliens are nice to people upon first contact in order to earn your trust. Once you take interest and trust them, they start harming you. Do not ever do what a voice tells you to do, even if it doesn't sound harmful.

Aliens are reading human minds and have a database of human thoughts. This is called "Akashic records". They can predict the future because they know what people are thinking, and they may tell you something that will happen in the future, such as in a dream, making you think you are psychic, when in fact you are part of the mind-reading system.

Aliens do not believe that humans are equal to aliens. They believe in self-preservation and want alien culture and alien species to be dominant in the universe. They see mankind as a threat and want to ensure that mankind never develops to a point where it can be a threat to their species.

If you are a victim of psychic attacks, you can block psychic attacks using various methods. You can block your third eye by placing your hand over your third eye. You can wear a hat to reduce psychic attacks against your mind. You can wear earplugs to reduce some voices. You can use plastic objects such as plastic water bottles, bubble wrap, or tupperware lids to protect chakras from psychic attacks. I have discovered that psychic attacks come from a specific position in outer space, there is an alien device in outerspace to broadcast thoughts and feelings to humans. I also reduced some psychic attacks (nightmares) by sleeping with a pillow over my head at night.

If you hear voices get psychiatric help immediately. Do not tell anyone if you think about suicide. It takes a long time to get the right medicine and the best option is to make the voices go away. They will destroy your life.

Aliens do not predict the future, they make the future happen. If you have a dream about being in an accident, they will make the accident happen. It makes it look like you receive a psychic warning of a future event when in fact the event was planned to harm you.

Aliens are sadistic. They do not have compassion for humans. Their position is that you will eventually get over the pain and their motives override any discomfort you have.

Aliens treat humans like commodities. Some humans are special, such as celebrities, but the rest of us have no value. Those of us who have to value are the ones they experiment with, and treat us as though we are defective.

Aliens do not need to kidnap you to abduct you. They can put implants into your ear or through your nose remotely.

The more you move the safer you are. Staying still, being motionless, being unable to move makes it easier for them to broadcast thoughts to your mind or to engage in psychic attacks against you. You will discover that most of these experiences occur when you are in bed, because you are motionless and easy to target. Sometimes I just rock my body to stop the attacks. Being in close proximity to other people may also stop psychic attacks.

Aliens will track you as you walk around your town or drive around. They know where you are at all times.

If you hear voices, ignore them. Do not talk to them. Do not respond to them. Do not do anything they ask you to do.

When I am around large groups of people, the voices are nice to me. When I am alone they are mean to me. If you hear voices, go to a large group of people such as a shopping mall or baseball game and think to yourself that you are being attacked and that you want help and want someone to intervene to make it stop. Prayer does not work when you are alone, it only works when you are around others because their 'spirits' are also listening, and they may have good spirits, while you do not.

good luck.

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