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Will I See the Star People Again?

Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2023 2:52 pm
by Bonnie Jean Mitchell
This video is for Contactees who miss their ET friends. If you are a starseed or hybrid or contactee, you can relate to this. You know that sometimes we don't see the star people for a while and we wonder where they are. Will I see the star people again? Is a question I've heard a lot. Some people had contact when they were little and now that they are grown up, they want to see their ET friends again. Some people had two or three experiences in their lifetime and they want to go further with it but aren't sure how.

If you haven't seen the star people in a long time, it could be that you aren't quite ready. You might need to do some inner work and raise your frequency to meet with them again. That's what I had to do; I had to go out and explore on my spiritual path to get to the next level of their teachings. It took a number of years and I didn't see them for a while. I wondered if they were ever going to come back and I missed them. The good news is when they did visit again, it was on a regular basis, just like before.

Just remember that we are all eternal, spiritual beings who are connected like a big family. We're never really apart, although I know we get lonely. The star people are multidimensional and they can be around us in a non-physical way even if we don't realize it! If you want to speak to your ET friends, set the connection in your mind, get mentally connected with them and speak out loud. They will hear you! Keep working on your spiritual path and you will see many positive changes in your life and perhaps the star people will visit again!

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