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 Post subject: My Introduction Story
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:01 pm 

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Dear abduction help forum I came here to to register after I found out that where i had my first helpful community was deleted from existence from the web in 2017, my story goes as this.

Since I was a little kid in TX I always could feel the balance of light and and dark energy around me at all time, I was much in-tune with natural and higher vibratory frequencies that most people can’t see or even feel. Growing up I had so many super natural encounters, including shadow people, astral planes and their energies and even understanding beyond that. But something interesting happened around the age of 5-12. I had a dream about an owl, at first I thought It wasn't scary I could just keep dreaming without waking up, but all of a sudden it was like even though I was staring at a huge owl in my dream with bigger than usual black eyes my subconscious knew something and I freaked out ever than before and flew downstairs on the rail skipping at least 3-5 steps at a time after waking up from the dream and hitting the light switch only to know much later that the magnetic flux spike took it out temporarily. After that night, sometimes my lights would go out randomly. I would later learn to have severe chronic nose bleed issues never to be cured despite all the doctors I went to, i'd wake up with blood on my sheets and pillows, i have woken up naked one time remembering going to sleep with clothes. Until then one day i saw a 3 dot perfect angular triangle formation like scar on my ankle that was the first time I saw those markings after coming home from 7th grade junior high, I took a shower and noticed that on my right ankle. Nothing strange would happen until 2014, I was in my room, I remembered I came home from college for a bit due to helping my dad in the house since he has Alzheimer's. During one of those nights at 4 am I couldn't sleep, I decided to finally try this frequency like videos I've been hearing about to help me fall asleep 417hz to be exact, I remember even listening to it with my Ebay bought monster headphones. As I'm about to lay my head I literally feel a massive disturbance in energy, I look up: at the time I didn't know what race it was but for that 3 like second memory after looking up after the disturbance and seeing a 4 foot tall grey being: that’s the 1st second. Second 2 my cognitive skills identifies theoretically exactly what that could be, second 3 freaking out after while pulling my bed cover toward me, while at the same time the being squinting at me while leaning in. My memory ends there only to get it spliced and pasted to memory after realizing and looking at the time being at 4:40 if not 4:46 if i remember correctly. That morning i knew i just saw something that i couldn't explain, it didn't make sense to me why it was an alien, I was stuck in the 3D programing that our so called scenario on here being that of the materialistic 3D matrix. Saying that there are no aliens and never found any evidence of them, and i was like impossible, why would i be the only one to be contacted beyond the force of government, i sensed lies and deception almost instantaneously, and over the course of 2015 I researched and i went pretty far in, since then I have printed out the research and since most of what i managed to find has been erased form the web unfortunately. i have it locked in its entirety and deleted off my computer. 2016 roles around and after getting somewhat shook from the truth it seem like that experience wasn't done with me. i remember going to my friends house i met transferring from my previous college to a one closer to home. Anyways as i'm playing some call of duty i think it was black ops 3 with him i realize that there was micro level burnt laser medical like burnt scar perfectly burnt circle on my left thumb a few cm south from the nail una side, and i realize thats its some sorta of laser medical technology but i was like " i haven't even gone to the doctor, and that would've definitely been expensive?" realizing somethings wrong and it finally hits me, somethings has been going on my entire life, i start doing a quick search as i step out in the apt hallway, i turn out to be quite traumatized. I nail pretty much every alien abduction symptom on any site or any most of peoples experiences, shook from that as well as in denial i call off the hang out and go home. Few days later i remember my roommate in my apt that I rented going to class i took a nap with some eye mask shades, i actually have a good nap until my dream suddenly changed. i noticed it’s a completely different energy state than a dream, its like i could see outside the cloth but vaguely, i could see a 4 foot grey standing beside the left of my bed as i simply nervously rationalize that its a dream i ask it questions, only to my realization it answers on point to each of all 3 and realizing the voice manifestation it had and the realism of those answers i literally go oh man this isn't a dream, as i quickly reach to grab eye mask i instantly come under temporary body like paralysis absolutely terrified at this point i feel a small light weight frail body climb up for from the foot of the bed and it touches my chest like its examining me giving like a check up or something, the being was definitely intelligent and sentient, i felt 3 large and long fingers the ends are more bulbous then humans, the skin clammy, the DNA definitely is made of some naturally occurring like silicon, after it all ends i regain control of my body functions and finally take off my mask as i was doing so mid way wondering what the heck just happened, over the course of 2016-present I've been non stopped abducted, the synchronicites have been occurring non stop as well, i have realized that I’m a 98% sure I’m a star-seed, possibly not sure but my best guess is from the Orion system reincarnating here on this plane of existence, i have plenty of captured photographic and video evidence just never posted it, probably never will till the time deems it appropriate, quite nervous to post images that probably isn’t the smartest move right now in 2018 since id love to have a career. Ive starting to think i may have received DNA enhancements as well as pineal gland enhancements as i can see etheric beings almost past the field of what used to be only my peripheral field of vision the 4D veil is coming down for me quite fast, i also can see past some of the aliens electromagnatheric shields. “alien(s) as I’ve encountered 3 species. 1 of them i didn’t get the chance to see since my memory when splat but according to my girlfriend she saw it, but 2 down from my experience for sure” this technology i think theoretically based of solely observation allows them to in phase out of the walls, this is because they have like this magnetic field like shield tech that makes their body etheric meaning the shield vibration raises their body and shield so much that the vibration is enough to become completely non 3D existent allowing via transportation and physical presence immunity to the 3D while they operate in 4D-6D or more and working physically simultaneously in this dimension and others “almost” i postulate the higher someones cognitive conscious becomes in holding vibrations of the 4-5D + the more the technology’s presence starts to fail theoretically. So much as well as been experimented on painfully… I’m close to understanding telekinesis and have experienced telepathic and general advanced telepathia symptoms the more I focus and meditate. I even have memories that i can vaguely remember but i feel like it was placed there after it was removed. Its so hard even realizing and comprehending what’s happing to me sometimes i feel crazy for even considering these memories or saying some of this theoretical physics stuff in this introduction to be real. but when i meditate on some of these memories i feel like I was there, i actually feel presence and energy like a real memory which scares me a bit, memories i have including being on large ships that have been proliferating around the Jovian and Saturnian systems as ridiculous and stupendous as that sounds. I wish to tell more stories to tell when the topic permits on the forum, I also don’t wanna write a book on my first post or post anything stupid that i shouldn’t at this time.

i hope my personal detailed encounters are enough to grant me access to this help and the helpful community forum: passing love and hugs to those have experienced crazy or crazier things no one wants to believe! If i see anything demeaning or negative comments I’m just going to ignore it I’m quite tired of it from the last forum i participated in, the hate is real. Thank you Bonnie for granting me access to this help forum, highly appreciated.

 Post Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 12:13 pm 
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Hello Hybrid3star,
Welcome to the Alien Abduction Help Forum.
Thank you so much for your great post and all the details. You have really thought this through in an impressive way. I appreciate that. You are not crazy and neither am I. We have had very similar experiences. To be able to look at it in a conscious, logical manner is so important. Not many people can do it.

I also think I am a star seed, and I have most definitely undergone some genetic manipulation. I am aware of a number of operations done to my heart, brain, eyes, and smaller operations involving testing and the removal of skin samples from my body. I also took part in the hybrid breeding program conducted by different beings. It is incredible but true.

You said that the Grey's skin was something like a naturally occurring silicon. That is interesting. I agree with you. I was comparing it to the skin of a dolphin, but it is definitely silicon-like.

You said: "they have like this magnetic field like shield tech that makes their body etheric meaning the shield vibration raises their body and shield so much that the vibration is enough to become completely non 3D existent allowing via transportation and physical presence immunity to the 3D while they operate in 4D-6D or more and working physically simultaneously in this dimension and others “almost” i postulate the higher someones cognitive conscious becomes in holding vibrations of the 4-5D + the more the technology’s presence starts to fail theoretically."

That is a very interesting theory. The Greys could very well have some type of shielding that raises their vibrational frequency. The more advanced I become, the more I am able to see of these beings. I have been consciously aware during visitations and many times I knew that the beings were "disguised" as something other than what they really are. I said out loud to them,"Why do you look like that?" And they reply,"Because we don't want to scare you." I tell them I am not afraid and then they change shape and turn into the alien-looking beings they were.

They are not able to work in physical 3D for any length of time; they have to work from the etheric plane AND they are working with the etheric form of the human, not the physical form. And, yes, they could be standing right next to you in 3D and you would not know it, unless you were extremely perceptive.

Like you, I am also able to see etheric fact, I think that the place we meet during these visitations is on the etheric plane. I think the beings take our consciousness right out of our physical bodies and our consciousness travels through different states of awareness. This is partly why our physical bodies become paralyzed as we transition from one state to another.

I knew from about the age of 19 onward that when they came to see me at night in my room, we had to kind of meet halfway; I had to raise my vibrational frequency and they had to lower theirs to meet in the middle. This was one particular type of being, not a Grey, but the taller ones with white skin that I actually consider to be my "family."

I think this current reality we are in is shifting. Those of us who are moving into higher states of awareness will shift out of this place into higher frequencies and create/manifest our own beautiful world, but those who stay asleep and in the lower frequencies will stay with the old Earth and, unfortunately, play out the remainder of this chaotic story.

I am looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Many Blessings, Bonnie

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