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 Post subject: Questions to Bonnie :)
 Post Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:40 am 

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Hello everyone and hello dear Bonnie!

While reading your book, few questions have come to my mind. I decided to post them here since your replies might be interesting to many readers.

1. I know that the alternate reality and star peoples' testing is. It happens to me all the time. But can you tell me what happens when people get killed in the alternate state of reality? What happens to their physical bodies? In your book you described a situation where people got killed in the alternate state and mentioned the fact that whatever happens in that state actually has an effect on the physical reality as well.

2. Have you ever tried channeling them or to contact them in the physical reality to get some more info? I know people who channel different entities. We agreed to do a session because my curiosity is beyond average :D I will post information here afterwards.

3. Do star people have feelings, relationship, humor and empathy? Or are they rather neutral and scientific in their actions? I mean the type that is known as "the Greys" or similar to them.

4.The government people...I have dealt with them in the alternate reality as well. My question is - how do they do that??? I mean..are they sleeping the whole time just to operate in the alternate reality? How do they consciously take actions there?

5. Who is responsible for the place you suddenly appear in the alternate state if that place is not a star peoples' test? I mean if the government people want to put an implant in you, how can they make you appear right there where they are?

Thank you so much Bonnie for the information you have been sharing for many years! Thanks to you and other forum participants I don't feel completely alone!

 Post Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:43 pm 
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Hi Wildlove,
I will do my best to answer your questions.

1. When a person gets killed in the alternate reality, I think there is a good chance their physical body will also die. I have never seen it happen, although I have fought off psychic attackers who I never saw again. I did not kill them, but I certainly caused them a very strong shock. The astral body is connected to the physical body, and the etheric body is actually the blueprint of the physical they are intimately connected. What affects one will affect the others.

2. I have not tried channeling nor do I recommend it. It is one thing to meditate and calm your mind so you can communicate with your star friends on a spiritual level, and it is another thing to allow an entity the use of your body to speak through. Low-level beings are able to take advantage of this situation.

3. Many different types of star people have feelings, relationships, humor, and empathy. My star friends, who are tall, thin, with cream-colored, almost white skin, fairly normal sized heads compared to an human's, and normal sized eyes -- they definitely have relationships and a society with a culture. The Greys are questionable...people have varied experiences with the Greys, usually not so friendly. They can be neutral, scientific based, but leaning towards evil. There is a possibility they are demonic or even created in a laboratory. There are other beings who look similar to Greys but they are a bit taller and have tan-colored skin instead of grey. These beings tend to be friendlier.

4. How do the government people do it? Good question. From what I have seen, they are probably using technology to aide them. Military-trained psychic warriors can go into or be placed into an altered state of consciousness and locate targets (usually people like contactees). They have an advanced technology aiding them. I have seen them using silver orbs that radiate energy...these can affect vibrational frequency. The military personnel tend to team up against their targets. The way the military can abduct people is likely a combination of electromagnetic frequency pulsing, hypnotic techniques, sound and light manipulation, and utilizing implants. There are patents granted through the United States Patent Office related to mind control technology that the secret government has likely been using for a long time now...and what they have developed from this technology must be more advanced than we know.

5. When you appear in the alternate reality and the star people did not do it, and you didn't do it on your own, then there is a possibility the secret government has done it with their advanced mind control technology. They can locate people through the implants and also if they have a "lock" on your individual frequency pattern which is like your fingerprint.

I am glad you do not feel alone. It is really good that we are all starting to speak openly about these incidents. They are real and we are all being affected by them. It is time we get to the bottom of the alien abduction and military abduction phenomena.

Take Care!

Many Blessings, Bonnie

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