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 Post Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:47 pm 

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Hello to everyone! As a new member I would like to tell a bit about myself and why I am now here. I guess most of you share some of my experiences, and it would be great to hear about similar things in your lives.

I am a woman in my forties, born and living in Finland. I have had something odd going on throughout my life, although I´ve started only later in my life to put my experiences under the headline of possible alien encounters. For some reason the things that happened in my childhood are much clearer in my head than those that happened in more resent times.

My first memories are from the time I was four years old, and at the same age I started to have some non-typical ideas and behaviour for someone of that age.
I got suddenly very interested into everything to do with space. I learned to read when I was 3 years old, and I was reading about star systems and got excited with the similarities between them and the construction of the atoms. I remember how I was feeling sudden anguish and panic when I realized I am a prisoner on this planet. I climbed onto the roof of the four-storey-house we were living in to get as near the sky as possible. Our neighbours called the fire brigade to bring me down, and I was fighting back and screaming that I wanted to get even higher, "out from this bubble we are all shut inside."

I remember a "dream" I saw when I was five. In it I was in a room which to me looked like a hospital. There were people who showed me babies laying under convex glass shades. I was horrified because there was something wrong with the babies. They looked very ill to me - they were all extremely pale and somehow inhuman. One of them put its tongue out of its mouth and it looked sharp and black like some lizards have. I also remember seeing a little pine forest near to our house from above, and I was scared to walk through it.

I loved all animals and was all the time saving ants from being stepped over etc, with one exception - I hated and was afraid of monkeys and apes, because they "looked so much like humans and so much unlike at the same time", until my mother took me to our local zoo, and I sat for five hours transfixed staring into the eyes of a small monkey, and cried when my mother dragged me away.

There was at least one missing time -experience in my childhood. I was nine years old and walking to school in the morning, through the same pine forest I was scared of, and the next moment it was eight a clock in the evening and I was walking to our home door, and my parents were angry and scared and scolding me, because I had been missing school and they had been searching for me most of the evening. I don´t have any memories of that day.

When I was seventeen, I had already moved into my own home, and that year there was an odd experience - me and my boyfriend felt suddenly very sleepy early one evening. So we went to bed, fell asleep and slept five days. Neither of us didn´t remember going to toilet or anything during those 120 hours. Oddly enough we didn´t discus it much, just skipped over it.

In adulthood I have had many "dreams" I remember vaguely, in which I have been in the company of beings who call themselves "starmen", with somehow ironical tone of voice, and encounters with them, in which my uppermost memory is about horrified feeling that "it IS true and I cannot prevent it from happening."

I have waken up twice with burning marks and once with tattoo -like marks, three points in a row - only they are not on the skin, but somehow under the skin, glowing through it.

Last night I saw a dream in which I saw some creature with big staring eyes, and followed it, because I though it was something which should not even exist, and found a round "door", which one could only see from a certain angle, like a visual trick, and behind it there were a whole bunch of similar creatures who were all staring at me and looking angry because I had found them. I managed to take a photo of them, but when I tried to show the picture to someone my camera exploded..

I´m also aware of the fact that I have been reading lots about the subject of alien encounters and ufos since I was twenty, and what I have read can have an effect on my dreams, but certainly I had not heard about anything like that when I was four or five. And reading doesn´t explain the physical marks.

 Post Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 2:58 pm 
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Hello Eohippus,
Welcome to the Alien Abduction Help Forum. Your experiences sound very familiar and definitely fit into the "alien abduction" theme, which is varied. We each tend to have our own personal experiences, but there are many similarities we all share. First of all, those of us who have these experiences know there is much more to this world and to ourselves than what we are taught by our parents, teachers, and society in general. We tend to have a certain "knowing" within us which makes us different from other people who are not so aware.

I am also a woman in my 40's and my first experience with the star people happened when I was 4 years old. This is usually the age when it begins....

Like you, I also learned to read at an early age and I had ideas about the world that did not fit in with other people's ideas, including my parents. I came up with them on my own.

You felt that we were prisoners in this world, trapped inside a bubble we could not escape -- I felt that we all lived INSIDE the Earth somehow, inside a protective layer. When I asked my parents how rockets worked, how they "got out of the Earth," my father tried to explain it to me. He told me that we were not inside the Earth, but OUTSIDE. I was in shock and could not understand how we could possibly exist outside the world we lived in. I thought to myself, "Has it come to this? Has the state of this world been so degraded that we are now somehow living on the outside of the protective layer?" Apparently, I had knowledge of being here before, and I also had knowledge of how this place works. I really was in shock for a while, but I thought that my parents must know what they were talking about, since they had been living in this world longer than I.

On a side note -- there are a growing number of people now who are sure that we actually live on a flat plane with a dome over top of us.

I have also seen hybrid babies and older children, even adults. There is definitely some type of hybrid breeding program being conducted by different types of aliens/star people and probably even U.S. military.

Five days of missing time -- WOW -- that is quite a long time to have missing.

There are entities living here on Earth, among us, but they seem to be in different vibrational frequencies that most people cannot access. However, if you are a life-long experiencer or "contactee," there is a real good chance you can see these beings, especially if you focus your thoughts on it.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts here, it is important for us to work this out together.

Many Blessings, Bonnie

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 Post Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:58 am 

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Hi Echippos welcome from one scandinavian to another. :) I can recognice so many things. My first missing time experience I do not remember since I was only month old. went missing form my carriage in my parents closed garden. I could have been gone for an hour depending on when they noticed I was gone.

I have had my share of experiences as a child and up through till today where they still occur. My fear in my childhood was my parents back yard. I was terrified of it at night.

Woken up with burns, bruises, and shaped weird looking marks, almost like you had been branded. And the grey big eyes.

 Post Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:15 am 

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Forgot to mention that my thoughts on this topic also started at that age. So much so that I made a hold topic on our planetary system in the first years at school. And the marks came out of the blue with no explanation what so ever. For instance were do you go and get a second degree burn in the middle of the night at mid winter?? Doc said it looked like a sun burn??

So sounds similar and very familiar.

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