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I have spots on my teeth from flouride, and I know what it does to the third eye. It calcifies it, and it's even been proposed that this was the purpose of floridated water. However, for me it went a step further. Likely as a result of being bribed by pharmaceutical companies, my idiot of a dentist actually recommended that I take FLOURIDE PILLS as a child to protect my teeth! As I've grown older, I believe that my third eye has decalcified considerably but I feel these pills probably could have messed it up to some degree still. What types of exercises could I do to decalcify it. Perhaps something I could do each day to get rid of any buildup still left on my third eye, as this would likely strengthen my psychic abilities even further and make it possible for me to put them to use in my day to day life. I feel that I have a strong third eye even despite this but it's improperly balanced as a result of calcification.

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Hello Friend,
That is a great question. I have been working on decalcifying my pineal gland for many years. Now I am able to see the purple light of my third eye in the dark when I go to bed at night.
I found this video which gives 14 ways to decalcify and activate the pineal gland/third eye:

How to detox, decalcify and activate the Pineal Gland – 14 ways

1. Cut out the fluoride Intake
2. Drink alkaline or distilled water
3. Eliminate or reduce meat intake
4. Practice Sun-gazing
5. Sleep in total darkness
6. Don’t use fluorescent bulbs
7. Eat more greens & vegetables
8. Avoid mercury
9. Take chlorophyll rich “superfoods” like chlorella, spirulina, sea moss, and wheatgrass
10. Use herbs like alfalfa, mugwort, wood betony, parsley, gotu kola and Tamarind tree
11. Use Positive thoughts and Visualization
12. Put an Amethyst crystal on your brow chakra daily
13. Work with the ‘OM’ (AUM) Mantra

You can decalcify your third eye and have it work perfectly again!

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