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 Post Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:52 pm 

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During the Michigan Meteor Event the area where the "meteor" crashed caused something strange to happen on nearby cell phones. They stopped working, showed static and then started emitting a frequency that hurt people's ears. After this a unknown person started talking in an unknown language. The only thing that was understood were coordinates that lead to an area near the North Pole in the middle of the ocean onto a blacked out area.

76.789200 157.972722

If any of you could get your hands on an unfiltered image please post it below. Something big is going to be happening soon and they are trying to warn us because the government won't. That why all the recent Space X launches have been highly classified. That's why "meteors" have been falling around the world. That's why Booming noises causing earthquakes have been happening around the world and are on the increase. That's why there has been more UFO sightings in the last few weeks than ever before. That's why the Oceans have been receding to god knows where. Something is about to happen and this is another clue that needs to be fit in. It can't be fit in if we are never able to see what it is.

 Post Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:36 pm 
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Hi FoXx,
Thanks for the post. I did a little research about the latest Michigan Meteor. It looks like there could have been something else at work, possibly high technology using laser beams....maybe HAARP caused the so-called "meteor"? Not sure what is going on.

I did not find anything about what you said about the cell phones -- can you tell me where you found the info?

Here is a video that has pics of the laser light:

I looked up the Latitude and Longitude and these are the results:

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