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Hello From England

Post by LittleMrsAck »

Hi there all.
I have been trying to join this place for a long time, but every time I have tried, something forced me away, but this time, I am not willing to let that happen.
To start with, I am Stephanie, I am from England and am 40 years old. I am a medium, so am very sensitive to energies etc
I have always had a fascination with all things 'beyond the norm'.
I had never really (to my knowledge) experienced 'alien' things, but it is my true belief that I now do.
Many years back (I struggle to remember the exact year, but it is somewhere between 15 and 18 years) one early morning (around 5.20amish) my mother and I were going to work. We were walking down a road to meet our lift and there is a bridge nearby to us (I have included a picture of the bridge) and it is sometimes lit, so it casts a minor beam of light above it. So we walk down the street towards the bridge and look up and there is a group of around six to eight, silvery coloured, small craft flying in tight formation. I looked at my mum and asked was she seeing it and she said "maybe it is geese", but as we looked again, as it flew through the light, the light rebounded off of the bases of the craft and unless geese have developed metallic butts, then it wasn't geese. They flew through the light part way and then poof, vanished, all of them just gone in seconds. They made no sounds at any point. For some reason, we never told anyone and just carried on as though nothing happened. I asked her recently and she has no memory of it, whilst for me, it is a vivid memory.
Nothing else happened (apart from paranormal as in spirits) until around the year 2001, when one early morning I was up getting ready for work. I was to be in work at 6am and got up at 4am to get ready slowly. It got to around 5.15am and I was getting ready to leave and went into the bathroom, had a quick...relief of my bladder...and washed my hands and felt a little, stunned I guess, but carried on. I came out of the bathroom, literally it took five minutes at most, and it was 6.20am and I was late for work. There is no way that I took over an hour to urinate and wash my hands! Where did that hour go? I was exhausted for that entire day.
Again, nothing seemed to happen then for a long time. I always felt slightly watched and had sleep disturbance, but as there was a lot happening concerning my mediumship, I didnt really think much of it.
Around seven-ish years ago, I would sense something outside at night and began to get nervous for no reason. I felt as though I always needed to have my back against something at night or I felt vulnerable. I just got this feeling that something 'alien' was outside searching and I finally opened up to my husband and he said he had that same feeling himself, but he just brushes it off. And then the dreams started! Usually dreams of being restrained and attacked and when I woke from them, I would be exhausted, with bruises and marks on my body and feeling super confused. Over time it became normal. Then it started only really happening when my husband is on night shifts and I am alone. Again, as long as I had no memories of invasive tests etc I really didnt mind so much. Yes the aching hurts, but I developed Fibromyalgia, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome and Vertiginous Migraine, so I am constantly in pain and exhausted and have pain also after my kidney cancer five years ago, so one way or the other I am bruised and sore, what is a few extra bits of aching and a few extra marks...right?!? But I was always okay with it because of not having waking memories...until the next to last night shift rotation...when I got my first waking memories. I woke up, like I was fighting sedation, and at the side of my bed, was a greeny grey...being. Obviously I panicked a little and tried to wake up fully, but it was as if I was being held down and forced back to sleep. Three times I tried, three times I failed and then the next thing I know, it is morning and I am extra exhausted and bruised. I honestly don't mind that they take me, I just don't want memories of it, that annoys me. Because before, I could tell myself that it was just dreams and I am okay with that. So obviously a fear was put into me. Luckily, for different reasons, my husbands night shifts were swapped for around six to eight weeks. This past week was his night shift week and only one of the five nights were eventful. I didnt see anything, I just know that it happened. Though two of the nights I had incredibly nice sleeps. I know they are taking us at other times as well, we both have marks, scratches, bruises and blood marks on the bed without explanation, but neither of us have memories of the event. So why suddenly allow me to know what they are/how they look? A mistake on their part? Anyway, I'm not really here for answers or to stop it happening, I truly believe that it is just a part of my life, the same as my mediumship is. I just want to be around people who know I'm not lying, that know this stuff happens and to maybe be able to share pictures of any future marks.
I'll stop blabbering now.
Thanks for allowing me to be here.
Steph xx

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Re: Hello From England

Post by Bonnie Jean Mitchell »

Hi Stephanie,
Thanks for sharing. I am sorry to hear about all the crap you are dealing with. What a crazy life this is. I know that you have learned to adapt to the secret visits at night, as long as you don't remember them. The truth is, it should not be happening at all. To any of us.

One positive thing you can do towards protecting yourself and feeling stronger and more in control is to meditate. I created a meditation called Grounding, Centering, and Shielding. It is a 30 minute audio that can teach you how to shield yourself and find your inner strength. It is a good beginning to taking control of your life and telling those evil visitors to stay away from you. Please try it out and see if it helps.

My whole life has been one metaphysical event after another, so I devoted my life to researching this and helping others deal with it. I have found that you can take control of the visitations. I still have visits, but they are nothing like they used to be -- I am much more in control over what happens and I can say NO when I want to.

Something else that might help your pain is to GROUND. Have you heard of this? Take your shoes off and stand on some dirt or grass for a while each day and it grounds your vibrational frequency to the Earth. It is the natural way we should all be, not wearing rubber-soled (fake souls) shoes that cut us off from the natural frequency of the Earth. There are many people who have healed themselves of ailments just by taking their shoes off and Grounding.

Many Blessings, Bonnie

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Re: Hello From England

Post by Mr Green »

Hi Stephanie!

I just read your post and saw that you´ve had encounters with green aliens. May I ask what they looked like, part from being green that is!

The reason I ask is that I´ve encountered green aliens myself, and "my" greens are about 4 feet tall with large heads and big black eyes, small mouth and nose. These are the ones who were said to have crashed at Roswell 1947.

They performed some surgical operation on me, but I never felt any pain, nor was I afraid.

This is my story!

"At approximately 4:30 in the morning I felt that I began to slide out of a dream, I began to approach the state we call "awake", but I was not there yet. Suddenly, I perceive that I am not alone in the room, the energies changed dramatically.

It is difficult to say whether I "saw" what i saw, since I had my eyes closed during the whole episode. The only explanation I can think of, is that I watched with my "third eye".

I saw a small green figure (no more than about 1.00-1.20 meters high) standing by the end of my bed, right by the door. The figure was as said green, and had a disproportionately large head with big black eyes. The figure also wore a kind of white overalls, with the collar turned up, just like Elvis used to have.
I was not scared or worried when I saw this, quite the contrary. I was glad that they finally come back after a 2.5-3-year hiatus. Moreover, there was not much I could do because I felt that my body was paralyzed.

Quickly, the little figure by the end of my bed moved to where I had my head resting on my pillow. I got the feeling that there were more than one, but for some reason I could see only one person (or should I say "alien"), but I "knew" that there were others in the room.

They were standing right next to my head and I felt that they threw some kind of powder on my face (almost like when the sandman puts people to sleep...). When this happened, I became weightless.

Now, I also became aware that they put some kind of an instrument up my nose. It was a sort of long narrow flexible tube-like thing, that disappeared up through my nose. The sound was still there. At one point I smelled like something was burning, like bone.

I also started hearing a sound, much like a very dull dentist's drill, but more metallic. The sound changed character sometimes, it sounded as if the instrument encountered some resistance, and therefore sounded muffled.
I was never afraid, rather, I felt, "Wow, not many people get to experience this!"

In my weightless state, I felt I was floating, but I can´t say that I felt I still was in my room, rather in some kind of vacuum. Suddenly, I feel that I fall, the feeling reminded of the feeling that one can get when going downhill on a roller-coaster. After a short second of falling I was gradually slowed down, in a way reminiscent of how you slow down from a bungee jump. I didn´t reach a dead stop immediately, but I gradually slowed down.

All the time the sound from the instrument was present. Suddenly, I was drawn into space! I now hovered in total silence and everything was black around me,except for a variety of small white dots that I perceived as stars.

This new journey did not last long, because I heard that someone said; "He wakes up". This "voice" that I heard was metallic and monotone, and suddenly I was down in my bed and the sound subsided quickly and the figure(s) disappeared just as quickly. The next second I was awake and I lay motionless for a moment to digest my experiences."

The reason I can describe this event with so much detail is that I immidiatly after each encounter wrote down everything I could remember!

Best regards/
Mr Green

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