To those who may want to experience super or natural gifts?

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To those who may want to experience super or natural gifts?

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Okay so Iv’e been hearing for a while that people look at these people that have natural and supernatural abilities. Saying how they “wish” or “oh, I can’t” to any of these abilities or anything word or phrase that already puts it out there that you may not or anything negative that you will not get to what you want…

Being smart “Genius”
Artistic-Creative instant Visualization
Telepathia/ metaphysical: Symptoms and gifts include Psychic, telepathic, Telekinetic powers(s), clairvoyance, intuition, empathic, light workers and healers, astral workers and gifts etc ...

The basic explanation is this
Based of my dosage of my experience and theories and some fact, The truth is that anyone can do these and achieve such gifts. Some may have a starting advantage over others but there is no such thing as a barrier for any being who may be disadvantaged or have and advantage they actually have the same chance, a being awakens their pineal gland of which you all have in many ways. this gland activates in many different ways, like everything you desire their is a double edge sword to it , or the grass isn’t as green on the other side as you so have once thought: be careful what you wish for type of thing, and I’m not fear mongering it’s the truth, those sayings at least. The way this gland activates is through the act of observing and not talking as much to others, spending your time in serenity like peaceful solitude, it still works if your surrounded by crap energies there are ways around everything you just have to ground and get creative on how you protect yourself, their is no true light without darkness and there is no true darkness without light: YING & YANG. Spending time observing and being alone is the more you will start to realize and see that you start talking to yourself “not out-loud” but more usually like there lil voice in you head. this voice has two version of your energies The dark EGO Version of your-self and your higher LOVING- self, these quantum energies exist within you, not on your shoulders, but these energies exist because of the nature of this universe the multiverses and parallel universes that surrounds you , this is because their are infinite versions of yourself across reality and space and time, this is the reason in this reality i believe anyone being can be good or bad and turn it around if they choose vice versa, i choose neutrality because choosing one perspective only and choosing to deny the other or to smother the other is to judge that energy and your stopping it from teaching your something. by having the ultimate unconditional love and controlling your thoughts to more positive like ones, you will start awaking slowly from there. What you are seeking for is called a spiritual awaking. it comes to you , you don’t look for it, doing so will only make things harder, its your self that has to realize it within, the answer is not outside of you it was always in you. Other ways this could happen and trigger the activation of your pineal gland is if your lose someone you truly loved, or have had a near death experience, basically anything that has shook you to your ultimate soul core and has caused some sort of genuine self evaluation, no one can give you that, its you, they can only guide and give you advice never answers, the answers you seek will come to you as frustrating that sounds this will cause anyone to really think how have i spent my time on here or what should i really be doing or what have i been doing wrong, what is my true purpose etc, observing all this should make you start to realize everything around you more precisely and carefully, including the lies and hate and crap everyone has ever told you along this journey you will face your fears you have to deal with whatever it may be that you fear, all of which is blocking you within you will find, you need to pay attention as the universe and karma will send you messages they are typically the kind you blink and you miss it they can be anything you want those messages to be seen by you, you just got to believe . once dealing with these fears and everything around you and everything including your own ego transmuting it not muting it because its a part of you, i believe that is when your subconscious starts traveling through 4D consciousness, once you start approaching the 5th this is when you will start accessing these true gifts, for people who want these so bad, and they cant seem to know why they can’t have them, its because , your jealous, you wanna use the powers for your own agenda any agenda good or bad, you look at the powers with material gain, etc you know exactly where I’m heading with this, any word you think, every thought or action you make has a specific vibrational energy of that intention your using it for, hate attracts that and love attracts love so etc. using the words i can’t seem to do this any word that has a more negative meaning that of neutrality you will not achieve it, thats how this universe guards its gifts naturally. TECHNOLOGY on the other hand is a complete different story with it tied is its own double edge sword. remember if it was easy everyone would do it: if everything was dipped in gold nothing would grow..

I know these are theories some are more fact than theories, but if they were theories then idk why i had success then :) Apologies for the plausibly terrible like english.

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