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Contact Star beings

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How do you get in contact with star beings? Is there a way or do they only come to you?

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Re: Contact Star beings

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Hi there Hella,

Yes, you can contact the star people. It is more of a spiritual thing, so my advice would be to meditate, get in touch with your higher self or Source, and then go outside, look up at the sky and say Hello to them. Make sure you have protected yourself with some type of shielding around your body, and make sure you are feeling good and happy. You don't want to attract the wrong energy. It might be best to try it at night when the commotion of the day has passed.

I made a meditation called Grounding, Centering, and Shielding. It can help you learn how to put protection around yourself.

Remember there are different types of star people.... I call the nice, friendly ones star people and the nasty evil ones aliens. That's my labeling for them. Just know there are many different types and you should be feeling good and in a high vibrational frequency of love when you say Hello to them.

If the time is right, you might actually see a light fly across the sky or you might end up being visited during the night. These star people are multidimensional beings. They are most likely around us a lot and we just cannot see them with these physical eyes of ours. It takes an inner sight, using the third eye to see them and realize they are standing right next to you.

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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