much, so mean, but there are aslo good ones.

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Thanks a lot bonnie for allowing me to tell my story and that i have found a website with people who also have similair experiences with aliens and even star people.

My story is a lot to write down in one page, so i have decided to make a website to put my story on.

Aliens have hurted me a lot, but there are also good beings. Good and bad lives among each other, it depends only who took the lead and the decisions of your inner self to change. I hope it may also help people, that we have to follow our hearts to feel what is good and what is not.

I want to warn people: it may can be disturbing to read and that it can make you feel sad or even afraid: if you feel hesitating to read it, i ask you not to do it.

Still today i endure pain in my heart, because i have to give it a place and i cannot understand why beings can do something like this to others, its something I cannot understand with common sense.

After everything that happend, i am more than happy that it was ment to be for me to live here on earth and that there are many people who love me and i love them :)

Kind regards,

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Re: much, so mean, but there are aslo good on

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Hi Anna!
Welcome to the Alien Abduction Help Forum.
I went to your website and checked it out. I like the way it is set up and I like reading about your experiences. They remind me a lot of my own experiences. I have also been seeing these star people and aliens since I was a little girl. And, like you, I was strong and stood up for myself. And if I wanted to escape, I always found a way. Like you said, there are good and bad ones, they sometimes live together. It just depends on who is there at the time, who takes charge, and how you react to the situation.

If you keep love in your heart and always do your best, you can make any situation okay and you can feel happiness in your life. It is not an easy life, this one, but we are strong and we can feel love no matter what. These experiences help us learn and grow and gain wisdom.

Thanks for posting!
Many Blessings, Bonnie
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Re: much, so mean, but there are aslo good on

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Hey bonnie,

Thanks for your reply, nice to hear from you :D

I want to thank you for the time you have take to read it...hihi sorry that it was a lot xD. Yes, this life isnt that easy, we have to make the best of it. Even though what may can happen in the future or whatsoever, its something peoples life cannot depend on. Life never stops and so have we.

Yes it's true. It will make you stronger, wiser and makes you grow spiritually. To me everyone have love in their hearts because, everything we are as a spiritual entitie is a reflection of everything that exist. So the things we forget in life are never lost forever, as long light shines on it :).

Maybe that i never wanted to know this, i am actually happy and grateful that I know, because it gave me the chance to make the right choice for myself in life and also the chance to help others with simulair experiences or else.

The same as what your doing.

Greetings, or in dutch: groetjes,

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