We on earth call it Adrenochrome

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We on earth call it Adrenochrome

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I have had this name for several years and through all my research have found very little. Yes this the name that drs use but it goes by another to aliens. They drain humans of this silver stuff into large vats and take it off world. When refined like oil the color is pinkish. It is a liquid that gives you a high like non other. Many old organizations kill children and bring to a point that the brain milks out from fear.
Make no mistake this is what been happening since President Truman. This particular group will be kicked of earth by 2025.Lots of stuff is happening in the next years.

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Re: We on earth call it Adrenochrome

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Adrenochrome is making big news now because many insiders are coming out with the truth about the elites, including some politicians and celebrities. They have been drinking this stuff and taking part in the satanic rituals in which they drain the adrenochrome from a human being they are torturing. The adrenochrome is literally harvested from a human being who is in terror...producing the adrenochrome via the adrenaline system. They kill the human and drain their blood which is filled with the adrenochrome. Then they drink the blood.

Adrenochrome is a real thing, known by scientists. According to the well-known and mainstream Wikipedia, Adrenochrome is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3 produced by the oxidation of adrenaline (epinephrine). The page goes on to say that "In his 1954 book The Doors of Perception, Aldous Huxley mentioned the discovery and the alleged effects of adrenochrome which he likened to the symptoms of mescaline intoxication, although he had never consumed it."

Quite basically, adrenochrome is a highly intoxicating liquid that satanists and reptilians like to drink because it gets them really high. They don't care that they've just tortured and murdered a human, not at all. And, unfortunately, they prefer to do this to children.

Earlier this year, actor Mel Gibson came out with some shocking news:
MEL GIBSON’S SHOCKING REVELATION ON HOLLYWOOD …In a shocking exposé, movie star Mel Gibson has blown the whistle on the epidemic of “parasites” who “control Hollywood” that are involved in child sacrifice and pedophilia.The Lethal Weapon star said that “every studio in Hollywood is bought and paid for with the blood of innocent children,” adding that the “most valuable currency is the blood of babies. While in London, England promoting his latest role in Daddy’s Home 2, Gibson described entertainment industry elites as an “enemy to mankind” who “feast on the blood of innocent children.” He said key players in the movie business “get their kicks from destroying the sanctuary of children” as they “thrive on breaking every God-given taboo known to man.” “They have a blatant disregard for the good of the people. Destroying people’s lives is just a game to them – the more pain they can cause, the better the thrill. Children are just sustenance to them. They feast on the pain and fear, and the younger, the better.”

This is a horrible subject, but we have to face it in order to defeat it. There are underground bases worldwide where countless humans, including millions of missing children, are being kept as a food source.

If anyone has more information about reptilians and greys harvesting Adrenochrome, please let me know.

Many Blessings, Bonnie

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