YOU are not alone

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YOU are not alone

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YOU are not alone! We are all in this together. Dealing with missing time, sleep paralysis, seeing beings in your room, flashing lights, weird buzzing noises, beeps, screeches, seeing weird lights in the sky, floating through a wall, going onto a UFO, interacting with ETs or extradimensionals....

There are many, many people who have these same experiences and they can't quite put the puzzle pieces together. These are symptoms of alien abduction or alien visitation. It is strange and otherworldly and sometimes terrifying.

YOU are not the only one weird stuff happens to! It has happened to me, and I have personally heard from thousands of people who have similar bizarre things happen.

It is good to talk about it and good to write about it, so share your stories with all of us here at the forum! Speak your truth and let's get to the bottom of this. It is high time the world knew the truth!
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