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The VIDEO: HYBRIDS - Journey with the Star People

Hybrids are a mix of human and alien DNA. Many abductees and contactees have memories of being part of the hybrid program where eggs and sperm were extracted from them by the ET visitors. Many of these people were later introduced to their hybrid children.

Interview with Experiencer Interviews

In my experience, as a life-long contactee, the hybrid children and hybrid adults were healthy, calm, and intelligent. I met with some of my own hybrid children as well as many other hybrids who were already healthy adults. According to my star friends, they created these hybrid people to exist in a higher vibrational frequency that will become the new earth.

The Reality of Contact

They also saved the original human DNA for preservation – they knew the Controllers would poison our bodies and toxify our environment so that original human DNA would be mutated and ruined. It is good to know that the original healthy and perfectly functioning DNA still exists and will be introduced to the new earth when the Controllers are gone.

Simon Bown interview with Bonnie Jean Mitchell

There may also be a secret government involvement with the creation of hybrids. The military does their own abductions undercover of night. In my book, Journey with the Star People, I wrote about some of my experiences with military abduction, being taken underground and also to military and NASA bases. On one of these occasions, I saw hybrid children and babies coming off a landed UFO in a field on a NASA base.
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