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 Post subject: Who Were They?
 Post Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 12:09 pm 

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A few weeks ago I had my first visit with the star people and it was a truly beautiful experience.

It occurred during a lucid dream. I was in a vehicle and was hoping for the star people to come. A small red saucer shaped object appeared out of the sky and was flying around near me. I was scared to death, and it flew away. It came back, but I was still scared so it flew away again.

Finally I worked up the courage to be calm. Looking back I feel like they could sense that I was scared and that was why they did not land until I was calm. The object landed quite a ways away from me, behind some sort of barrier/fence. Three beings got out, and ran up and hid behind the barrier about 50 meters away. I said to them, "why are you dressed like that?" I don't know why I said that...I was a little nervous and I read someone saying that somewhere on the forum. They replied, "HUH!?" in a very confused way.

They come up to me. It was these three glowing white females my height (5'3) or a little bit taller with markings on their face. They looked more human than not - in fact, their facial structure was similar to the blue creatures in the movie Avatar.

They were incredibly friendly, caring, compassionate and loving. They made me feel so amazing....I was chatting with the leader of the group about their auras, and how I can see auras in my waking life, and she kept hugging me. Then they left in their saucer. I saw the underbelly of the saucer and it was red with purple markings.

I woke up and noticed a bruise on my leg, I'm pretty sure its from the hugging. The leader was bumping into my leg while she was hugging me.

It was a beautiful experience and I can't wait to come into contact with them again. Ever since I met them I have been feeling way more emotionally connected to nature and just so much more happy and loving in general.

Does anybody know who they were?

 Post subject: Re: Who Were They?
 Post Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 11:13 am 
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Hi Hecking,
Thanks so much for your post. Sorry I did not reply sooner, but I am traveling right now.

What a wonderful experience! LOL ! :D I find it humorous because you used something that I said to the star people before. A couple times, when I met with them, they were disguised as something other than their true selves because they did not want to frighten me. So I asked them, "Why do you look like that?"

In your case, it obviously didn't really matter what you said, it was just the fact that you reached out to them and then they knew it was safe to approach you. I am so glad you had a good experience.

I do not know who they were. I have met with human-looking star people before, so maybe it was them...but there are many different types of beings out there. What matters is that you were able to overcome your fear and make a great connection with your new friends. You might see them again or you might meet new ones...either way, it will be a great adventure.

Many Blessings, Bonnie :D

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 Post subject: Re: Who Were They?
 Post Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 4:49 pm 

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Hi Bonnie!

Hope you are having a fun time travelling. :) I am going to be doing some travelling myself this summer.

I had another encounter the other night in my sleep. I was seeing a bunch of UFOs - two landed, and 3 different types of star peoples got out. Why is it that 3 always show up? I had a dream a looong time ago where I was on an examination table and 3 tall greys were peering over me.

Anyways, yeah there were 3 that showed up recently. Two of them were in a group with each other, while one of them was hanging out alone. I talked to the one who was alone. He was a short grey. My goodness, he was acting very non chalant and gave off cold vibes, he really did not care! I asked him what star galaxy I was from but I can't remember.

All of a sudden I was in some sort of teaching class where the goal was to memorize 3 different things (what's with the number 3??).

Bonnie, what happens during these teaching classes usually? What kind of tests do they put you through? Is memorization on these ethereal planes of consciousness a test?

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