Rods ---> Ufo or biological lifeform

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Rods ---> Ufo or biological lifeform

Post by Mic »

This summer i took some videos of my land from the lake. Later, i took a look of these videos and i discovered something that is weird on one of them. In fact, two videos have this phenomenon.

i saw something passed at a very high speed. This thing looked like it was in water or just near its surface.

After transferred it in my computer i made a pause on the moment when the thing passed and took a ''print screen''. We can see three of these things.
I could not see it with my eyes. And what about the speed at which it went on these videos.

I searched the net to find that a lot of people had seen this in China, USA, Canada, Japan and many other countries. You can read about this on Wikipedia. Here the link:

It appears that this phenomenon was discovered by accident in the 90s by an ufologist: Jose Escamilla

There is others links about Rods: and

''Some paranormal proponents claim them to be extraterrestrial lifeforms, extradimensional creatures, or very small UFOs''.

I showed at my daughter what goes over her head when she swims in the lake... She took a look at me with her larges eyes...


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Re: Rods ---> Ufo or biological lifeform

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Hi Mic,
I am familiar with the rod entities and I know about Jose Escamilla. My husband and I actually bought a pair of night vision goggles from him to view the sky at night. You can see soooo much more moving around up there with the night vision goggles.
My husband shot video of the rod entities back in 2006. They aren't talked about too much, but they are definitely out there. And it looks like they are in the water too! I have never heard anything negative about them, so I don't think there is any need to worry.
Thanks for sharing the still shots you got from the video!
Many Blessings, Bonnie
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