Aliens - a dream, maybe, and a question

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Aliens - a dream, maybe, and a question

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I think I had a dream the other night. it was, basically, a nightmare.. Some background: I've been really close to a large, triangular UFO (in 1994), two co-workers swear they were abducted (I believe 'em), had my house bathed in beams of blues lights in the middle of the night (2012) a couple of times.....and a ton of crazy, weird things after the blue lights. I was totally not into UFOs in any serious way, at all, prior to the sighting in 1994. I have a bachelor of science in psychology and I never paid much attention - until that first close-up sighting in 1994. About three years ago I literally jumped out of my seat at a wedding reception, ran up to a stranger, got in the guy's face, and said, "You've had a really weird, close up UFO sighting, haven't you?". And the guy said, almost on auto-pilot, "As a matter of fact, yes I have" and proceeded to tell me a story very much like my own first sighting. Yeah - a lot of weird stuff. A couple of years ago our neighbor, who's a doctor, came to our doctor and rang the bell - we'd never met the woman. Her house sits on a hill, and, behind ours. She rang our bell, we answered, and she was white as a ghost - almost shaking. She said, "I just wanna know if you folks are alright." My wife and I were puzzled - had no idea who she was or what she was talking about. She introduced herself and said as she was standing in her kitchen looking out the window there was an enormous blue/white explosion up by the sliding glass door in our living room. She said she thought the whole house had exploded. My wife and I were sitting near that door and saw virtually nothing. And it goes on and on.

So I got in some groups on Facebook. Most of the people are older, like me, and most have - at least - had dreams about aliens. I had never had a single dream about an alien - never, in my life. I've had a couple of dreams where they landed and people were freaking, and, I was trying to calm people. That's it. And I'm almost 70. Then, the other night I fell asleep on the couch and my wife went to bed upstairs. I was sleeping and had this incredibly vivid, terrifying dream. There was this light out the den window (in my dream) then there was this being by me at the couch and it seemed like it touched my neck and I was paralyzed. I cannot even describe the terror. I kept thinking, "Oh no - I know what's happening." And then I floated up our stairs with this thing and there's a wall at the top of the stairs. And, in my dream, I was freaking that if I went through that wall bad things were gonna happen. I felt like we would go through the wall. I kinda blacked out, in my dream, and then I was on a bed or a table or something. Everything was kinda hazy, but, I felt almost giddy....I was so relieved that, suddenly, I wasn't terrified. It was like I was drugged. And I forced my eyes to the right side of this bed/table and there was this....well, alien looking thing. By my right foot.

But the first thing I thought - the big take away (bizarrely) - was, "You're NOT gray - you're a dirty white color." I tried to ask questions, in my mind, but the thing ignored me. I think I just had a nightmare, but, it was really visceral and scary as hell. And it seemed weird that the only thing I thought when I saw this thing was that, "Hey - these things aren't gray. They're a pasty white or something." it felt like half awake and half asleep. This thing also had a few wrinkles. So it wasn't like depictions of aliens I've seen, mostly. It looked like a skull, with big eye sockets, with skin stretched across it - kind of a dirty, white skin as I've described. Wasn't like the cover of Communion. So, as insane as all this sounds I'm wondering if this description is something that rings any bells with people. I don't think I've ever been abducted (no indications, as all), and I think this was a dream, but I am still kinda weirded out by this dream. Sorry this was long.

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Re: Aliens - a dream, maybe, and a question

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Hi there 88Guy,
Thanks for that great description! Well it looks like you finally had your first alien dream...that you remember.

Yes, I have seen pasty greyish-white or dirty white aliens before. They come in all shapes and sizes and colors; they don't have to be grey.

I have had many experiences with them throughout my life. This one happened in 2018. I had a real experience onboard a craft with a rather tall (like 7 foot) being who had off-white colored skin. She got very close to me, in fact, our foreheads were touching. I examined her face closely. Her eyes were black and sunken into her face. Her skin was soft, just like mine, but it you said..."a skull with skin stretched across it." Pretty creepy. But she was gentle and kind with me.

You may have had an actual encounter, not just a dream. You will have to be the judge of that. Theses visitors mostly show up at night when we are asleep. In my experiences, they usually take my conscious awareness right out of my physical body. It can sometimes seem like a very vivid dream...but it is not a normal dream at all.

It's amazing that your neighbor came running down the hill to your house that time to make sure you were alright after she saw the blue light exploding next to your house!! And you and your wife never even saw it!! That is amazing! The physical world is much more than we think it is. There are definitely different types of phenomena going on around us that we cannot see (at least not usually).

One night I had a very real and intense experience where I ran into this entity who came swinging towards me on a rope. It had white skin and looked like a Frankenstein rag doll or something! I was actually flying at the time. I turned right around and went the other way!

Thanks for posting and sharing your encounters. And Congratulations on making it to 70!

Many Blessings, Bonnie

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