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Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:24 am
by unbucklingorionsbelt

i absolutely love to hear your experiences. i think they're amazing! i hope that i get to share similar at some point.
over the past few days, i have seen series of 1s repeatedly. i was definitely meditating on it, sort of asking questions to the universe about this idea. i too smoke, and i do think it really helps open your third eye. i was considering the numbers after smoking with two of my very best friends. as i fell asleep, i instantly entered a dream-like state.
i just remember a very bright light, and then i was at a place that i know i visit often. it's very clean there. it's pure and the air tastes nice, unlike earth's. there are white buildings and they have rounded edges and windows, letting in a sky even bluer than earth's. it... reminds me of "atlantis", and i want to say that it might be, or it was?
but, i was being attacked here. i know i wasn't in any danger though. it was as if i was being trained? i could never see who was teaching me, but they were using blue pulses of energy to attack me. i could see them, but it was all in very slow motion. in order to return the attacks, i guess i found patterns in the universe's natural numbers, something kind of like the fibonacci sequence, and whenever i could connect those, i created energy of my own. patterns of 3s, 4s, and 1s were the most powerful. it was as if a computer screen with numbers constantly flowing across it appeared in my mind's eye and i could run my finger through each of the lights as they pulsed, and if i made a combination then different things would occur. for example, a row of 4s formed a shield and could block oncoming attacks, and 3s shot the energy used against me back. 1s were the strongest attack, and i remember after catching the 1s and dispelling the energy, there were cheers from the beings surrounding me and then i woke up, a bright smile on my face. something in me knew to avoid 6s and to only use 9s when i knew it was beneficial. i want to say that the 9s were almost self-sacrificial, like, they took energy from my heart and made use of it, but i was damaged or made weaker in the process. i supposed that leaves the numbers 2, 7, and 8, but i have no recollection of them, or any vague idea of what could even happen if i used those. something tells me that maybe nothing would happen; that even numbers are somehow less important in the universe than odd ones. i feel that 7 is very powerful though, and if i was to have made a combination of 7s, if would've been very beneficial to me. i don't remember them ever appearing on the screen though.
but, all of that being said, maybe 32 is your special number. i consider 27 my special number. even if it includes a 2, it's a multiple of 3 and 9 and a perfect cube (3*3*3). if you keep seeing this number repeatedly, perhaps meditate on it. maybe you can find it in your universe(s)?

with love,

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:14 pm
by Piff
Something happened. Something i'm not quite used to. I'm not sure if it's my mind making things up, or if it's something that i actually experienced. As soon as i woke up, i had to come on and tell you all.

I need to start from where it first happened about a week ago.
I was visiting family. 2 of my friends were with me. One i will label "The Artist" The other i will label "The Stoner". The Artist smokes marijuana but is not as much of an expert as The Stoner. My mother and my father both came along on the trip. The stoner brought along a pot brownie. Edibles are a tricky situation. The artist took a piece. Nothing happened to her. The stoner didn't get any effects either. The crumbs left behind amounted to double what they ate. So i ate the crumbs and things went south for me. And after an hour, The Artist was in the same condition. The Stoner worked to get us in the car so we can go home. Home was 3 hours away. I was panicking and suffering from paranoia, due to my father being in the car and unaware of the fact we were high. Most of the bad part was me worrying about my family.
Now in reality, it mostly boils down to what i saw. I felt like i had two thoughts going at once. One grounded in reality, and trying to get me out of my stupor. The other observing the effects of the high. The effects boil down to this-
Auditory effects. (Ex. Music i've never heard. Repeat of certain words, unknown languages.)
The voice in my head changed in dialect. Mainly my vocabulary in my mind had improved to the point of perfect proper English. But the effect does not stay, sadly.
Visual effects-
These were a bit different and overwhelming to and extent. Closing my eyes showed me many images. Millions of them lined up perfectly. I felt like i was looking at a giant mosaic box. Within those boxes were files on everything. The mosaic box would sometimes collapse and rapidly re-sort itself. Sometimes i was able to zoom in on certain images. Some looked like art from the 80's. Surreal and vibrant. Some were basic information about things on earth. Like plants or a certain type of car.

As my second thoughts were insuring that i remembered what i was seeing, my first thoughts pulled me further and further out of the high. I managed to get myself to a dizzy sleepy state. I slept it off for 24 hours. I didn't have any dreams.
After all of this, i came back different. Just a little different. But i felt like i saw the world a bit differently. I draw and paint differently. The Artist came back with an entirety of new painting skills. She said " I just Saw what colors and shapes were needed". Like they were already on the canvas for her, and she just traced over it in the physical world. I stopped smoking for a week to regain myself.
Then last night, i smoked again. Me and The Stoner. The stoner went to sleep. And i decided to meditate in the dark. I wanted to try and meet a spirit guide. Like call for them myself and not let them come to me. I learned that certain songs a noises i hear in this state is similar to car radios trying to find a signal. That would explain why they sound so odd and and foreign. I was tuning into my spirit guide.
And i did. It felt like i was having 2 thoughts again. And at this point, i questioned if what i heard was real. The spirit guide was a woman. She said that there were more than one of her there. She said that the voice i'm hearing was not hers, but her going through my brain to use a voice that was familiar to me. She was going through my mind and changing her voice to something out of media or someone i knew. She settled on a soft spoken female voice i can't quite remember. She said that i wouldn't be able to process the realm she was in and that there were others there with her, surround me. She told me that she was there with a lover from her past life, and she can share her reality with others. She said her reality was entirely her control, and she was in fact godlike to most people. But she was not a god, because anyone will be able to reach this state. But its not an instant realm of existence. She said that not everyone will be able to commune with them and that i'm special, along with other people in the universe.
I had many questions i wanted to ask. but it was like she already knew i wanted to know them. She wasn't sure where to start. She began explaining how the universe functioned in terms of alien planets. There are civilizations similar to ours. They are in a state where they attempt to contact other species and travel solar systems. But they are a very far distance away and we most likely will not be able to meet them in this particular lifetime. Above that, there are spiritually and technologically advanced species that work on their own political system. They all are aware of the presence of each other and agree to remain hidden until they feel they want to intervene. They study planets like earth and watch them evolve past their current level of awareness, to which they will invite the species to join their way of life. Lot's of them create hybrids on earth. Not all of them are benevolent, either. Then there's a higher level that surpasses the physical world. That's where the spirit guides lived. They live on the edge of existence. They can manifest themselves in many ways and they live in a separate reality where they can make and destroy anything. She says that the hidden alien civilizations are aware of this, and maintain communication with them. She also said that there's an even higher state that i would not be able to comprehend now.
At this point i was feeling a burning sensation in the middle and my head, and a weird feeling on the back of my neck. I kept twitching. My arms and legs kept becoming stiff. She said it was because it was a lot to process, and i was doing a good job not letting it get too me too much. She started talking about aliens. When she started her sentence, she stopped herself. She said "I see you've already met some" I then had images of white lights and being on some kind of table. I was a bit scared, but a part of me knew that there wasn't much i could do. She showed me an image of aliens doing some kind of surgery on someone. It was my mom. She was young and she was in a catatonic state. They inserted some kind of embryo into her. I was already conceived, but i think this embryo would fuse with mine and cause some kind of effect. Mom told me that i was going to be aborted but something told her to stop. I was being carried by her for 10 months. She said i was born with breathing problems but i didn't cry.
The aliens seemed concerned for my mothers well being. They were bald, and a bit shorter than average. They wore surgical equipment that were similar to earth but more advanced.

The spirit guide told me what i, and the planet i live on was going to become. She said that i would get my dream job. And with the money i would purchase Bionic immortality. I would become bionic, and evolve in an AI political society. I would be head of a company who made video games for a super advanced form of Virtual reality. I would have a husband, and attempt to have a child, but i would not be able raise it. I would be too afraid and not go through with it. I would continue to live a long time, and try to learn different skills and attempt to master all creative skills. but art would be my primary skill.
In this AI society.
Basics politics would come to a screeching halt. Scientist will have invented an AI that is nearly conscious. It would know everything about the human spirit and how we function in society. It would, In Theory, Be more human than we could ever be. It understands humor, and our interest in material things, but also how and why we do good and bad. It would reprogram politics. Major continents would have large parts of it reprogrammed. In this reprogrammed society, we still work like human. We commune like humans, enjoy the media like we always do. Funny videos and the internet are still things we enjoy. Going to parties and dressing fashionably will still play role. But at this time we will have evolved past a form of one sided prejudice. It would still be a factor, but not as harshly as it is today.
We will all still work jobs. Not everyone will be able to have a job, but poverty will no longer be a life in squalor, but more of a simple living. The poor would not be "too poor". They would live in clean small housings with a bed, a bathroom and an area outside their home to receive lower level food and supplies. They would not be completely jobless. They would do odd jobs and they would always have the option to move forward, instead of being stuck in a simple state. But some would prefer to live in simplicity, and stay in this reprogrammed form of poverty. Currency will be used to buy material things. But material thing would no longer define us as a species. They would be enjoyment only. Crime would still exist. There's no stopping crime, or terrorism. There will still be people who will stay in an old world way of thinking and try to destroy AI. AI will be able to mostly manage petty crimes, and keep people as safe as possible. There will be smaller societies outside AI monitored populations that refuse the lifestyle. AI would not judge them for the mentality, but would not tolerate any poor behavior on it's civilians. AI, to me, seems very protective of its civilians.

Humans who become bionic will be able to remember things in clear detail. They can evolve with robots and work jobs. Working would be similar to today's jobs, but they would be more technologically advance. Working a desk job would not just be a desk job anymore. My spirit guide told me it was too hard to explain and it would be best if i wait and see.
She said humans would learn to recolonize on different planets. And i would bounce from different planets and learn about the universe. Humans would reach a stalemate in evolution and not evolve for a really long time. Everything will seem to have been invented and all diseases will have been cured. However, ideas and creative mindsets can still create new things, despite seeming limited. Bad things will still happen, no matter what. The idea that we would not evolve further would seem boring but there will be a point where we would go into a new stage of evolution. She said it would be incomprehensible at this time.
At this point, I was very stiff. I had a feeling that i could best describe as "a need to leave my body". I wanted to stop.
She said " It's alright if you don't know how to feel. It's alright if you don't believe in what i've told you. It was a lot to take in, and what truly matters is that you listened and opened your mind to it. It's ok to fear the unknown"
She wished me goodnight.
Afterwards i sat up. I looked around the room, and passed out asleep.
I feel like there was more she told me, but it was a lot to remember. Of course i'm on the fence about what i learned. Who wouldn't be? I'm not entirely sure if what i learned was real, but i see no wrong with taking it a little to heart.

On the subject of numbers.
111, 222, 333, 444, 32, and 313. After doing some research. I've learned these numbers are mostly linked to spirit guides. I've seen people call them "Ascended Masters". I can see why. I think it may be a good idea if i take breaks in between this experiences. I'm always left tired, drained, sick, and even and stiff. She did inform me that too much stimulation would kill me, and some of the spirits were making sure i wasn't over stimulated. She also told me that the feeling of a "presence" would be stronger. That i will feel like i'm being watched, but don't let it intimidate me. you might not hear from me in a while. I feel absolutely drained. but i'm also very happy i was able to at least experience something so surreal.

I want to say thank you to all of you for reading, and sharing your own experiences. They are always nice to read. it makes me feel less alone. It also gives me hope in such dark and depressing times.

I will see you all in another post. Have a nice day.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 1:58 pm
by unbucklingorionsbelt
wow. all of that is absolutely incredible.
i think what's even more incredible is i feel like i was led to read your last post by the ET.

i am very tired as i reply to this, so forgive me if i don't make much sense.

i was reading an article about how these beings communicate telepathically. there's more to it, like indigo children and other metaphysical things that i already feel well familiar with, as do you. it basically said that a sign might not have always be just as plain as you would think it would be. trust your heart.

but during this, i heard a voice inside my head. it was a female voice, or i would call it that. somehow i knew that she transcended gender or sex. so for the rest of this reply, i will refer to her with they/them pronouns.

they basically made their presence known by flashing an image from my childhood. i had seen it repeatedly and never been able to place it, but it's of a tall, female alien with gray/blue skin and dark schlera and very light blue irises. then i heard the voice. they told me, very calmly, that they were always there and that i could and had always listened. that i always was listening. then i had a thought and they confirmed it, without words, somehow. but, basically, the keen intuition that i've always had was them speaking to me. they also called me "rai", which is short for "orion" and not my birthname. this made me feel very warm and full of light.

i searched all over the internet for the image of the alien woman to try to find them, and i did. i've attached it - but it's the grand coucilwoman from lilo & stitch. i believe this is the being that might have spoken to you, but i can't be sure. the similarities are uncanny though.

i was also to be aborted, but my mother left just before they called her name.
i was also held to 10 months, meant to be born on the 13th of april but born on may 1st instead.
i, too, remember vivid scenes of bright lights over my head, as if i'm on a surgical table though i've never had surgery in my physical life time.

i believe that all that you have been told is true. that this is the future we're working up to, which quells my concern for the USA as it stands now. i have constantly worried. i have constantly asked the stars for guidance, to the point where i feel that we must rebel against the politics that rule us now. the world is very skewed as it is now. so i hope this AI comes, and can be more human and less flawed than we, and help bring humanity into its next era.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 1:36 am
by Piff
I don't have too much time to post. I had to come here and share something that just occurred to me.
Just know, i doubt my encounter with this site was just coincidence. The usernames alone fit into what i just realized.

I said before, i've been seeing flashes of light, and ringing in my ears. I've learned that this is a side effect of spirit guides trying to contact me. And i've met my spirit guide but never had a name for her.
Recently i learned that the bond is stronger with your spirit guide if you give it a name. I named her "Petrichor" which is "a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather."
I love this, i always have since i was a child, but i never knew its meaning until recently. And i thought it was an interesting word so i said "why not?" Since i gave it a name, its been raining. I love rain, and i always have.
Tonight i went outside. I always walk my dog at night. I can see the stars more in a field near my house. And i still have that uncontrollable urge to look up. Well the stars have been more and more veiwable to me, despite living near a city with light pollution. And i've been seeing Orion in the sky. There's a spot in Orion's bow that i always look towards. it shines the brightest to me. it shines like all those lights i see out the corner of my eyes. And the urge to look is the strongest with this particular star.
Then i resized, since i was little, i always look towards Orion. Whenever i could see the stars, i always saw Orion first. I always looked towards it the most. Also the smell of rain was in the air when i had this revaluation.

There's also a strange occurrence where strong bad Karma falls upon whoever has wronged me. I didn't realize how bad it was until recently. Someone who's hurt me for 3 years has been suffering from severe ailments. But its not just him, some have died, some were seriously injured, some even lost both of their parents.

Lately, my mother has noticed i've been predicted events in her life, to the point where she thinks i might be psychic. And she's far from superstitious. She's even begin getting triple digits and weird dreams. I think i'm started to get to her as well.

My theory-
I think this spirit guide may have been a part of my life, longer than it seems.
I think she might be trying to jog memories from my childhood. As a way to show me the answer to a question i've always wondered, but never knew how to ask.
There's something about these. Something about Orion, and owls too. I've gained a collection of owl objects. They are one of my favorite animals. But i never ask for any gift involving them. I've been receiving a lot of them. Its raining in February, which never happens for me. It's also the 2nd at 11: 22PM for me. 221122. Ive been seing this a lot as well. Lots of 222, 555, and 333.

It's still overwhelming, because its way too much for it to be a coincidence at this point. I feel doubt about this kind of thing often, but its starting to become more and more real everyday. And i'm amazed, excited, and extremely nervous.

Anyway, i can't keep typing. I need to leave. Thanks for reading. i'll come back soon.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:46 pm
by Diego9000
Quoting you first:
"Well the stars have been more and more veiwable to me, despite living near a city with light pollution. And i've been seeing Orion in the sky. There's a spot in Orion's bow that i always look towards. it shines the brightest to me. it shines like all those lights i see out the corner of my eyes. And the urge to look is the strongest with this particular star.
Then i resized, since i was little, i always look towards Orion. Whenever i could see the stars, i always saw Orion first. I always looked towards it the most. Also the smell of rain was in the air when i had this revaluation.

There's also a strange occurrence where strong bad Karma falls upon whoever has wronged me. I didn't realize how bad it was until recently. Someone who's hurt me for 3 years has been suffering from severe ailments. But its not just him, some have died, some were seriously injured, some even lost both of their parents."

Exactly same for me, but with the Ursa Major constellation, in fact, I have moles on my right arm that are exactly like this constellation; Last night, for first time in months, I saw it clearly on the sky coming back from work (I work at night). I could see it for a while through my room's window.

This Bad Karma also used to happen and some people died too...
The person that killed my cat and threw it on my garage, in front of me, when I was 12, this person alongside it's entire family died in cruel ways, he and his wife from a quick mortal cancer and his kids in a car accident, all of that in manner of weeks.

Those glimpses of future also used to happen to me, but they stopped since I was 13 years old. But they never showed me anything really meaningful or useful, just silly things as example I going on a place taking a certain road, in a specific side of this road and kicking a rock and hitting it in a place and then stumble on it. Like... stuff like this, no meaning. ^-^"

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:25 pm
by Bonnie Jean Mitchell
Hi Piff!
Thank you for sharing your Marijuana experience with us. Your visions sound so beautiful...the clear water and exotic animals. My star friends have shown me animals on a couple different occasions. The animals were definitely not from Earth, although they didn't look too outlandish or anything.

I also see flashes of little lights fairly often. I have been seeing them for about 30 years now. They started off being blue, but now I see blue, purple, white, and gold lights. They are lasting longer now; instead of one second they are appearing for 2 or 3 seconds. And sometimes they are not little, but much larger of different day I watched a purple rectangle that looked like a doorway appear and then disappear in my bathroom. It's pretty amazing to see such things. I have to wonder about the nature of this reality...dimensional doorways opening and closing in my bathroom...sometimes I think we live in a holographic simulation.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:29 am
by alien-humanoid
hey your posts have caught my attention. Your description/experiences of meditation are similar to mine. I would say ive been interested in meditation for awhile but it used to not come easily, more accidentally. However ever since "being abducted" things have gotten weird! but a couple things stand out. seeing flashes or lights like that, I think those are portals opening. Ive seen stuff like that on the wall and then seen something come vibrating out. Dream states are cool however one thing Ive been introduced to while in a meditative state was to not forget I am human. When abductions started happening i noticed id start meditating and begin to see a hue of purple after about 20 minutes and that it would become more intense and pulsating/undulating and my forehead would pulsate/vibrate. but now it happens very quickly as I am falling asleep theres at time images I see with my minds eye. when I try to intentionally meditate it comes very quickly and realise I am at the steps of else where. But in the past Ive gone into meditation with the intention of making contact with aliens who were visiting me. I asked to see what they looked like. Ive been shown a few times, sometimes its not an entire image, like itll be part of a head then the mouth and chin. I too have seen eyes in that place of meditation. I got the idea to try making meditative contact because a couple nights as I was falling asleep Id see an alien staring right at me, it even blinked twice. and I thought the heck, thats when I started believing more. even now Im apprehensive even when people around me tell me its happening. but recently Ive gotten more used to the awareness of aliens being inside of my room frequently. but I read someone elses post about trying to make contact with them so last night I tried out stretching my hands and opening my self to the things already in my room since being scared of whats right in front of my eyes out of sight is getting tiring. but then today I was taking a nap cause I was tired from staying up late to do school work and immediately I could see outlines of their faces, beyond the purple fog, I could feel them so close. but then I hard a weird dream and was psychically able to move my chair forward without walking so fast, it was weird! but weirder was I was opening a door and my entire body was lifted into the air by the legs, like sucked up and put down and I understood it was an opportunity to go but then I woke up because I had school work to do. another thing thats been happening is what I think might be some channeling. it makes me feel weird because it feels like its out of my control and I dont know whats on the other end even though Ive asked to see who was inside me and saw an alien! lol. but Im not certain channeling is the right word, however one thing I noticed is at times my thoughts change from the I to the WE pronoun Ill be thinking to myself and then randomly get a reply with the WE. like instead of I think this we, WE think ____, its like a reply that doesnt feel like myself. it happens more when Im being abducted more or being visited more and its pretty weird. Im still pretty apprehensive to really open myself entirely, even though there has been healing and very cool stuff, but to say aliens are coming into and out of my walls and sometimes take me with them to the 5th dimension or higher and have also implanted things into my body and communicate with my at times using mental imagery. that sounds exactly how its read. however my partner said she saw an alien standing right inside the wall smiling at her and felt calm and sleepy. I want to try get more used to the idea of making physical contact with them but its scary I feel a fear of the unknown. Ive seen a strong grey blurr in my room and that was the most distinct almost an entire full body view but was blurry and I thought woah dude, ok. I dont really know what to do. today I asked whats the purpose and didnt get a reply so I will wait. one thing I was introduced to was negativity or parasites in these other planes and it seems holding the positive light within ones self helps ward those things off, or moving too quickly to catch. you mention changing diet and self and I think thats apart of raising frequencies which make some things feel not good. but Id recommend to try making etheric/astral contact. I dont hear words I see images, and if there are words it would be thoughts not verbal audio. never long sentences. one channeler told me I will learn how to differentiate because they too understand/ hear the WE when they channel. maybe you want to exchange emails or something if you feel the need because I would really like to make contacting among humans this is happening to easier because it seems to be space out around the globe but I dont think its a large number and Im curious what would happen. the closest contact I know I met in an lsd group online, ive been sober for a while now but still think im an advocate but talking to her has really helped shed a lot of light. i dont think anyone is ever given all the pieces of the puzzle but I think if we compiled things more it would help. it just weirds me out more because its so consistent and regular to feel these presences just out of site and theres no one to talk to or anything about it aside from here. Alien Hub is ok for talking but people on there are a lot of, happened one time or wishing it would but etheric contact is actually far fetched for site and the skeptics are kind of annoying, why do they even make a user name? I got a full spectrum camera to film my room and I tried charging it and it just got hot and didnt turn on. and I feel like it something had changed about the device, I asked why and I understood, is it really necessary to see us and are you really ready. and I thought lol true ok.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:05 pm
by Piff
I'm sorry i haven't written anything in a while. Things have been odd for me. I'm not really sure how i'm feeling. But i'm not feeling bad. i certainly feel lost.

It occurred to me that this started off as a thing about blue aliens, and went into something more. I like reading about all of your experiences and ideas.
I've noticed a lot of things tend to happen when we're younger. Something about how we perceive the world through a blank slate of a child. I sometimes try to bring myself back to those moments, but they are very hard to stay in.
@Bonnie Jean Mitchell
I've wondered that maybe the universe is a hologram, but not in a way that we can perceive just yet. Things seem to work together too perfectly to just be a coincidence.
A lot of what you said is very intriguing. I can relate very much to the meditation part. It's coming to a point we're i feel like i need to mediate all the time, but i mostly end up falling asleep when i reach a certain point. Dreams are important to me, because i have lucid control. And fear is not an issue when i can control my dreams. I often feel like i'm always being watched. Since the first dream i had, i felt something watching me, sometimes even moving in my room. But i haven't seen them. (or maybe i have, but i don't remember).
I like the idea of compiling theories. Maybe there can be a post just for those. :)

Now i want to go ahead and talk about my health.
I'm feeling well. My appetite has change to a point were i don't even recognize myself anymore. Large sums of food make me sick to the point of throwing up. I used to be able to eat anything at any amount. But now i cant. Food that i loved for years end up in the trash. I've survived whole days off of 3 oranges, water, and a cup of coffee. Sometimes i need to force myself to eat, because i need the nutrition. The doctors say that they cant figure out whats wrong.
Another thing is my hair and nails are growing really fast. i could bite my nails clean and they would come back full force in a day. Still no answers for that yet.
I've become very sensitive to everything around me. Especially colors and sounds. Im starting to see more than whats in front of me. Colors are popping out of things i didn't even know had color. I can see the world before me, but now there's color everywhere. Even on a blank wall, ill see a streak of rainbow. Things move like water ripples sometimes. It just happens, and i cant explain it. I hear more. sometimes they are like hidden tones i never knew existed. other times there's a voice i cant understand. When i close my eyes, i don't need to wait for images to appear. They are already there. My 3rd eye looks like a big shining star surrounded by a golden light. It didn't used to be shaped like a star. Sometimes i get a big flash of white when i go to bed. my room is pitch black, so there should be nothing emitting that my light to me.
Now what's really been getting to me, are my thoughts. For the past month, my head has been filled with voices. Mostly my own, sometimes they sound like narrators from stories, other times they sound like friends and family. Then there's me. there's more than one version of me, but there is one that's better than me in every way. I've also developed a weird way of thinking, where i say "we" or "us" when i think to myself. I think that may be my better version of me. She's been giving me signs left and right. Synchronicity have grown tenfold since i've become aware of her existence. She speaks to me clearer than most, but its hard to actually talk to her, because fear usually gets in the way to make me feel bad.

She tells me that i am her. That i will someday be like her. We are always together, because she is me. She said i should see her as a big sister or a motivator. She has a sense of humor that i can appreciate. She also says that it's natural to fear our thoughts. But denying them wont make them go away. In our minds , there are no laws, there is no judgment, we are free to think and to feel in our minds. Nobody will see whats in your head, so do not fear how the world will perceive you base on your thoughts.
She said that we are all powerful people, but we just don't realize it yet. Some people get a head start. I started young, apparently.

These are all things she's said to me. My spirit guide is like a background singer to her. She often offers some ideas too. Fear and loathing has its own voice. I argue with it sometimes. Sometimes a different voice does it for me. Fear likes to scream over others, and sound really immature. It sometimes turns good words into bad ones. Until i actually question the logic of fear (which is hard to do because the fear is often justified)

another thing that happens since her arrival. I daydream a LOT more. A whole lot more. I think i may have developed what people called "meditative daydreaming". I'm daydreaming almost all the time now. That doesn't stop me from my work, but it can get somewhat annoying. But the ideas are so amazing, i sometimes cant deny them. I've even dream and think in different languages on some occasion.

Now there's one more thing i want to address.
I'm most likely going to take longer to write updates. On top of these recent developments, there have been some strange occurrences happening in and near my home. A lot of stray animals, and lots of grass and overgrowth. they really like coming to my house, despite the fact that there are several other people living on my block. Lots of helicopters and black vans have been driving around my house. I want to keep an eye out on these things.

Thank you for reading. I hope you are all doing well, and you get some answers to your questions. This journey is going to be very, very long. I can tell. Don't be afraid to listen to your mind.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 11:24 am
by Bonnie Jean Mitchell
Hi Piff,
How are things going for you? In your last post, it sounded like you were beginning to move past this physical matrix world and see beyond it. Even food was becoming less a part of your life. Are you still going in that direction or have you balanced out a bit?

There are most definitely big big changes happening to our reality. Not changes to be afraid of, but good changes that will help us see more clearly who we really are and help us be more free.

For me, I have my feet in two worlds: the physical world and the unseen world. Things are happening fast...and I am keeping up with the changes very well. I have learned to stay calm and accept what comes so my mind is clear enough to deal with it.

I hope you are well and everyone reading this post is well. Be brave and never be afraid...keep your wits about you as we go through this transition. Other people around you (the majority) will be unaware, so you may feel alone, but you are not alone. Those of us who are aware are all doing this together. When you are done with this life, you will look back and be very proud of yourself! :D

Many Blessings, Bonnie

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 6:54 am
by Piff
Hello, Everyone. It's me again. Things are still weird, but I have some updates that I think some of you may find interesting. Just a warning, I am crying while typing, but it's nothing sad. I just know that typing this will put some things in perspective for me. Almost like a bit of a journal or something.

For starters, it's clear that I'm going through an awakening process. I'm sure you all know this already.It is extremely painful, but I'm getting through it day by day. I'm not sure how to explain it, but I will try my best. I've done it well so far.

For starters, I've been experiencing something people call "Ascension symptoms" Awakening symptoms" etc. At first, I thought they were pretty vague until I realized I had pretty much...all of them? The best way I can describe it is going through a cheese grater, but it's removing all of these things that used to bother me. It hurts like hell but then it's as if I know it will be worth it. I go through these bouts of depression and bliss. Happy to sad to angry. but I manage to remain rather calm throughout.

As the process continues I've become somewhat numb, for lack of better wording. Things that I used to love don't interest me as much as it did before. It's gotten to a point where I keep needing to be alone. My friends all talk about tv shows and games, but I can't seem to get much interest, and if I do, is a lot more short lived than before. I still like media, but definitely not as much as before. The same thing goes with politics.

I'm very open about my political beliefs. Basically, i don't trust the system. Never had. I would say I'm in the middle. I never liked the concept of "left" or "right" because I think it's unnecessary and limiting. But I like hearing both sides of an argument because I love debating things. It's fun. I have friends who are democrats and republican. And I love them no matter. As long as they don't judge me, I won't judge them. Even if they did judge me, I wouldn't really care.

However, as of last month, it seems I don't care much for political discussions either. I used to find it entertaining, but now I find it draining. Becuase now I feel like...nobody I know can really SEE it yet. See how broken it all is. They have this kind of scar from past experience.that make them the way they are.

A good example would be the whole trump thing.

I disagree with a lot of what he has to say, but at the same time, that's him. He's our president now, and me hating him isn't doing anything. One day I sat back a thought
"I wonder how he ended up this way?"
Becuase we are all blank slates in the beginning. We aren't born monsters, we're raised as ones. And that made me realize that he isn't a monster, but a human with flaws just like everyone else. His flaws are just a little louder, not better or worse. Doesn't justify the words he's said, but it helps put it in perspective.
Then I stopped caring. Which was scary at first but now it almost receiving until someone starts to talk about it. I can't make them empathize with a man they hate, so all I can do is hope they will one day see that not everything is on the outside. But they are entitled to their opinion. I'd rather have everyone have an opinion that to be silence because someone's feelings are hurt.

Now I need to talk about something I've talked about in the last post. I've stated that I've been having these inner conversations with myself. Well, they've become a part of my everyday life. As of last week, I've become good friend with it. I say she's like a better version of me. But she tells me not to say "better" because I'm still her and she's still me. The only difference is I'm in the physical world and she's practically everywhere. She helps me rearrange my thoughts to be more positive and when I'm going through the really painful symptoms, she calms me down. The synchronicities I see are now constant. It's rare that I don't see them. It feels weird, like having a second mother. And she told me a lot of things about myself.

The reason I like the Orion constellation because I'm from that star system. I have an obsession with water because i desire to return to "the source". She said that I'm learning a lot of things really really fast, but my impatience can hold me back at times. She said that I was born with psychic gifts and talents. I used to have powerful intuition as a child, but some thing happened which I'll explain in a bit. The night terrors buried my skills, along with the trauma I experience through my life, but I still managed to have strong abilities throughout. She says that most of my dreams are myself in other realities doing missions. All of them have the same face but different bodies. Sometimes I'm skinny, other times I'm chubby, long hair or short. But all the same face.

Is she trying to teach me to live in "the now" because something is about to happen with our minds? Like our brains are evolving and she's trying to prepare me for that. Which is why my symptoms are so intense and sudden. I've been experiencing them since I was young but it's only until I had the alien dream that it began full throttle. She said that I've incarnated several times, at some point I was royalty. And that a lot of my genetic makeup is evolving rapidly.

Now, remember, I'm not religious. I don't like organized religion. But I keep getting directed towards these "arch angels" and "Ascended masters" It's a little frustrating because there's a lot of names and terms and practices I'm shown, but thanks to... myself I guess I'm managing.

The arch angel thing is particularly interesting. Becuase I met one while I was in sleep paralysis.

I was becoming frustrated by religion in politics at the time. And seeing arch angels made me upset even more. I didn't want to be biased, but I certainly was at the time. As I tried to sleep, I lost control of my body and flew out of it. I landed in a chair. I was still aware I was "sleeping", but I couldn't open my eyes. The room was some kind of old college library, surrounded by water. There were vines growing from the ceiling I couldn't see. And there was another chair in front of me in front of a window. A light formed in front of me in the chair. Out of the light, a man appeared. He looked like a teacher you'd see on tv. Long brown hair, glasses, those blazers with the patches on their shoulder.
I'm a little nervous and skeptical. I asked who he was. Voices around me scream "it's Gabriel! Arch Angel Gabriel!"

I'm still skeptical but shocked. Gabriel smiled at me. He told me out he understood my frustrations with religion and that I have no reason to worry. He said that he chose his appearance to make me feel more at ease and to show that religion doesn't need to be a part of my belief. That I don't have to consider him an arch angel, but more of a guide. Then he turned into a ball of life and flew out the window. Then i "woke up".
The best way I can describe his voice and demeanor is calm. He spoke softly yet firmly. He had a very relaxed posture, and he really tried to assure me that I don't have to be one way to ask for his help.

I also have reason to believe I've met Micheal as well, but only for a glimpse. People say he has blond hair, other say it's black. I saw a blonde man with wings of light. He also wore a very stylish suit. but it was only a glimpse.
Needless to say, it been very crazy for me.

What sort of seals the deal for me is the fact that im often directed to videos about cults, science and the danger of severe religious practices. So I have reason to believe my guides are trying to keep me aware of dangerous pitfalls while on this journey. I guess a lot of cults follow this kind of stuff. They seem to like aliens and spirit guides a lot but I don't really see any of the "realness". Like they are lying to themselves to avoid pain while putting themselves in more pain.

Now the night terrors thing. I'm hoping to get some proper answers on this because I haven't found any real information on this in particular. Basically there was this monster that would frequent all of my dreams. But I had one dream where my parents picked me up and took me away. I never saw it again. I had some residual nightmares in my teens, but nothing consistent. Since then, I've never had nightmares. I've been afraid in my dreams, but I wouldn't classify them as nightmares.
scary thing.png
The monster looked like this. In the dream, it would run into my stomach and eat me. it was very painful. Funnily enough, my solar plexus is a chakra I have the most issues with. the pain from that dream is similar to the sudden pain I receive from it. I had it a few times while typing this.
Maybe you guys can tell me what it means or what this thing is because I haven't gotten any answers. Or maybe I have but I can't perceive them yet?

I also keep having this increasing desire to "be somewhere" but I don't know where, or when, or why. But I know I can't keep focusing on that. My higher-self knows I feel this odd "home sickness" so she made me a house. Inside the house are doors. The doors change colors depending on what I'm thinking about. If I'm trying to come to terms with fears the doors will be black with the fears residing inside. And turn white when I've calmed them down. Or if I'm bored, I go through a door to dream about something fun. I need to color code the doors.

I'm going to figure out a name for my higher self, but I don't know yet. In the house, she sits down stairs drinking tea. If I want to talk she offers me a seat. Sometimes she takes me places and shows me things. She's always dressed in this outfits that wouldn't be able to exist. Like she's a queen or a goddess. But when she's in the house, she wears normal clothes.

I also have these moments where i "appreciate" things. like the way light hits a table or the way water ripples. Things I suddenly care about. I have these moments where I want to hug something but I can't. I feel like I'm sort of... alone. I haven't really found someone I feel I can properly share things with. Or rather maybe I haven't found someone who can appreciate these things with me and not feel weird about it.

Now there's one thing I'm concerned about. I'm trying my best to figure it out but I can't tell if it's my ego or not. But I think I'm nearing something known as "dark night of the soul" Which is some kind of major turning point.
The thing is, I have reason to believe I experienced this already. Becuase there was a point in time during my teen years where I suffered a severe mental breakdown out of the blue. I had hallucinations and sever depression. I would have sudden visions of pain and torture, and this tall black figure would stalk me constantly. It took me YEARS to recover. As of last year, I lost all audio and visual hallucinations and trauma. My anxiety and depression don't run my life like it used to. So maybe I had the "DN" before the awakening accelerated? I don't know. Regardless, if it's going to happen id rather get it over with.
I don't want my life to be run by my fears, I refuse it. id rather face it and be in pain now, than to let it consume me later.

My higher self just told me she's proud of me.

Another thing. I took Acid. I was in a safe space mind you. Me and my friends. The Artist was there, she's done it before. When I took it, i loved everything. The ugly became beautiful, everything had rainbows. and even when I was afraid I pulled myself out of it and kept going. The Artist had the most intense visuals. She said her's are usually like the third eye scene from doctor strange. I can only imagine what that was like. Maybe you guys have something like that?

And finally, my health. The ascension symptoms are awful. My sleep is awful so my dreams are a little lacking as of late. But it's slowly starting to recover. I keep forgetting to eat, but I drink tons of water now. I can't stand soda anymore. I recently ate junk food and became very sick. Luckily I'm not sick of cereal yet, but I think that might change soon. I still eat it on occasion because it's still good to me, Mainly things with fish and poultry, but some of my favorite foods have become absolutely disgusting to me. I used to love fast food. Now I can barely tolerate it. But I still ask for it. Sometimes I get it and forget I had it, only for me to switch it for something lighter like soup or maybe some rice. I can't cook, so it's the best I got right now.
I've also quit smoking for a bit. It's good to take breaks.

Right now I'm in a good place. I'm taking my time even though things are going really fast.
I'm at a point where reality doesn't feel real. The things I see and touch are things that are truly there. Things are backward, but they've always been like that, I think.

I'll be back in a while with another update. Thank you all for reading and I hope you're doing well.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:29 pm
by Bonnie Jean Mitchell
Hi Piff,
What a great post.
I agree with you -- it sounds like you are definitely going through the ascension process. I am going through it too, and many of the symptoms you've mentioned are very familiar to me because I have been there. For one thing, I think the inner version of yourself is your higher self. I have this too...and when I feel upset or down my higher self picks me up and helps me get my thoughts straight.

I went through a process of integrating my Body, Mind, and Spirit..almost as if they were 3 separate things, but I realized they are all working together to make this human incarnation function properly.

My husband John and I met in 2008. As soon as we got together, we immediately went into full-blown ascension mode. We did not know what was happening at the time, not consciously anyway, but we both immediately stopped eating fast food. I had become vegetarian the year before. And from that moment forward we have only eaten the freshest, most pure fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods.

Just like you, my interests have changed and I don't care so much for my old interests. They just don't matter anymore because I realize how meaningless they are in the larger scheme of things. And I also feel lonely sometimes because most people just cannot see what I see, even family members who I love so much and they love me, but they are just not at the same level of awareness I am, no matter how I try to share it with them. I get to a point where I don't want to push it, so I just stay quiet.

The monster that used to attack your solar plexus -- to me, it looks like an energy vampire...a little demon or something similar that draws energy from you. It seems like your parents really took it away because you never saw it again after that. Our dream state is just as real as this physical world. When we are sleeping and having experiences, we are still learning and growing, so whatever happens is valid and real.

I also feel that "homesickness" you wrote about. And I also go inside myself to a beautiful garden where I sit and feel at home. Did you know that when you give energy to an inner creation like a house or garden...a safe are actually creating it on the etheric plane? And when you leave the physical world you will be able to go there. You are creating it now so it will be there later.

The reason you appreciate things like the way light hits a table or the ripples on the water is because you see the beauty of Source/Spirit in them. That is a very insightful and beautiful thing to be able to do. I do it every day now, but it does take you a while to get to a point where you can really fully appreciate subtle beauty like that and really fully comprehend is similar to the feeling of going home or going within yourself to find is all because of the source within us and creation.

About the Dark Night of the Soul -- I think you already went through it because you seem to be beyond that point in your awareness. Things are going to keep changing for you, but they are getting better now. You will keep getting past your old ideas and behaviors and the "unimportant" interests of the past as you form new ideas about what is important and meaningful and it will be based on beauty and love.

You are in a good place, my friend. You are on the right track going in the right direction. Hang in there and you will get through it just fine.

Take it easy on yourself, love yourself, allow yourself to eat well, drink lots of water, get good rest, and think about what is really important in life. As you go through this ascension process, you will begin to find others who are also ascending in their awareness. Maybe not a huge amount of people (LOL) but some! You are moving into a higher vibrational frequency that will attract other like-minded people.

Many Blessings, Bonnie :-)

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 3:19 am
by Piff
I'm here again.

To be honest, I wasn't sure if I want to post an update this soon. New things are happening every day. but I feel guided to post this.
It has been a year since my first post and so much has changed since. I just want to say thank you to all the people who have read this and all the people who stuck by this post so far. I really appreciate your support and if it weren't for this forum, I wouldn't have grown the way I have.

It's raining outside. I love rain and thunderstorms, as some of you know. But I haven't seen a storm this harsh in a long while. Tomorrow is the solar eclipse. I'm going to attend a public viewing of it. It just seems like now would be a good time to tell you all how I've been doing.

So my ascension symptoms are in a different stage. I'm in a full deprogramming session as of last month. I don't feel like I have an identity. I don't have an urge to paint or write music or be with family or do anything but rest and meditate. My HS (Higher self) says that my awakening is going at an extremely rapid pace. Some of them are rare symptoms, but symptoms none the less. I've stopped drinking coffee, soda, juice. I used to love these but now I rarely drink them. I don't play video games. I barely watched tv before, I certainly don't now. When I go out in public, things feel foreign. Sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes it feels so fake im almost disturbed by the fact ive never noticed it. I now see people as actors in their own movies, but the script was written by society or media or politics. The world is exploding.

And despite all of this, I'm actually ok. I'm not happy, but I'm not depressed, I have my moments, but I've learned to not feel shame for some of my feelings. Sure there are some things I need to work through, but I'm not bothered by it.
I've learned that my biggest fears are a lack of freedom and feeling lost. those fears are still there, but definitely not as strong. I know that this phase will end soon. I have this very powerful feeling that something life-changing will happen. It's only a matter of time. The world is changing and I'm here to see it.

I might've mentioned this in the past, but I have a condition that most people refer to as synthesia .
The issue with conditions like this is that some people don't know that they have it because they aren't aware that other people don't. I wasn't aware until I was older. I assumed many people had this because it wasn't the only thing I had, and I didn't see it as a bad thing. If anything, it was a good thing, because it made me see colors and shapes differently.
My friend, The Artist, she has a very strong case of it, and she uses it to design clothes. I don't know where I'd is without her either. She's definitely been here before. I bring her up a lot because I think we're both going through the same things, but I think she'd rather be alone for hers.

Since last year, all of my senses have changed. I see much more color, my condition is much stronger since I can see auras now. I just don't know how to read them, and it hurts my head. I'm getting there. I've been getting surprised visions and my body has moments where every atom of me feels like its movie super fast. My heart chakra is EXTREMELY active. I've been crying over small scenes in movies. Even children's movies.
Sometimes I feel like I don't understand what people are saying, even though it's perfectly said, but sometimes I'll answer a complex question, that I didn't know I knew the answer to.
Something I was told by my HS, there are actually more emotions in the universe than we think. But humans haven't evolved to the point of processing them. Some of us have these emotions, and there are more coming soon.
I've also had thoughts about the blue aliens again. I feel like they might come into the picture again soon. Maybe I'll see them in another dream again. it's been a while.
Also, i'm not sure if I mentioned this in the last post, but I've confirmed I originate from the Orion star system. I'm not sure if I said that. My Memories have been a bit foggy too.
And the weirdest thing I saved for last. It's weird to me, at least.

It happens every other night before bed. For a little while, things change. I'm not sure how, but they do. I suddenly feel like I'm in multiple places at once. Like I'm seeing the world around me as some kind of flip book. Like all the pages are placed before me, and I can see the millions of possible actions that can occur. Vividly. I can't explain how weird this is! It literally looks like a film reel with different frames. Sometimes I can see up to next week. On a couple of occasions, I've predicted things that I saw in "the reel" and brought them into reality. But a lot of these things don't even take place in this world. It's in another place with similar features but things are different. Like the colors or shapes of things. Sometimes it looks like things are collapsing. Like not even it can hold itself in place. like it's collapsing or something.

I'm excited. but not too excited. I'm nervous but not too nervous.

I have one question that maybe some of you can answer. My father and I were having a small discussion about currency. We were sitting in a parking lot and I looked at the dollar I had in my hand. There's so much detail in this little piece of paper.
I said, "Let's pretend that there's no such thing as a conspiracy or the Illuminati."
I pointed to the pyramid on the dollar. I never really questioned it until now.
I said, "What is the government's reasoning for putting this on the back of the dollar. If they want us to trust them, they would have an excuse, at least. Surely they don't say it's the Illuminati. Then what is it?"

My father didn't know what to say. He too was a little confused by it.Just then, it occurred to me just how much we don't look at things. Even money, the thing we value so much, we know so little about it. We're almost slaves to it. As if it has its own life amongst billions and billions of humans on this planet.

Can someone tell me if the government ever said what this was? Also tell me your thoughts, because I'm curious.

I'll come by and type another update soon. Keep well and I hope you get to see the eclipse.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:20 pm
by SpaceTravelersOfTheNight
Bluish gray beings entered my room during my last abduction and administered some sort of medication to me through a syringe.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:45 am
by Piff
Hey everyone. :) :)
I'm just going to start.

A whole lot happened, clearly. It doesn't take much to see everything happening right now. I'm excited but nervous. Politics, climate change, human behavior, all of it is just crazy.

A bunch of new things happened to me. I'm super sensitive to energies, I can see them now. I can see sound and taste color. The color white taste like sugar and paper. There's this big grid-like pattern that just sits over my entire field of sight. Sometimes I get weird beeping in my ears but I mostly get a soft high-pitched hum. I had an experience that led me to discover a whole mess of "concepts" involving physics, but no real way to research them. But I'm keeping them in a journal. I can see different symbols, like the flower of life, or other kinds sacred geometry. Sometimes I see chakra symbols. I've had several intense dreams, and suddenly I feel like I know so much, and I'm learning so fast, I need to slow down. I sometimes get this voice in my head that says all of this profound stuff. Sometimes I just blurt it out and people around me seem dumbfounded. I've actually made a lot of people I know question the nature of their reality. My mother is extremely old school, so the fact that I have her interested in this at all is amazing to me. Suddenly everyone wants to know about these experiences I've had.
I've also been practicing with the law of attraction, which seems to really work in my favor. Although I've only managed to build the confidence to use it on small things like parking, traffic, weather, and occasionally food and money. I've had dreams with the blue aliens again. They don't communicate with words, they communicate with pictures and sometimes cymatics.
But along that I've been a bit il;. Mainly symptoms with no real ties to anything. Like coughing or neck pain. Maybe intense hunger. I've been VERY sleepy. My heart rate flutters and I sometimes find myself in a daze.
What more can I say about the triple digits, other than the fact they never left. Even my family sees them now. They are going through what I went through when this all started.
But that's not even the weird parts. What really sets the mood for all of this are these...things that keep happening. I've read that they are "time anomalies". Things happen as I think to do them.
Ex. I may stop to get ready to tie my shoe, only to see its suddenly tied. I go to clean the bathroom, but the bathroom is already cleaned. I find objects in weird places like my shoes in the bathroom sink, and i see a lot of planes sit still in mid-air. the only way I can prove its there is if I record it, but for some reason, bringing it up to people justs agitates them. Like they cant even see it.

This has to be the strangest experience I've had in this life (Or maybe not. At this point, I cant tell.)

Please, if any of you are having anything like this, tell me. I'm really curious.

One more thing, I keep hearing about this "ET disclosure project". Are they really planning on releasing things soon? It really seems like nobody can keep a secret anymore.

Stay safe. It's really dangerous and I hope you all are keeping well.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:14 pm
by Bonnie Jean Mitchell
Hi Piff! Great to hear from you.
I am experiencing some of the same things you are. My third eye has become very active. Most nights, as I am getting ready to sleep, I can see the purple color of my third eye chakra appear in my mind but I can also see it very clearly in the air right above my forehed with my eyes open. Last time it happened, I was amazed to see geometric patterns of different colors, like mandalas appear in my mind and also in the air. I could see them clearly and they just came spontaneously...on their own. Almost like I was receiving a download...or perhaps it was coming from my subconscious....

And what you call "law of attraction" I am calling "manifestation." It is happening to me big time! I am also making things happen...I started with small things, like you are doing, and it became very clear that it works. Now I have moved on to much bigger things...even the incredible house I just moved into. It is amazing. You can really make things happen and you have to be careful what you think about!!! Because you really are attracting it to you!

I am also having weird things happen with "time" and reality itself. I know exactly what you mean. My husband John and I are both experiencing it. For example, yesterday I went outside to work in the garden. I felt like maybe 2 hours went by. I came inside and saw that 4 hours had passed! It was shocking. Little things like turning a light switch off and KNOWING I turned it off...then coming back to the room and finding it on. This is not a matter of forgetfulness or being too busy and not paying attention. Weird things are definitely happening in everyday life. Things are changing and shifting.

It is great that your family is starting to listen to you, good that they can see some of the things happening. Of course there are going to be things that you experience that they cannot see because they are not as far along as you are. And it does make them frustrated!

I do not know what is going on with the ET Disclosure project, but I am suspicious about any kind of "disclosure." I really do not think the people in control are going to let any truth out about ET contact. If they do put something out, I think it will be fake...nothing but a story to keep people going along with their agenda.

Hang in there and keep doing what you are doing, Piff! Great job on your progress as a aware and conscious being!

Many Blessings, Bonnie

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:36 pm
by Diego9000
May I add that I also experienced some weird things in the last days?

I was in the living room, everything went dark like in a blackout and came back to normal in half a second.
Also happened while I was waiting for the train arrive on the station before my work.
This happened a few times, even, outside at day light. And is not like pitch-black, is like it went night for less than a second.

And also to add, I sometimes can see the color of some noises/words. Like someone say something and I see a color. This is a rare condition and is know by science, there is studies about it, maybe is becoming more common.

Losing track of time, clearly remembering doing something but it wasn't done later; like turning off lights, but you check later and they were on, this all is becoming common for me;

I liked the example of tying your shoes but then they are tied. The same thing happened.
I also remember once that I was going to the lower floor of my house, I reached there but I have no memory of going through the stairs; Just remember going towards it and then I was on the lower floor. Teleportation? lol

There is one last thing, I feel a horrible sadness since yesterday's dream, I seen someone at it, someone I never meet nor ever dreamed of but I miss her very much, I can't really explain.

I always shrug off those dreams things, but this is killing me for some reason...

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:31 am
by Piff
Hello everyone!
It has been a strange time for me. I've been monitoring a lot of things. I've been wanting to post but I feel as though I can't share too much as not to "Spoil" something.

I've been getting many, many, many, many, many, glimpses and pictures and ideas and I have nothing to do with them. These are things I couldn't play around with even if I wanted to. Which I do, but not now. A lot of them are about physics, quantum physics, DNA, and just random pictures of symbols, or random voices and ideas. There's more, but I can't remember them. My higher self often asks me "What would your heart say?" So i'm going to share just a bit of what i have since there's a lot of things i have that I don't know how to put into words.
To start, i tried drawing one of the symbols i come across during my day. It pops up in my head for a brief moment but I don't know what it means.
For some reason, I feel the need to point to the lines, but I'm not sure what they are supposed to mean either.

Some "concept" (if you can call them that) that popped into my head are:

Channeled Mathematics
Restructuring the way our brains receive information involving the "texture" of objects. (Snow is boiling hot, rocks are furry to the touch)
"seeing" time
And a strange one where people will feel sad, but if they go back in their heads and visualize the event that caused it. then they can change the feelings that it gave and it will PERMANENTLY effect their current state. meaning the trauma from that particular event will be MUCH more temporary

PLEASE tell me what you all think because I'd love to see your theories on these things. they probably aren't that new but they were for me.

Now as for my health, I can't explain it, but I've been able to "heal" myself more. Bigger ailments or ascensions symptoms are harder, but I've managed to cure myself of pains, colds, and small cuts in 24 hours. My mom started to freak out because I woke up with a bad flu and somehow "canceled" it by the end of the day. Which was strange because I used to milk the flu to stay in bed, but not this time.
I suddenly stopped eating meat, which is odd because I never stick to a diet but I've been 6 months strong, cold turkey, from the thing I love most. I haven't drink coffee and the first time I had it I couldn't stomach it. I love coffee so that made me sad. Eating lots of white and yellow junk like eggs, lemons and lemon flavored things, etc. Drinking WAY more water than I think is necessary but I can't get enough. Sleeping has been crippling, its like it never not tired.

My personal life took a strange turn when groups started to come to my house just to meet me. My mom would talk to her friends about me. She often states how she's sure she's not my child. Now she says it more than ever, but its mostly a joke. She's starting to see that there's more to reality, which makes me happy. she calls me "Shaman" now. My words have made her and her friends tearful. im certain i may have caused some wounds to surface.
The conversations always feel like a blur for me because words just come out of my mouth but i can't really remember what i say, it just feels right. What i can remember is that I try to remind them about how powerful they are and how much grander things can be, how we limit ourselves, how the society they live in is one big lie, but the heart never lies. I try to tell them that there's a lot for them to explore, how there's a process at hand that is helping them, but it's going to hurt and it digs deep.
But what I also tell them is that they can't always seek help and confirmation from outside. I don't want them to see me as a type of freak, so I've asked her to cut back on her friends "visits" (which isn't often but usually emotional) Realistically speaking I can't offer them answers, just what I've learned. And I've known since I was in my diapers, humans are COMPLEX. WAAAAAAAAY more complex than anyone could explain. It's fun to take on a roll of "Guru" but I'm still learning so much. there are so many branches and paths, and I feel like I have strong ties to all of them. I'm thinking about going to school to study religion. All of them. They're too fascinating and inspiring. I'm not too much of a religious person but who knows what is waiting to be uncovered.

The perception of time is another thing I want to talk about. It's. Driving. Me. Insane.
I can't for the life of me stay on track with a single thing. This month feels like next year and last year, it feels to long and short, too fast and slow (but mainly way to fast) weekends feel like weekdays. Hell, I can't even figure out what time it is. Hour pass in seconds, days pass in minutes, weeks pass in a few days and don't even get me started on when I'm setting timers. For some reason, the clocks in my house think its ok to readjust themselves on their own. Any tips for this because i can't seem to figure it out.

I see a lot of sparkles and auras and shines of light. At night I see figure shaped smoke moving in my room. I see symbols and colors everytime I blink. My daydreams come with a vengeance sometimes. how do you focus when your head is constantly trying to daydream. Everything is soaked in energy and patterns and I have no clue what to do with this skill but it makes car rides fun.
A strange but fun thing i do, while I take a bath i sometimes repeat to myself "neurons fire" and i can give myself LSD visuals if I focus hard enough. like I feel the head pressure and everything. Just like a tab of acid, but it doesn't last forever (thankfully). the reason i do it in the tub is that i have more privacy and i see it more. The marble on the walls looks like faces in the bathroom and its cool to see it morph around.

One final thing, I had a weird trance-like vision where I was being stared at by these people with owl faces. They wore long flowing white robes, they had long white hair, they didn't feel threatening but they scared me. There was a blue light with snow behind them, sparkling in the center of the blue light was a pure white light. Does anyone know of any aliens like these?

I think that's all I have to share, but if I could, id share more concepts. It's just not possible to explain them at the moment and I can't help but to feel it's just not time yet. I'm unsure when i'll post again but I will. I like reading your responses.
Stay safe and grounded.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 2:53 pm
by Bonnie Jean Mitchell
Are you still experiencing the weird things you mentioned? Have you been seeing the "black-outs" that last only 1/2 second?

About the girl you saw in your dream: You said you felt sad like you really missed her. I have had this happen before as well. I met with a short, dark greenish-brown star person who I had not seen since before I was born into this lifetime. It was someone who I was working on a mission with. He came to see me and check up on me. He asked me questions about how I was doing on my part of the mission. I felt so embarrassed because I had forgotten about the mission! I knew about it on an unconscious level and I was actually working on it, but I did not remember it consciously until the moment he asked me. So I got to speak with him for a very short time and then our communication was cut off by some type of shifting frequencies. He faded away and I started crying. I woke up in my bed and I was sobbing...I had not seen this friend since before I was born, and I missed him so much. I was really worried that I would not see him again until this life is over. It made me very sad for a while, until I got over it.

Many Blessings, Bonnie

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:34 pm
by Bonnie Jean Mitchell
Hi Piff,
I am also going through a million things at about a million miles an hour. Yeah. I know what you mean about staying focused. Time is becoming irrelevant. Usually now, "time" moves very fast and a day is so quick I feel like I can hardly get anything done. Then it is time to go to sleep again! I have no advice on keeping the clocks straight. Just forget it. LOL!

I have this thing I do anyway...I know that time is just a construct of this world and it's not really "real." I can think about any moment in my life and put myself there as if I was living it. I can move my awareness to any spot in my life and relive it. Sometimes, if I feel like things are getting to me and I feel upset, I can move my awareness to a happy time and place and be there for as long as I want to hold that focus.

Everything is shifting, that much is clear. And what you experience depends on where you put your attention and focus, and if you are in a high vibrational frequency of love. There isn't even any room left in our lives to be wasted on sadness or fear at this point. We are absolutely shifting into a higher plane of awareness, so we need to keep ourselves uplifted.

Ideas and perceptions of reality are shifting. Those of us who are waking up are starting to see things in new ways. Your insight about restructuring the way the brain perceives things is becoming the norm.

Have you heard about the "Mandela Effect?" New things are popping up in people's realities. Names and places are changing. John and I had a personal Mandela Effect the other day and made a video of it:

It's awesome that you are able to speak with your family and friends about what you are learning! But like you said, your mother's friends also need to look within their own hearts for guidance. That's really cool Piff!

Also awesome that you are able to heal yourself faster -- I think it is all a matter of focus at this point. We can do anything we set our minds to.

And it is great that you are watching your diet. It seems that everyone who is waking up is changing their diet: no meat, no caffeine, drinking lots of water...etc. I am also gluten-free (no wheat because it is GMO genetically modified) now. My husband John and I eat mostly vegetables, fruits, and grains. We make all our food at home from scratch and only eat "organic" food.
We always grow a garden to try and be self-sustaining.

You said: "I had a weird trance-like vision where I was being stared at by these people with owl faces. They wore long flowing white robes, they had long white hair, they didn't feel threatening but they scared me. There was a blue light with snow behind them, sparkling in the center of the blue light was a pure white light. Does anyone know of any aliens like these?"

These beings sound very much like my star friends, the ones I call family. They do not always have owl faces, but at times they do. They are sometimes bald but they also sometimes have white hair. They are very loving and friendly beings. They do sometimes wear long robes. The white light and blue light is also associated with them.

About the symbol you drew:
To me, it looks like the energy you might see from the inside of a Tesla Ball.

It also makes me think of an ElectroMagnetic Torroidal Field. We each have one of these around our bodies...created by the strongest electrical pulse in our bodies, the heart. There is also one around the Earth.

And I see the DNA spiral you drew in there too.

Your symbol also reminds me of a symbol the star people showed me over and over again. It is a spinning, rocking back-and-forth, brilliant light covered by a dark area. Perhaps it is the sun covered by the moon...a solar eclipse. The light shines out on all sides. I think it has something to do with the shift of consciousness we are going through now. The six-pointed star is a energetic light body that also surrounds our bodies. It enables us to travel in other dimensions and planes of existence.

I think that perhaps the symbol you are seeing is telling you that our DNA is being upgraded and we are shifting into a new state of consciousness.

Wow! There is a lot going on. Hang in there and stay strong, keep yourself happy and uplifted as much as possible and ride these energy waves with love in your heart. That is the way to create a beautiful new reality.

Many Blessings, Bonnie

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:12 am
by Piff
I want to talk about something. There's a thing I've been hearing about called "The Event". I've known of this for a minute now but I've been hearing more and more about it. I'm not sure if I shared this dream here or not. If I'm honest, I didn't share it often until recently.
I'll share it again here.
It was around 4 years ago. I was sitting somewhere, eating at a restaurant by an ocean. Then there was a rapid shake in the ground and a loud noise. Like an explosion but otherworldly sounding. this huge surge of light came rolling in life a fire, engulfing everything. It felt like the world ended for a moment, and things were just covered in this milky like white light. it was hotter than lava. hotter than the sun. But it didn't hurt. Till this day I never had anything like it. I have no real way to explain it.
I've never been in love, but I typically use this to try and explain it to people-
"Imagine this, Your sitting in this amazingly comfortable bed made with the best materials money can buy. your fresh out the shower in your coziest pajamas. You have your pet with you, the love of your life next to you, some of your favorite food, all of your debt is paid for, you have all the money you need, political strife is a thing of the past, there's world peace with no famine, no disease, no racism. And all of this on ecstasy, multiplied by a million. That's what the light FELT like."

Most people I tell this to seem amazed. They really want to experience that for themselves. They want me to tell them more but I can't. It has been over 4 years. But now people are having these dreams. People are talking about it now. I read an article about people being hypnotized to experience this. They say it could happen soon, and it really feels like it.

A thing my mind keeps going back to is the fact that they say it could happen this month. I don't like putting dates on this kind of stuff because I understand the fact that it functions outside of our reality. But I realized this is my 21 birthday coming up. I've heard many times that we have these 7-year cycles in our lives. Our cells go through some kind of change. 21 will be the end of another cycle. Lately I've been having thoughts-
"What if it happens on my birthday?"
On top of that, I keep getting little snippets of messages like "We have a gift for you on your birthday"

I dismiss this a lot though. Like I said, I don't like giving dates to this kind of stuff. Plus it seems too coincidental. But lately, I've been learning there's no such thing. I don't want to hype myself up in case it's just my ego talking. Then again, I do talk myself down with phrases like-
"Your not that special. they wouldn't make it on your birthday. Stop being so full, of yourself."
Does the ego talk to itself? Like to trick the mind into feeling certain ways? I know the ego tries to make you feel small.

Regardless, even if it doesn't happen on my birthday, I wonder what the "gift" is.
My mom saw a UFO and now she's REALLY interested. Somehow our roles reversed.She says I'm the grandma. "You sound like Granny!" , Which is something I never noticed till now.
I've encountered a few UFOs myself lately. They are like a white mist in the clouds that glow but they fade away when I notice them. I've had vivid dreams of UFO's coming to earth and hanging out. I had a funny dream where me and my mom wee parked under the train tracks, listening to the radio. And I looked up and saw a UFO "Parked" under the tracks. But we weren't shocked by it too much. in the dream, i said "Just a typical Tuesday!" Everyone saw it. But it was normal for them. It spun around and took off. I feel the need to mention it spun "counter-clockwise". I don't know why, but my brain always hones in on how things "spin" lately. Counterclockwise seems important. Whenever I try to go back and remember what the ship looks like in detail, these symbols shine over the image. like if I look directly at the ship in my memories, I can't see the WHOLE ship because it's obscured by the images. I told my mom about the dream. She said "Maybe they were listening to the radio too" I don't think this took place directly on earth. There were things in the dream that seem kind of odd. Like The trailer park next to us was stacked on top of each other, and the world seemed much more "populated". Maybe there were some aliens with us. I didn't get too much of a good look.
A lot of people I know are having vivid dreams and synchronicities. I've been having friends come to me, telling me they have dreams of flashing lights, symbols, numbers. They often ask me what I think. I usually tell them that their dreams are messages and them to feel and discern for themselves, but not to over analyze it.
I've noticed the sun is different. The air is different. Things are just different.
Objects keep disappearing in my house. Things synchronize with each other often. Whenever I need something, I get it.
Lately, i've been very very very sleepy. I've had the intense need to just stop doing anything a lie-down. I feel like my brain is needing to slow down for a bit. My field of vision is covered in this weird color and blur. Like everything looks like a tv now. It always did but ESPECIALLY now. There are all this visual snow, lines and grids and shapes and all kinds of stuff. it hurts my head. And I keep hearing beeping and ringing, I'm sweating and freezing. I get these shivers to my core. My brain feels foggy one minute and hyper-focused another. My skin is breaking out, sometimes itchy.I rarely curse like this...but holy shit. This is a lot more than I'm used to.
I feel like it won't be long before I give in and just lay in bed for a week, with have a giant jug of water with a straw next to my bed so I can drink like a hamster, and my imagination to keep me entertained.

As I was typing this, I zoned out. I had a sudden visualization of me laying down in a bed on a spaceship made of gold. These taller beings were helping me rest. Their skin was blue or grey or this purple color, but they wore these long dresses in different colors This is another thing that keeps happening. Very vivid and very sudden daydreams. Not a minute goes by where my brain isn't daydreaming a little, but this is almost out of body.

@Bonnie Jean Mitchell I really enjoyed the last post you made. It resonated with me. I wonder what things will be like as our DNA changes. I would love to get on an organic diet. Sadly the city I live in makes it hard to have any kind of diet. Mom and I are going to invest ina grow tent and try to grow our own food. And the Mandela effect is defiantly something that's occurring often. But one of my favorite examples is the "Berenstein bears" one where people remember it being spelled "Berenstein", but the books NOW say "Berenstain". personally, I remember holding a copy of "Berenstein" as a child.

I need to stop typing. I'm very tired again. I thank those of you who keep reading every time I post. And I thank all of those who responded with stories of their own. you are greatly appreciated for all the ways you have helped me.

Have a good night.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:55 am
by Bonnie Jean Mitchell
Hi Piff,
About your dream of sitting by the ocean, hearing a loud explosion, and then being bathed in the blast of white light that felt like Love: First of all, I know exactly what you mean about the white light and how it made you feel. I have also felt the same way before.

I had a near death experience back in 2010. I will make a different, more detailed post about this, but briefly I will tell you now that I saw a bright flash of white light and then found myself standing at the top of a hill about one foot in front of the sun! It was not hot, and it was not huge at all; it was a flat disc about 20 foot tall and it seemed to be a portal I had just walked through. I was not scared, in fact, I felt very comfortable. I felt safe and loved, protected, like I was "home." The next thing I knew, I was in the same area but standing at the bottom of the hill. I could still see the sun shining in the sky. I felt my loved ones nearby and I knew I was as safe as I could ever be. I felt so much love and happiness, very content and relieved. I was home. So, I know exactly what you mean when you say that the white light felt like Love.

I have also had many experiences (with the star people nearby) of seeing catastrophic natural disasters. One time in particular reminds me of your dream of four years ago because there was a strong explosion or blast that produced a huge wave of energy. I will post it here. This excerpt is from Invitation to the Self; journey with the star people by Bonnie Jean Hamilton (me!):

"The visions progressed to an even higher state of urgency. The star people were pushing me to the limit, forcing me to imagine the end of life as we know it. In one experience, I was trudging across a desert with a large, large group of people. We were trying to reach the other side, all exhausted from walking so far, dragging our feet as we slowly progressed through a barren wasteland. As we got close enough to actually see the other side, some of us started to feel our strength pick up and made a greater effort to reach our goal. Then it hit. An unanticipated shockwave of energy; a blast so huge that most were laid out flat on the ground, face first. Some, however, were lifted off their feet and went flying, hurtling forward through the air. I was lifted into the air by the tremendous smack to my body and, at that time, saw the fleeting vision of a military ship.

As I went speeding through the air, a good 20 feet up, I passed a wide gap in the earth below me. If the others had enough strength to reach it, they would not have been able to pass over on foot. I was propelled to the other side of the gap, smashing and rolling onto the ground, but survived. I had somehow gotten a little further ahead than most of the others. The few survivors straggled to their feet."

Could an event like this occur? I think so. In 2018 we already have unbelievable events happening around the world. I suggest we all keep love in our hearts, be brave, and do our best to get through these changing times. Putting yourself in a good, happy vibration is your best defense.

I am aware that a great shift in consciousness is happening.

Like you Piff, I am also feeling tired more easily lately. I really feel like it is a symptom of shifting. So try and take it easy and don't plan too much for yourself in a day. Be happy if you get one thing done. lol. No, seriously.

The shift is underway, but it seems to come in waves...going up really high and then coming down really low. It's those low points that challenge us and test us. If we can make it past the test, we stay with the wave as it rolls upward and then we've "gone up a level." So, there will be events that happen, some probably extreme ones....

Who knows, maybe something will happen on your birthday. You are creating your own reality bubble, so why not? You don't have to be "full of yourself" to think such a thing. You are more special and more important than you realize. We each have the ability to create and manifest reality. If an event happens on your birthday, it could simply be part of your story, part of your creation, or just part of what was supposed to happen in your life from the beginning. We all have personal things that happen that don't seem like they could be real, but there is so much more to our lives than we realize right now.

It's not your ego that says bad things to you, it is more likely a reptilian or demon hanging around your energy field..possibly attached to your chakra system feeding off negativity and fear. That's why they like to make you feel afraid or angry. Because it gives them power. The best thing to do in that case is feel the love in your heart, fill your whole body with love, light, joy, and tell the parasite to get lost. They cannot live with love, it repels them.

Piff, you said: " I keep hearing beeping and ringing, I'm sweating and freezing. I get these shivers to my core. My brain feels foggy one minute and hyper-focused another. My skin is breaking out, sometimes itchy."

Okay, it could be a symptom of shifting and watching reality change before your eyes, but let me ask you this: Do you happen to live close to a cell phone tower? Because these symptoms can also come from being blasted with harmful microwave frequencies. I ask because I have had some of this sweating/freezing myself. Unfortunately, our house is way too close to a cell phone tower and we are about to build a Faraday Cage around our bed. It will be the second Faraday Cage we've built. At our old house, we slept inside a Faraday RF free zone for about 3 years and it made a big difference in our lives by canceling out that intrusive radiation at night. This is a video of our first Faraday Cage:

I find it amazing that you had a vision of being inside a gold UFO, because the night that you posted this, I saw a gold UFO while I was outside in my backyard!!! I was out there watching the stars and I saw a lot of things flying around, mostly lights that were way up there and hard to see. However, I was amazed to see an actual disc shaped GOLD UFO fly over pretty low, with a gold-orange glow around it and trailing behind it. It is the first gold UFO I have ever seen. It was really spectacular and I thanked them for showing me. It was really bright gold, just lit up like a bright gold light but totally shaped like a saucer.

Take it easy on yourself Piff. We are all going through a lot of changes really fast. For those of us who are aware of it happening, it can be a real challenge. Try to relax more. lol. Yeah I know, that's not easy, but I am trying to do it too....

Many Blessings, Bonnie

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 3:15 pm
by Diego9000
I been a bit away and didn't noticed you asked me something here.
Yes, those quick black outs still happen once in while.

Nothing else to comment, no dreams, no visions, no strange phenomena,
I been sleeping each day less but I'm 100% sure is due my medication.

I see, you had a similar experience...
I can't remember the girl's face anymore nor figured out if I ever meet her, even if it was in another dream, but I somehow still miss her, but I'm not as sad as I was before.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 6:43 am
by Piff
Hello everyone.
I hope you are all doing alright. I'm feeling extremely loopy due to time flowing differently.
@Bonnie I've been seeing that spinny thingy. I see it when I sleep sometimes.

I've had a lot of crazy dreams, seen a lot of anomalies, and overall just been experiencing things differently. Despite the fact that I feel a tired and anxious lot of times, I also feel optimistic. I've learned quite a bit about myself yet I'm asking a lot of questions to myself that I'm not sure where I could get answers for.
For starters, the entire world is coated with these colors and symbols and it's distracting me more than I expected because I just want to stare at it. Lots of little sparkles and shadows and voices and noises. I'm starting to get used to it. I sometimes forget they are there, despite being so "in-your-face". I'm not sure if I can do anything with this.
I tell my family about it and they are extremely interested in what I discover when I'm in my own head. Sometimes I think it's best that I don't share because it can get very dark and real. My intent isn't to go there but I know it gets people. People don't like the idea of an existential crisis. Which is strange because I encourage it. I feel like everyone needs a good one. So unless they ask, I keep the heavier things to myself.
I was a little sad that The Event didn't happen in March, but i'm over it. Things have been crazy and that's a good sign to me. I've learned that my zodiac can be several signs at ounce, which would explain why I feel like a different person every day. But it's tiresome. It's something I've learned has been a thing my whole life. I've noticed I have never actually felt like a person. I 've noticed that for as long as i can remember, I wondered "What are things supposed to feel like?" This never felt like it was right. Whatever "this" is. Reality is the best way I can explain it. It makes me sad because I can remember feeling like this even as a toddler. But I was more curious than sad. But always confused.

On a plus side, my manifestation skills are getting better. I've managed to change the weather several times, speed up traffic, helped people with money, and gotten me some more work to help me with my home. It's a little hard to be excited. I find myself constantly looking around at people and feeling as if they are out of it. I'm scared to look them in the eye because it hurts. I've become increasingly sensitive to people but my social anxiety has gone down. So I'm happier but more tired around people.

I'm a bit busy today but I wanted to share one more thing.
I've recently discovered something called "light language" Something about seeing weird words in odd letters and sometimes images and sounds. I've done that since I was little but I never considered it fully. I feel silly for not doing it sooner. I drew 2. One I sort of understand, the other I don't.
This one I know are symbols meaning things. Like fish, water, and flower. But I'm not sure what the rest are.
And this is something I have no real explanation for. But I'm really fascinated by it.
I happy I can vent here for a while. It helps to get it out. Let me know what you think the symbols mean.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 12:58 pm
by Bonnie Jean Mitchell
Howdy Piff!
It's good to hear from you. Thanks for sharing the "Light Language." I think it is very beautiful. I can totally see the fish, water, and flower in the one image. The other symbols look fluid, like movement of air or water or energy. One of them looks like the rising sun coming up over some tall grass or trees. However, these symbols are most likely personal to you. Just like our dream symbolism is personal and only we ourselves know the true meanings.

Good job figuring out manifestation! I am working on it too, and I have found that if I think of something I want to manifest and I feel good about it and give it lots of energy, it will happen. I think that if you feel good about it, and you are in a high vibrational frequency, it is more likely to happen. But if you think of it with doubt or negativity, it probably won't happen the way you want it to.

When you say that you have been seeing the "spinny thingy," are you talking about this?


If so, I find that extremely interesting because, just yesterday morning, as I was waking up, I saw one of the images the star people showed me years ago. It is basically the sun and the moon shining down over top of a pyramid. I always thought it had something to do with the shift. I had not even thought about it in a while and it just popped into my head.

The colors, symbols, little sparkles, and shadows that you see: I wonder if it is similar to what I see. Many years ago, I started seeing little pinpoints of light that would randomly pop up in my field of vision. No one else could see them. They were little sparkly lights, usually colored blue or purple. Now I see them but they are waaaay bigger. They are even shaped like squares or rectangles of brilliant purple or blue light. Sometimes I see them in gold, silver, even red. But usually blue and purple. I really think that I am seeing into another dimensional space. I think it is part of the shift in consciousness because they are getting larger and more frequent. It is as if I am looking into another room, one outside of this reality.

Piff, I hear you. I know what it feels like to think,"What am I doing here? Who am I? What is this reality? Am I supposed to be this way? Am I supposed to feel this way? Is this "normal"?

I am right there with you. The best I can do is be strong, be courageous, and try to be happy. Because I know that this life is temporary. And when we leave here, we go back home where we came from. I had a near death experience a while back and I went straight home for a short time before I got sent back here. And when I was there, I remembered everything. I was so relieved to be there, so comfortable and safe and happy. And then I got sent back. Ha ha! AAAAahhhhh!

Yes, "time" is flowing like a rushing river...hang in there and try to enjoy yourself. I know sometimes it takes a great effort to do that, but before you know it, we will be outta here!

Many Blessings, Bonnie

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 2:18 am
by Piff
Yeah that spinny thing as well as other shapes.
I wanted to reply to your question "Do you happen to live close to a cell phone tower?"
Yes. I live in a city. I wanted to tackle this subject a while ago.
What am i to do when i live in a low vibration space? I live in a apartment. I am not very rich but i'm "richer" if that makes sense. Most of the people around me are miserable. There aren't many parks and the only form of nature I have is a square plot of land covered in tall grass and trash. There's cellphone towers on every corner.
There's nothing I can really do physically to aid myself in all of this.
I am a Pisces. I know Pisces are very sensitive. I'm an empath, I feel a lot of pain when I interact with people but I still like to leave the house and make conversation. And now that i've been able to see auras better, i've learned my aura is basically clear. So to sum it up i'm more than just sensitive to everything.
I have no ideas on how I can aid myself physically outside of the methods I already use. Most other methods require money I don't have or something out of my reach.
I'm happy I have meditation and yoga and light language and all of that but its starting to become uncomfortable when the only peaceful natural spot I have is filled wit broken glass. Don't get me wrong, i'm grateful I even have that. But surely there's something more I can do. It's the only spot for miles that I can see the stars too.

Really it's nothing new, but its never been more apparent than now that i have no idea what i'm doing.
But I can say things have slowly improved in my life since it started.
Speaking of light language, I made this a few weeks ago.
I've seen this symbol before somewhere i just don't know where. I don't have any real memories of it but it gives me DejaVu. These come out better when i'm sleepy.
I've also been having very intense and symbolic dreams. They usually start off nerve wrecking or nightmarish but i haven't been scared of them. I welcome them. They always end peacefully, despite all the drama damage that happens.
But I've also been getting these weird sudden daydreams where i'm romantically involved with someone. This doesn't happen often. Usually i daydream about simple things and concepts. these seem vivid but i my mind keeps trying to say its unrealistic because its too perfect.
When the sun shines, I've noticed my skin is VERY sparkly and iridescent. I don't remember it being this way. I feel like i'm made of crystal or something. Its super shiny and sparkly i almost can't believe it.
But i also have a lot of painful symptoms like pain in my appendix, headaches, and sore muscles. I try to stretch and drink as much pure or alkaline water as i can. And it's making me need to use the bathroom all the time.

This isn't as much as i'd like to type but i'm very tired and i wanted to address this.
I hope you all are having a nice summer so far. I send you my love.
I'll be back soon.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 5:41 pm
by Bonnie Jean Mitchell
Hey Piff,
I am sorry to hear that you are in such a location...cell phone towers all around and no parks except for a plot of tall grass covered in trash. Man! My first suggestion is to find someplace somewhere where you can be in nature. I don't know what your living situation is, but can you walk or ride a bike or drive somewhere? Or take the bus? There must be someway that you can occasionally get out of there and get refreshed out in nature. It is always the best thing for me...going out in nature.

Something else you can do, which is really easy, is to GROUND. Take your shoes off and stand on some dirt or grass to ground your vibrational frequency to the Earth. This can help you a lot and you can do it in the city. Go out to that lot with the tall grass and trash and clear a spot for yourself. Grounding can help you a great deal, especially if you do it regularly. This will help your body deal with the bombardment of harmful frequencies being pulsed at you.

Grounding is probably your best bet right now and it can work fast!

Another idea is to build a faraday cage. John and I did this when we were in Indiana, and now we are planning to build another down here in Uruguay. You might have to save some money up to do it. I think we spent somewhere around $500 on it in total. Here is the video we made about it:

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:05 pm
by Piff
Hey everyone.

Its been a little while since I last spoke here. I've been very preoccupied. I feel the need to vent here for a moment.

I've been grounding as much as possible and I've been spending time outside. I certainly feel much better when I put my feet in the dirt but I have little to no privacy so I usually do it at night when nobody is walking in the street. Huge difference but not something practical. I still try to stay outside. A Faraday Cage is far outside my budget since i'm not rich in finances but I get by. Still, I appreciate the suggestion. Thank you :)

I've been sitting in this strange space for a while. I can't explain it. I'm still here but at the same time i've been somewhere else.

Everyday I feel like i'm someone else or somewhere else but everything looks the same. I feel like i've traveled forever and done so much but i haven't moved an inch. I hate it, but i don't really.

The best way i think i can explain it is being frustrated by the fact i have no answers for anything. I usually feel like i can have an answer to anything i do. I used to sleep because i'm tired. Now i don't know why I sleep. I'm always tired. I used to eat because it made me happy but now i'm just eating because. My breathing and eyesight have improved yet I feel like I cant focus at all or i'm focusing too much. Everything is coated in this weird filter that makes things colorful or pixely or geometric. I can see the air.

And as time goes on it gets stranger and stranger.

On the subject of time. I was with my mother and as we drove on the expressway, we both saw and electric billboard flash the words "It's not an illusion. Time is going faster." That sort of prompted me to want to post here and I've gotten into the habit of always following my first mind.
I don't really function in normal time anymore. It makes me anxious since i have a need to know what time it is or what day it is but time flies so fast and i can't even register the speed of anything. I was beginning to feel as if something was wrong, but everyone else around me seemed to be suffering from the same affliction. Though most of them couldn't quite understand that i told them time is actually speeding up.

So it felt nice to see it in front of me on a big billboard for once.

Most of my problems in life come more from my lack of energy and motivation. As well as the fact that i feel like i'm constantly confused or lost in my head. Everyone around me is upset and suffering from their own problems. And they come to me. Almost always to talk about problems in their lives that are complex and painful. During which, I ask if they want me to talk with them or listen to them. I'm not sure why I ask and most of the time I don't realize i ask.

Whenever I respond to them i think for a moment then I blank out and talk. I never really understand what i'm saying. I don't even know if i'm talking. I don't even realize I've said anything until the sentence is finished. My head is filled with pictures or words or phrases to say to them.

And when the conversations over and i actually try to register what i had just said, it always sounds so profound and deep.

When I listen, I feel a lot of emotional pain, and often times i feel like my brain is being numbed down. Like their words come from a place of ignorance, or fear or doubt. It makes your brain feel muddy. And the more ignorant they are the muddier I feel. It's like i have a radio turned on in my head and i'm constantly getting some kind of news report of frequency telling me about whats in their heads. But its never in words, more like pictures and feelings.

Ive scared some people off with this. Because I've mistakenly blurted out a lot of their insecurities without considering if they even wanted to hear it out loud. They will get genuinely freaked out with how accurate it can be. It just sort of happened. Its so easy to see them sometimes. And i can feel their reaction. I know when someone is upset and i don't even need to be in the same room as them.

I genuinely get scared if I come off sounding like a know-it-all or i'm gloating or something. Because that't the last thing I would ever want. I've actually began to distance myself from my friends. Mainly because I ramble a lot about really strange and odd things.
But even when i distance myself they want me to talk to them more about these concepts. I can only tell them so much since i'm still learning about things as well.

Light language is something they seem really interested in. They expressed interest in trying it themselves but seem too scared. I'm hoping to ease them into the idea whenever they feel they are ready.

My mom sees many numbers all day and even sends me screenshots of ones her and her friends stumble upon. They usually ask me or google info about them. It's cool to not feel left out in that field anymore. She says she sees more when i'm in the car.

The numbers pop up on everything and i'm not sure how i'm supposed to perceive them when i get all of them. there are even phone numbers here where they contain just "222-2222" or "999-9999" or "888-3333" things of that nature. These phone numbers have only been around the past year and a half.

I have moments where i'm sitting there and suddenly i'm visualizing the flow of time. It feels like i'm seeing this swirly thing and if i'm trying to manifest positive outcomes i see this image of something braiding into the swirling thing. There's flapping wings in the background of it i think, sometimes it looks like someone with their arms out. sometimes the swirly thing looks like two snakes or dragons swirling together. Sometimes they fuse into one big snake or dragon and sometimes it have many heads. But that's only if i focus on it for long enough. It switches images so much that it seems like its more than one thing. A cross, a pentagram, a star of David, an ankh, random sacred geometry, with a tiny pale blue dot in the middle. Sometimes it turns gold or white. Sometimes it turns into people, some look more alien while others look more human. Some are tall some are shorter, some look like animals.

a week ago I took acid to see what these things would become. The last time i dropped was a while ago. An i thought maybe that's what fueled these images and visions, but i highly doubt it since they kicked into overdrive several months afterwards. I took 2 doses. Last time i took half a tab. It was really intense and I was shaking. I was good at pulling myself into reality long enough to get it together and walk around. I was lucid enough to talk to people and move into different rooms. But the moment i sat down and relaxed on my own things would just shoot into overdrive.

One of the things that happens was i would see past what was in front of me and i saw a bunch of shadowy figures. In the distance was a blue-white light. I was nervous since I wasn't sure what their intentions were. But my HS was super loud this time. She speaks really really eloquently and clear. Sometimes its a little intimidating but she often kept assuring me that I was still safe no mater what and nothing could hurt me. The shadowy figures would reach me but they couldn't really touch me. I think they were trying to help but i'm unsure. At that moment i entered some sort of Ego-Death-like phase where a lot of things that bothered me were being painfully evaluated and i seemed to feel as thought whatever pain I had experienced was not pain I needed to hold on to. There was a lot more but I cant really explain it all.

One of the images i really want to talk about but haven't gotten around to drawing yet, was this cube with 2 triangles on all sides. This cube is somehow a representation of what our eyes perceive i think. We are inside the cube, usually our backs are against one side. The triangles are golden pyramid triangles with a square bottom, facing into the cube. A total of 12 triangles. Inside the cube is usually everything we can or are able to see at once. If your in a tiny room, its a small cube, if your outside, it's a very large cube. I'm not sure what else to say about that really.

There's this idea i keep suddenly wondering about. My HS seems to encourage the idea of me being some sort of "middle man". I'm in the middle of something always. I'm a Pisces and they are known for swimming one way or another and are mutable. But my second sign is a Taurus which is super grounded and fixed. I find comfort in routine and stability but i desire change and excitement. I'm the youngest member of my family of 5 half-siblings but the only child by my mother. I didn't fit in anywhere in school, people knew me but they couldn't really see me. I stuck out a lot but I blended in to the background. And i'm not a millennial or in the new generation since i was born in a grey area where i'm stuck in between the 2. I'm too young and old at the same time.

My HS calls it "dancing on the lines of reality".

At the end of the day it all gives me one big headache. What am I supposed to do with all these images I get, or all of these concepts I think up? it's not like i can take it to anyone or call somebody about it or brainstorm theses concepts with friends. Sure i talk about certain things but 70% of the things that pop up in my head usually make it as far as notes in my drawer. All of them involving messing with the constructs of reality, in some way. I'm not even sure if their accurate at all.

When I do decide to share one, sometimes people seem a little interested but most of the time the responses are quiet and lack luster. I can tell they are either weirded out, confused or dumbfounded. Even if they do like what i say it doesn't really go anywhere and we end up talking about the same basic stuff like TV or something. A lot of times I predict things before they happen and people get worried. I don't want them to be worried so i keep it to myself more now.
I'm really on my own when i'm dealing with day to day life. I'm sure my friends will be in the same boat with me but it might be a while. I'll help them along the way. In retrospect, my life is actually pretty calm. Nothing is actually happening to ME physically. But the world and people around me are a mess. A scatters and confused mess. I see it as progress.
People need to see whats happening. It genuinely feels like i woke up on a different planet with everyone else here but they haven't quite figured it out yet. And deep down they see it but its too bizarre for them to react rationally about. "This is still earth and everything is the same" But it's really not. The sky is extremely colorful and dramatic, the colors are sharper and vibrant, animals and children are smarter than before, and politics is crumbling.

Some other things I've noticed. I have a ringing in my ears that is soft but i feel like i'm hearing far away sometimes. And everyday a few times a day I get a loud ring in my right ear that causes me to want to stop everything i'm doing just to listen. Its of various pitches.

I've seen 3 UFO's this year. One I saw when i flashed my flashlight in the sky. Not sure why I did it. It swooped down, made a u shape from left to right and went back up into the sky. One I saw with my mom. A white light in the clouds that disappeared. And a green one that vanished before I could point it out.
Planes are flying lower the the ground. They also seem to take on a strangle formation quite often. Very strange.

Something else i want to bring up. Ive been on a lot of websites and pages and even though ive learned a lot of new things and phrases, i find it hard to really absorb some of the content. A lot of things are written in very poetic ways or very detailed and confusing. An as nice as that is, What i want are terms, phrases, and explanations for many of the words I and some of my friends keep bumping into. I get a lot of people in these community have more experiences under their belts and understand the lingo but there are actually some really young people who want to get into these things. My friends who are intimidated by sheer amount of information are often lost on the articles when they bring up terms like "ascended masters" "harmonic convergence" "Annunaki" "Firstwavers"And even though i get a lot of things I'm still very confused on these things as well. I'm still trying to learn it and i want the most accurate and clear way possible to explain it to my peers. Some new age sites are very basic and simple while others are complex without any help. Its all very confusing, but its not too conflicting. It all runs together well but it also really hard to keep up with any of it. Ive bumped into a few Kryon channeling and they seem very clear but sometimes i still get lost in those since i'll often hear phrases i don't understand.

So if there's anything that explores these profound subjects but is written in a straightforward and cohesive way for a younger audience to understand, I would like a link to those things. Maybe like some kind of glossary or cheat-sheet would help too. The people i share these things with range between 16-27 Some are older but they have stated they aren't quite ready yet or are still trying to learn other things first.

It may be a long while before I talk again since i'm really really trying to adapt to get it together. I'll visit but i'm most likely going to stay quiet for a while.
I hope your all doing ok. Stay safe and sleep well.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 10:26 am
by Bonnie Jean Mitchell
Hey Piff,
You are going through a transformation. Just remember what your higher self told you:
"She kept assuring me that I was still safe no matter what and nothing could hurt me." This is the truth. I know this to be true. I had a Near Death Experience and I briefly got to go back HOME. I now realize that my true self is in a very safe, happy, comfortable place watching this all play out. Part of me is here in this learning game, and when I am done I will go HOME.

I am also going through an incredible transformation. So are some other people I know. For me, I am seeing that reality is always shifting and changing and it is incredible to see it happening all around me. I can see that I am creating what is happening to me I try my best to keep my thoughts happy, but it can be difficult with all the other chaos going on.

For me, the concept of TIME is driving me a little crazy. Somehow, I have always known within myself, that TIME is only something we experience here in physical 3D. I have the ability to go (in my mind) to any point in my life and re-live it. I can go back to when I was an infant. I can remember details about my parents and other family members, friends...I can describe every house I have ever lived in. And some part of me cannot comprehend how everyone here ages. Why do people get old and "die"? It is really a confusing concept for me. Many people tell me that I look 20 years younger than I am. They say things like, "You are not aging!" Oh my God! What's your secret?" And they can't understand that. I think it's just the fact that I have always viewed myself as ME...and I don't change very much because, quite frankly, I don't want to!

And there are other things, from day to day, that are making me question everything I thought I knew...and my mind tends to race back and forth between this and that, trying to figure everything out.

It is most definitely a very interesting time to be alive. Try to stay calm and hold it together Piff, we will get through this and when we are back HOME, we will be glad we learned all this.

Many Blessings, Bonnie

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:58 am
by Piff
Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing ok. It's been a long time. A lot of stuff has happened. I miss typing on here.

I'm still very tired. I'm still seeing numbers. I'm still having weird dreams, but they have been mostly symbolic until recently. I'll explain further later. Time is still going faster. I thought for a moment i had gained some leverage over how i'd feel about the flow of time. I almost got used to it. But now I feel like i'm on a spinning ride and i'm getting nauseous. All I want to do is lay down until it stops. But i'm trying to keep going to maintain my day to day life.
I feel my manifestation skills are becoming really strong. I manifested a new source of financial income for my family as well as some much needed supplies. I know exactly what state to be in to manifest but my main struggle is maintaining the flow of it. I know sometimes things will come to a halt. It gets easier and better each time i can manage to move forward. But it can still be rather debilitating.

I've been seeing these specific set of numbers a lot lately. I don't know what to make of it because it's such an odd number and I ALWAYS see it. Even more than the other numbers sometimes. 144 or 1444 or 1440. I always see these numbers. I even started taking screen shots and there were so many that would show up i got tired of it and stopped. I looked it up. One site said i was about to inherit something, one site tells me i need to let go of negativity, one site tells me i'm part of some special chosen 144000 people or something, but then another site says that's only for people from Israel. Needless to say I couldn't get any real SOLID answers but i do see it as a good sign to keep moving forward. If any of you have any ideas on what to make of this number let me know.

Life has become more simulated feeling. I legitimately feel as though i'm living inside something. I wouldn't say a machine, more like a shared hallucination. A Machine would imply we all process it the same. Like a copy paste type of situation. But a hallucination would be if we all just took the same drug. Sure we would have the same effects but we all perceive it differently. It's real enough because we all can see it but its so strong we cant acknowledge the fake. Maybe its a mix of both, i don't know. It's the biggest irony.

But its more than that. I've been seeing things happen. Strange and crazy things that bug me.
I've been seeing people walking down the street in complete unison. They often look VERY similar but off. With the exact same build. If you play video games, I would compare them to NPC's. Certain games will randomly generate characters to play background roles. Some games do not repeat character structures and the characters are always random. However, some games have only a set number of characters developed to fulfill the background role. So will often make a select group of models, and recolor them to place them around the environment.
What i'm witnessing is more like the later. people who look eerily similar and seem to repeat in the environment. On many occasion I've even caught people walking exactly the same, or doing the exact same movements and the exact same time to a point. My mom and dad have even caught this and are confused by it.
I've seen cars be reused. I've seen a car be parked on one side if the city and suddenly see it driving down the street miles and miles away from where i saw it last. And i know its the same car because the licenses plates stick out with funny or interesting words. They are rarely Just numbers. I've even had days we're i'll walk outside and the exact same motion from the day before plays before me. The people that walk down the street, the car that drives by, even the plane in the sky.
I don't know what to make of this so i just let it happen.

On a different note, my friends now see numbers. They send me screenshots of them. We often share 444 the most, along with 1111. My mom see's numbers all the time. I've taught my mom a lot of things and now she teaches it to others.
My dad is a lot more stubborn. He's a driver for uber. I never pushed the topic of the the universe or aliens on him but i still talked about it. And now that my mom participates he seems to be more open too it. Especially since my mom used to be a skeptic. But my dad drove a college professor one day. He told my dad a lot of stuff i told him about. My dad mentioned this to the college professor, who not only replied but reiterated that I was a smart person. I'm not too keen to accepting flattering but it felt great to hear confirmation from such a educated. it makes me feel like i'm fulfilling a purpose even if I don't know what that exact purpose is yet.
That aside, my dad has his first triple digit experience. he say 333. He didn't seem to realize it but usually I just point them out when I spot them. I tell people all the time that you don't find them, they find you. And they only show up more and more. He found this one on his own, I was proud of him. And i'm proud of my mom and my friends. I'm happy to have such open minded people in my life, even if they were skeptical at first.
One thing i will talk about, i learned me and another friend had an encounter with the same entity. Mind you, we had no prior knowledge of this entity before this encounter. We believe it to be some sort of shadow creature. We both had almost exact experiences. We are presented with a door, in a greenish hued room. The door bursts open and a black mass with red eyes and tentacles reach out to us. The defining difference being her experiences included another person giving her to the monster. Mine included a person saving me from the monster. And though hers was a dream, mine was an astral experience. Needless to say it was a crazy thing to realize and we both found some solace in have similar experiences.

On the subject of dreams i had another ufo based dream. It had been a long time since i had a dream like this since a huge chunk of my dreams have been mainly symbolic. Things pertaining to my own personal life. But also have dreams where i have a task. I'm on a mission of sorts, or i need to get to a location. These dreams are usually in strange places similar to earth but also vastly different. And rarely am I accompanied by familiar faces, but that doesn't mean thy don't show up.
This dream takes place in an unknown location near water. Im inside this building. I don't know how big it is but i know its very very big. It has lots of people. Most of them are very young. I don't recall many old faces. There's a group of people going down these stairs in a large line. Nobody is telling them to go down they just do. However, me and a smaller group of people seem to be going in a more set location. We seem to have a more free route to explore. I ask why the people going down stairs why they did. I was most often met with rude replies and they kept going. I didn't understand why i was free to walk around and they weren't, but needless I felt I shouldn't go down stairs. I did find a stairway that was abandoned that went down into some decrepit place. I felt like something was trying to lure me there but some of the other "free roamers" helped me back up stairs and we went on.
I realized we were walking towards living quarters. There were these nice modern living areas next to the water. There was this garden that lead into this big field. If you were to step out you can see other living areas nearby. People are also settling there but no one is out in the field. I share a living room with about 8 other people. I can't remember who they all are but I remember liking them all and feeling generally welcomed. One person I remember flirting with but nothing more. He showed me my room. it was small but comfortable. At this point i notice despite the amount of technology present in the building, there's no phones or TV's. There is lots of books and games. I tell everyone i'm going to bed and I sleep in the dream. Oddly enough...
I wake up from really good sleep. My pajamas are a cotton dress I don't remember putting on but I don't question it. I step out into the living room and everyone greets me good morning. I wave at them and make a joke about how cheesy my wave looked towards the guy who flirted with me. There are a few people who are still asleep. But most are up and about playing or reading. I realize it's still night time and become confused. The flirt guy commented about how everyone noticed it already and don't know why its like that. In a confused panic i ran out into the garden. At this point i should have woken up. I realize this in the dream and i become very lucid. Most of the time I am lucid in dreams but it's mild since i prefer to let the dreams play out, even if they are scary. But this time I was trying to wake up but didn't.
I look out into the water then to the sky. The moon is big and bright and full. I see a flashing yellow light in the distance. I run out into the large field mentioned before. My living mates follow after me. Some people in the other living areas see this and run out as well. I run closer to the light. I realize i'm the only one standing this close. The yellow light goes to disappear. I yell. At that moment my voice becomes very strong. It's like someone placed an invisible microphone near my face. I say-
"NO! Oh NO YOU DON't!" Like I was a concerned mother fussing. it didn't feel like JUST my voice. But it was me alright. Everyone is watching.
"We all have waited long enough! We want to see you!"
I turn to everyone and point at the light.
"Do you all see this?" Everyone screams-"YEAH!" I ask- "Do you believe it now?!" Everyone screams- "YEAH!" Then i ask- "If Aliens are here, do you want to meet them!?" Everyone cheered. I turned back to sky. "You heard everyone! We're ready!" We all cheer as the sky lights up with lights in various colors. Mainly blues, whites, and purples, but other colors are there.
Then I finally wake up. I don't know what to think of the dream but I certainly felt it was trying to tell me something major. Why else would it hold me there?

This all took a long time to post but I needed to get it all out and update you all on my current life I want to hear how all of you are doing, if you are still around.
I will talk on here soon. I probably wont wait as long to post but I still want things to develop before i do.
Have a good rest of the year, and stay safe.

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 12:33 pm
by Diego9000
Coincidentally, I also felt the need to check on the people here. I hope everyone is fine.

@Piff. That was quite the dream you had. I don't know much on what to make of it. It seems like some sort of preparation. You were lead to a place, to stay there temporarily, that may explain the lack of phones and television. All of that to finally get in contact with the aliens. I'm still confused on why you shouted "NO! Oh NO YOU DON't!"

As about me, I got nothing more to say related to any of my previous experiences. Nothing new happened, besides getting engaged on June 29th.

I'm not seeing the numbers anymore, nor visits or sightings.
I mentioned my experiences to my fiancee but she got super scared of it, quite literally. She may have some experience of her own sicne she didn't discarded what I said.

Your manifestation skills you mentioned are somewhat similar to mine, but mine works as in: if i say it will happen and I believe it will. It happens for real.

But mine is something that doesn't work for months then it starts working again.
It is now, about my fiancee's job. I want and I'm pretty sure she will have the job. Even her horoscope changed to match with this desire of mine.

Well, that's all for now. I'll be checking this forum once again once in a while :)

Re: Blue Aliens

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 5:11 pm
by Bonnie Jean Mitchell
Piff, Check this out:

CODE 144

I feel like I'm living in a machine too. Definitely a simulation. Holy Cow! You are seeing NPC's? AAaahhhhh! Well that'll freak you out. I have not quite gotten to that level yet, but I am going to pay more attention to that and see. I have witnessed it on video. ... 3blw03c010

That's cool about your mom and dad finding the numbers. :D
It helps to have some supportive people in your life.

When you and your friend saw the shadow being, were you in separate houses or together?