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 Post Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 7:09 pm 

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Here, in a post i described an experience in a night of 1989 at 3 hour AM exactly, where my wife and me realize we are paralyzed.

In this night, a magnetic sound slowly wakes me up. I was on my back in my bed. From my bed i could see a bright white light crossing the window. It was very hard to turn the head to see the clock. It took so many power. I never remembered more than this.

In December 2017 i have the opportunity to try a regression by hypnosis. I hoped to discover more what happened in 1989. During all this session my body was shaking so much, i did not understand why. My voice was different all the session and I spoke very slowly and periodic, the opposite of what I am in the life. The hypnotist said that a great energy crossing my body all the session, not common.

After living some personals things, two minutes of silence… Finally a face of a stars friend appeared, a grey alien! He is a friend who doesn’t know if i will panic. He will not take a chance. I am paralyzed… He said: '' It is the protocol; it is why you can’t move. I understand the world where you are living and understand your incarnation''. I am crying because so many compassions… He is calm from what i am living in the life. He want to see me calm too. He doesn’t want let me get up of my bed! He said in french ''Easy, stay there, stay there. I want that you stay there.'' Me, i would like to see their ship!! He saw everything’s in my head. He said: '' It is not necessary, you know. You don't need. Learn how to protect yourself…'' He repeated three times: ''We will meet us again. Thank you for the technic information’s. ''

I can't remember under hypnotic regression our conversation about these info’s. A part of this in my memory look like deleted, even under hypnosis!! But I know what I was talking with him because in 1984 a medium, a far seeing, informed me that I will have a friendly alien contact by telepathic communication in 4 or 5 years. At this time i was working for an electric utilities. In 1985, i worked on a file concerning a strange electrical disturbance of a 120,000 volts transmission line. On it, we searched hard to understand what happened because that contact recording with the line showed a conscious manipulation to take a lot of power during some seconds.

He doesn’t want let me taking a look at their ship. I don't know why. He repeated: ''Don't move, stay there, it will give nothing''. At this moment i can see the shape of his head!! I am not afraid. I am not afraid of nothing. It's friendly.

He is talking to me like a friend; it is why i am not afraid. He does not make me feel inferior to him. And i don't feel inferior! He said: '' You want so hard to know, to see me. You job is over. You said to me what you should. All the rest of your life you will search me. I have to go. We have so many others works to do. Continue to do what you are doing the best as you can''.

He is waiting before going! And said: ''The two others in the ship are curious to know what we are talking about. I am the one of this group who makes always the first contact because i am the more calm down than the others''. I asked: how they can't hear our conversation because you are all telepathic? He said: ''We can make private the telepathic conversations. They are curious like you and love too much the science, they like to see everything. I always make the first contact because i am calmer down in this manner to see everything. You know a little bit them''. I don't see how! He said: ''it is not your first life you see me and them. During my life i saw you in two different lives. We are known in your other life. It was not easy for you the first time. It was rude because you weren’t prepared to live this kind of experience. We made test on you that you did not like. But you understood and accepted. After, you became calm down and so curious about the universe. You saw our ship when you was young in this present life. We was just came to see you if all was ok. You wasn’t prepared again''.

At nine years old, in summer of 1968, i saw in the night at our chalet, at 10h pm, with my mother a white light ball, over the forest, same size of a full moon from where I was. Many electrics arcs blue green and red were leaving from the bottom to the top. Each time an arc begun to trigged, each time i could hear an électric noise. My mother did not remember!! ??

When you became connected with them it is forever (both side by souls, not by the present body). His last words were: ''I would like to talk with you longer. I can't. I have so many others people to see like you. Continue to vibe and stay connected at the universe''. I am crying because he is going. I hear their spaceship rising in the sky… There is nothing now. The silence…

My friend did not look sad to go… They are in the present moment. They do not live the detachment. They feel love but it is so different and without emotion. We can't understand the kind of affection they have for somebody.

They manage our planet, our advances, our evolving, our troubles. It is a never ending story, it's a hard work.

At the beginning, they cleaned the place on earth for humans. Without it, we never had being able to evolved and became the civilization we are. Since this time, they are watching everything that moves around our planet. They watch everything that visits us. I do not know why all these precautions but I suspect.

They tirelessly try to improve our bodies in which we are incarnated. In this way it helps our souls to evolve faster when new incarnation.

The time is a moment of consciousness. There is no past, present or future. In two minutes my consciousness will be focused on another present moment.

I am so curious, it seem!!


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