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 Post subject: 1980s my life changes
 Post Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:43 am 

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i came to this site in 2015 -but felt it too hard to write my story-i will try now -im 58 years old during early 1980s -i was traveling in my car on a well known road to me-to be honest all i remember is a low hum and some heat-6-7 hours later i woke up 15 odd miles away car engine running on side of grass verge in countryside-i had cut marks or scratchs on each inner thigh-i showed or told no one-straight away since that moment till now ive had urge to write -draw-and sign this sign ZO-the zero has a tail
my thyroid collapsed - me and wife at the time were followed by strange light shortly afterwards right back to our house-several times since then i have lost hours and found myself miles away--i have a vivid memory of being asked by a being all dressed in white-asking me did i want to go now or later on this was 1991-i feel a stranger on earth -my mind changed from that day--recently ive begun to feel as something is getting closer to happening ---plus ive been approached by i can only describe as gentle strangers on several ocasions one even touched my forhead and said do not worrie--another time a beautiful lady just came up to me kissed my cheek and said stop worrying my mother was with me at that time,,,,,, loads more experiances -including some where animals have come to my aid? has anyone else had anything similair -- whats ZO all about?

 Post Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 2:46 pm 

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Hi Giant gentlebear.

Lets make a list.
Missing time, yes. Lost hours. I even went missing as a baby of few month old from my parents garden. Lights in the sky around my house. often , more and more often of late I find.
All pretty much since childhood and regardless of where I lived. Have travelled the world. I am native dane, lived in Germany and also Arizona for some time. They were always there.
I have met some nasty beings but also some very nice once. One though I do not recall ever seing is humanoid looking ones. or the nordic type I believe some call them.
I have had some weird experiences with animals as well yes.

Well and many many more :) so you are not alone at all.

 Post Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 11:39 pm 
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Hi Giant Gentlebear,
It is good to see you are finally posting. :-)
There is some kind of deep connection we have with these visitors. I feel like something is coming too. I think it will be a major shift in conscious awareness for some of us -- something we've been working on for a while. But I don't think everyone is going to make that shift. We surely live in interesting times.

I have had experiences since I was 4 years old (I'm 48 now). When I go outside at night and talk out loud to the stars, I see different types of moving lights and "shooting stars." I know my star friends can hear me because they respond. It does not surprise me to hear about the caring people who walked up to you and told you not to worry. That's really nice.

That was quite an experience you had in your car back in the 80s. And you keep having missing time.... Wow, I know how unnerving it can feel to be faced with the fact that these things are really happening. You are not alone my friend. We are all figuring this out together.

Do you ever have vivid dreams about beings, like the one dressed all in white? Usually when I see a star person or human military personnel dressed all in white they are "doctors" wearing white lab coats.

I am not sure what the ZO is about. Where did you see it?

Many Blessings, Bonnie

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