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Not Sure If It's Aliens But Pretty Sure It's Supernatural

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:18 pm
by SpaceTravelersOfTheNight
Okay, so this girl I had a crush on ditched me over Facebook without even saying anything after we talked every day for nearly a year. I was really depressed about it but got on with life. However, my Android text suggestions had a mind of their own and just started messing with me. Why? Could a phone be possessed by a malevolent spirit somehow? Because when I would THINK about her, the text suggestion came up with her name! And other things too, giving me suggestions based on what I was thinking about! What could be happening here? Could malevolent ETs be involved? Any explanations as I'm at a loss at how an Android mobile device using binary code and operating with a puny 32 GB hard drive is capable of telepathy.

Re: Not Sure If It's Aliens But Pretty Sure It's Supernatura

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 3:39 pm
by guldage
It is not unusual when you are having experiences like abduction or for that matter supernatural experiences that the electronics go grazy around you. I have had these things happend to me all the time.
One time at work my computer died. IT department work on it and just when they declare it dead the thing start up by itself again. and there was absolutely no life in it what so ever. They worked on it for an hour,.
These things happen all the time. My phone die when I try and take a picture of a flying object and so on. Weather it is your own vibes or others mess with you or a combination I am not sure, but I am sure something strange is going on now and again.
Think it might be a combination. Sometimes the other beings are messing with my electronics and othertimes I am sending out some strange waves that mess it up
What is happening to you I can not say. Perhaps someone have hacked you but it could also be something else.
Have you ever had other experiences in the direction of supernatural or ufos or the like?

Re: Not Sure If It's Aliens But Pretty Sure It's Supernatura

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 5:24 pm
by SpaceTravelersOfTheNight
As for the possibility of being hacked, there were some weird things that made me wonder if that could be the case. However, I called my antivirus provider (Norton) and they said checked things out and thought that wasn't the case. I did notice a strange thing when I called the lady though. She said something about there being "corrupted Microsoft files" but she said "she couldn't do anything about it because they're from microsoft, but not to worry about it". She wasn't even going to say anything until her scan showed that there was something wrong with them. The girl I was talking about was a strong activist for bringing to light things about UFOs and other things that are being hidden by the shadow government. So, I considered the possibility that as a result of this, I may have been hacked by MIBs. I've never seen the men in black myself, but I know many people from forums who have...... and from what I've heard, I certainly wouldn't put it past them to start poking around on me just because of my connection to her. If that were true, it may explain why Norton didn't do anything. A big company like that would probably want to hide evidence of things like MIBs, and it would seem plausible to me that the Illuminati higher ups would tell the workers to ignore certain files/parts of the system which is where the MIBs hide their ultra sophisticated malware that they use to spy on people. There's also this guy who follows me on Facebook whose not connected to any of my friends nor has he had any contact with me, and he lives in a completely different part of the country. He works for some sort of company that kinda looks a little fishy Illuminati wise. Who knows though, this may just be my paranoia. I don't think I've ever seen MIBs directly.

Anyways, I do have a lot of supernatural stuff going on at my house though. I've had supernatural stuff going on everywhere I've went. It's crazy, it's like I attract these sorts of things like a magnet and I've never been able to figure out why. There are multiple spirits residing in my house, but only one of them is visible...... to me anyways. No one else has seen him, but I've seen him a few times. He's on the dimensional plane that's closest to ours and therefore he's the easiest to see/communicate with. He always wears a fedora, and he lived on the property during the 1930s. He was the owner of the farm. As far as I know, he's a completely benevolent spirit who just for whatever reason found himself stuck in this limbo state. I'm not sure why he hasn't been able to fully pass to the other side, but he's certainly not threatening in the least. I've seen him several times as a shadow, and he definitely is able to affect electronics. In fact, he's able to manipulate them intentionally. For instance, there was a time that I tried to send an email to my Mom when I was really pissed off about something she said. And then somehow the email didn't reach her. It was sent and appeared in my sent box, yet she didn't receive it. This has never happened before or since, and the only explanation I have is that he stopped it from sending.

There also are two ghosts in the house who are constantly arguing with each other and physically fighting....... and are unable to move past their hatred of one another. They are in a plane that's more difficult to access, and I never saw them. They just communicated with me through channeling, and I was sort of supposed to resolve their differences yet I couldn't and didn't know how. If I'm able to, I certainly would. However, it's just perplexing to me and I've never communicated with them again.

I also do see auras sometimes. Mine has a bluish tone to it, and I can see it clearly if I look for it whenever i look in the mirror. I also am able to see auras of others, and I certainly do have a highly active third eye and feel sensations in this region of my head constantly. Powerful throbbing and pulsing. I also see flashes of light a lot as a result of this, but I'm unable to use the ability productively. However, I definitely am able to influence electronics very strongly. In fact, if a streetlight is malfunctioning, I'm able to "ask" it questions as it will turn on and off depending on what I'm thinking about....... to the point where I can almost have a "conversation" with it. It's really incredible and a very powerful ability.

Re: Not Sure If It's Aliens But Pretty Sure It's Supernatura

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:36 am
by guldage
Well it sure sounds like you draw these things to you like a magnet. Much like myself. I have seen and felt ghost or beings my whole life. I have had shadow men stand and watch me now and again since early childhood, or as far as I can remember. I also had the alien abduction experience in all my life. Even vanished for an our as a 6 month old baby from my parents closed garden.
My electronics go crazy all the time, so much so that my husband jokes that I should have been born in a time where nothing could say bip. I just need to be next to it.
This friend of mine that also have his share of Ufo stories, he was at this UK sight on FB and his account started to act weird after he came on to this page. Perhaps this is connected. He also suspected something or someone was messing with him.
One thing is for sure, there is a lot of people that does not want this to come out into the open what is happening and sometimes they do harass people. Though I seems to here it happen more Frequent in the USA. Wonder if the government has its own agenda. I am not normally one that buy into these conspiracy theories, but sometimes things turn a bit odd and there is no other way to explain the happening. --- Who knows who is messing with us.

Re: Not Sure If It's Aliens But Pretty Sure It's Supernatura

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:47 pm
by SpaceTravelersOfTheNight
What just happened today is incredible! I am stunned! It's genuinely profound and one of my most incredible experiences! I think I may have telepathically communicated with her or vice versa! Or at least her unconscious did without her knowledge. Anyways, from time to time I ingest a particular hallucinogenic plant for shamanic purposes. The girl I dated also took similar things, though not this particular plant. I don't normally check her blog, but I saw she posted the image of the plant I ingest..... basically in the middle of the night. Somehow, without cause (I haven't taken the stuff in months though), she posted in image of the plant on her blog. Perhaps, she had taken it as she knew I used it but wasn't interested in it at the time I knew her. However, perhaps after seeing someone else use it or just on her own, she decided to take it. Anyways, last night...... without having looked at her blog in months and months, I somehow strangely awoke at 4:30 in the morning and stayed awake after that as though it was from some unknown force. It's incredible, and while it wouldn't stand up to the "test of science", I believe that this may have been telepathic communication. Though, it can't be certain. The weirdest part is that I haven't thought about her at all in nearly a YEAR and then this happened! It's incredible! Almost makes me wonder if telepathy can be explained by quantum physics somehow. I don't know maybe this is stupid as I've barely slept lately. In fact, last night I literally got like two to three hours of sleep, have been up since 4:30 and didn't get even close to a full eight hours of sleep the night before that. Plus, I'll admit that I'm slightly intoxicated at the moment. So, perhaps this is just my imagination. What does everyone think about this experience? This isn't alien related exactly, but if this is what I think it is...... it certainly cannot be explained by the conventional laws of physics.

Re: Not Sure If It's Aliens But Pretty Sure It's Supernatura

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:41 pm
by Diego9000
Buddy, I have a more realistic answer to your problem. I work with IT, fixing computers, smartphones, etc.

You said you spoke with her everyday for a year. You getting those things exactly because that. Any social media, iOS and Android will tag the contact you had most interaction as a suggestion. It also will suggest words based on how often you wrote that word.

Just clean your device's dictionary, learned words and it will stop.