I recorded a star person breathing

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I recorded a star person breathing

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One night back in 1988, I set up a video camera at the end of the hallway to record myself sleeping in the bedroom. I did this because I thought I might see the star people that night. And, I was right.

During the night, the neighbor's dogs stared barking and I woke up. I sat up in the bed to look down the hallway. I saw a short figure, about 3 1/2 foot tall come up from behind the camera and do something to it. I felt really tired and went right back to sleep. In the morning, I watched the videotape but I never saw myself sit up in the bed. It think it happened etherically.

However, I did catch this on camera: at a certain point, the neighbor's dogs started barking and I could distinctly hear a wet, breathing sound coming up behind the right side of the camera. Then everything went to static for about 20 seconds. When it came back on, everything was normal.

That was recorded on an old vcr tape that I accidentally recorded over. Well, I was only 20 at the time.... I had no idea how important that tape could be to me now. Oh well!
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