an update on my experiences

experiences with otherworldly beings

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an update on my experiences

Post by Zofo »

I was compelled to write this post due to synchronicity. about 30 minutes ago i finished watching Leave the World Behind even had audio problems and had to switch speakers , got ready for bed looked at my phone and saw a post about the film with a video about low frequency audio, i have dine a bit of film and a lot of audio editing, i watched the video and saw Bonnie.

anyhoo since i posted my past experiencers here, i have really had anything significant happen to me for 20 years, last encounter wirh them was in 2003. September of 2022, i hit the vibrational state in bed which hasnt happened much since the 90s, ok, a week later it happened again and i forced myself to turn on my light, it didn't work and my phone wouldnt work either, stopped. another week later, the vibration stopped, then the vibrations came back, stopped this happened a few times, i got pissed thinking ET was fooling with me, i forced myself up, no lights worked i went outside and the solar light were acting funny then i found myself in bed! ok so astral travel is real!

so the vibrational state happened ever few weeks and ill explore, did things people told me not to do, experimented etc

the strangest astral i decided to summon an alien or entiry whatever, strange thing happened, a wiman appeared counting coin, i tried to engage with her but she didnt seem to notice me, then i saw headlights coming up the mountain, ir was a bus and it atopped right at my verandah, door opened i went to the door and a nice lookung bus driving lady was there, i asked "where is this bus going can i come for a ride"? she repied "Its not your time" and left.

i found myself in bed and reallised i just met Death!

the last vibrational state i had was in january 2023, i think it was to do with smoking cannabis again?

i never studied aliens or ufos until 2022, i became obsessed with the subject as i think i have an implant in my ear, i always thought of them as intergalactic David Attenbough's i now think differently about it.. the whole thing is bizarre.

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Re: an update on my experiences

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A little over a couple of years ago I began having thoughts in my head that didn't come from me, and claimed to be aliens. At first I thought I was crazy or possessed by a demon, even though I had seen them before (the Grays). When I found this forum you were one of the people that convinced me that I wasn't really crazy. Since I found this forum they've been making me post here to communicate with people the things they have told me.
It hasn't happened in 20 years because they haven't needed to visit you. But thanks to the current conditions building up through out the world they're trying to get you ready for what comes next. I don't know what that entails for you personally, but you should expect more visits in the near future. Even though I share many similar experiences with you I have never astral projected. When I ask them they just tell me it's not a real thing, so I don't know what to make of it since you and many others here have described astral projection.

In another post you describe that they told you the government took an interest in you because of your anti-war stance on the Iraq War? What were you saying at the time? I'm actually really curious what could spur the Scottish (?) government to brand you a terrorist.
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