WHY did they take me?

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WHY did they take me?

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WHY did they take me?

Great question! We're all wondering the same thing! LOL. Like all of us experiencers, I wondered "Why me?" Why did those beings come into my room at night and take me right out of my physical body onto a UFO? I've even been awake outside at night, seen a glowing UFO in the sky, gone to bed and then found myself up there on the same UFO!

When I asked my Star People friends "Why Me?" They replied, "When we came to see you for the first time, when you were a toddler, you were AWAKE. You have seen our miracles and understand our ways." So, they began working with me and teaching me because I was capable of comprehending the material.

So, if you are wondering why they took you in the first place, take a look inside yourself and see if you can find the answer. Maybe just look in the mirror and that will tell you. Is it obvious that you are an awake and aware person? Then that is probably your answer. :D

Many Blessings! Bonnie
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