Mystic scars

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Mystic scars

Post by hellniat »

Hie Im from Sweden and when I was 13 I woke up with a scar on my right vrist and now just a few weeks ago I woke up with a 8 cm scar on my right shoulder. I have seen the fourth kind and there they abducted their victim when they were awake and the erased their memories so I put a pen on my night stand and thoght to myself if I get abducted I sweep the pen on the floor and the next morning I wake up with the pen on the floor. What am I gonna do I am freaking out and I cant concentrate on my studies or anything. I think they will come and get me anytime.

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Re: Mystic scars

Post by Bonnie Jean Mitchell »

That movie was made to scare people, do not believe everything you see. Please calm down. Not all visits are bad, in fact I happen to know some very friendly star people. I made a meditation to help abductees. It will help you ground, center, and shield, to give you some protection. You can listen to it here:

You've got to calm yourself so you can figure things out. And depending on a pen to alert you to an alien abduction is probably not the best sign to look for. Suppose it fell off the table by accident? Calm down, do the meditation, and get yourself together, then you can look at this better and figure it out.

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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Re: Mystic scars

Post by tskoone »

Hej Helniat!
Var inte rädd! Try to concentrate your energy for protection. Bonnie has a good guide how to do that. Also see my olderposts how I've done it (a little bit different but I find it working). I haven't had any scars but I had constant nose bleeds when I was younger.

-Hörs senare, tskoone (från Finnland)

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Re: Mystic scars

Post by Tess »

Hi Hellniat,
Don't you dare freak out and loose concentration on your studies !Keep getting on with your life as you use to.
Some films do leave a negative impression even though we are not aware of it but subconsciously its there.
If all those who have been abducted stop functioning in their dly lives we would be facing serious problems.
Keep a dim light in your bedroom it helps if you wake up frightened,get out with your friends and have fun.
That does not mean stop writing.Yes any concerns you have come here we will help and reassure you as best as we can and don't worry if we think there could have been a possible abduction we shall not mince our words either.
Take care

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