Purple Arcturian

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Purple Arcturian

Post by AishwaryaIsabella »

I have been very close to this race from Arcturus since I was a child. I used to associate them with barney the dinosaur because of their colour. :lol: I have also seen blue, red and green.

They can be very talkative verbally and both me & my brother have heard them speaking, in which they seemed to be right outside the house.

I dedicated this painting to them and I hope you like it. :D
arcturian painting.PNG

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Re: Purple Arcturian

Post by Bonnie Jean Mitchell »

Wow! Great painting!
Have you had good experiences with these Arcturians?
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Re: Purple Arcturian

Post by SalvadorGer »

I like your style very much. It's really unique. Thanks for sharing.

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