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Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and thought I'd give a quick background on myself.

I'm a 28 year old woman from England, who (until about a year ago), had an extremely normal life. I was not particularly spiritual in any way, and most certainly did not believe in aliens. When my dad watched a documentary on TV about alien visitation once, I openly scoffed at the concept. I think I was maybe open minded to the idea of them existing in the universe somewhere far away, but I did not believe they'd ever interact with humans.

Since then, my perceptions have rather been drastically changed based on a handful of experiences, hence why I'm posting here, as I have nowhere else to turn. Anyone I try to talk about this to automatically assumes I am crazy, but the people here seem nice and might be able to relate. I've had a few strange experiences in the past year, and I've learnt a bunch of things on the topic too that's made me kind of uncomfortable, so I could really use some advice on it.

Ill try to keep it brief, but here's a list on how my experiences escalated:

1) After chatting about the alien TV documentary to my somewhat eccentric boyfriend, I was talked into some star watching with him, as he wanted to try and spot some UFOs. I humoured the idea, but was very skeptical and found it kind of daft. We hung out and saw a few lights, but nothing I felt I couldn't dismiss as explainable.

2) The more we star watched, the more we began to witness phenomenon that got harder to explain. Things like bright flashes, (like a camera went off in space), strange drifting golden glowing balls, red flashes, 'satellites' that suddenly stopped and changed direction, or would vanish and reappear elsewhere, endless tiny little white flashes in a single spot that never went and stayed in the same place, etc. I still dismissed a lot of it, but I wasn't as confident.

3) We are fortunate enough to live near a very empty giant neolithic earthworks, created in the shape of Orion's belt. We went there and witnessed even more strange phenomenon in the sky.

4) My boyfriend begins to use Steven Greer's 'remote' method to attract aliens, and instructs me how to do so. After this, we try it in an isolated area, and witness something big for the first time.

We see a huge bright golden ball of light drift across the horizon and over to us. As the golden light gets closer to us, it takes shape into what can only be described as a massive flying craft.
It was at least 2-3cm in the sky from where we were stood, and it slowed to a crawl directly above us. There were no flashing lights on this one, just a large silent ship with a bright gold light, with two tiny purple and green lights either side. There was no mistaking what it was.

Naturally upon seeing this thing above us, I am terrified, and I ask for it to go away. As soon as I request this, the golden light dims out, leaving just the smaller lights and the grey body of the craft. Then the body fades invisible, leaving just a slight outline of the shape, and the lights. Then we both watch in shock as the lights fade out, and the entire thing completely vanishes.

He was surprisingly calm during this encounter- I completely freaked out and ran inside. I stop UFO watching with him altogether after this. He continues to try on his own, but nothing much has been appearing for him, so naturally he's disappointed I no longer join him.

5) After this encounter and filled with fear, I do my own research, and my head is filled with horror stories of 'grays' with bulbous eyes and heads, big underground bases and military abductions. At this point, every time I step outside I'm paranoid that every plane and satellite is a ufo, and I'm at peak anxiety. I feel targeted, paranoid, and expect a scary abduction any day, because I saw the big UFO that one time. I assume that because I somehow made it appear, they are now going to take me.

6) One night during a wave of severe anxiety, I get 'a visitation experience'. I am serious. In this experience, I am on a craft with some (to my surprise) extremely gracious and kind, tall and gentle, very thin extraterrestrials, who put my fears at ease by allowing me to ask them some questions (which I do not remember.) I remember them speaking to me telepathically and in my own voice- very casually and straightforward. It happened during what felt like sleep. I was shown around a ship and shown some technology (I don't remember what), and was not violated in any way. I remember being calm and relaxed in their presence. After that experience, my fears 99% went away, and I developed a new found sense of respect for extraterrestrials. The fear has since returned, as the encounter was quite a while ago, and I've since talked myself into believing it was just a dream.

7) Fast forward a few months, and I start to experience what I can only describe as 'checkups', that I only become aware of as I drift or wake from sleep. The checkups are done by some shadowy figures that aren't quite there, but affect the light in the room when you shut your eyes, like someone is walking around.
The checkups feel non invasive, like how I'd imagine a doctor to feel as he checks you over gently. I try and control the fear, as it's a bit freaky when you're suddenly aware you're not alone, but in reality I have no reason to be scared of these visits, (if they aren't just my eyes and body playing tricks, which I know is a possibility)

8) A few days ago, I get an awful stomach bug, and I was unable to eat or drink. I became so unwell and dehydrated that I had to go to hospital. During this time, I remember begging in my mind and aiming the message to the sky for the 'aliens to take me and help me' out (I was a little delirious). I get back from hospital and sleep deeply for an entire day and night, then wake up instantly better, and can finally eat again. I initially put this down to the drip I had at the hospital, but that night in the bath, I find a little mark on my shin, the same distance as these two moles I have on there.
(excuse the leg hair haha)

This wasn't there before, and I haven't bashed myself. I didn't obtain it at the hospital. It's like a little round white burn mark. Could this possibly be one of those fabled 'scoop marks' I've read about?

9) The latest incident happened a few mornings ago, when I woke up with these marks on my ankles. My ankles are pretty solid, so whatever was pressed onto them must have been there for a while. The marks faded after about two hours of getting up and walking around.
Could it be evidence of an 'abduction', or is this something explainable that I've missed? There are no solid objects in my bed, and I'd have to have whatever made the indent wedged between my feet to make this kind of mark on the insides, as they are even in depth. Once again, I am prepared to humour any rational possibility that my have caused these marks.

10) Last night, I witnessed what can only be described as a flash of blue-tinged lightning mid air in my bedroom as I began to drift off. It was terrifying and I have no rational explanation for it.

Thanks for reading all that if you had the patience, all this is 100% true, believe me I am very astounded myself should there be anything to my experiences. I have a couple of questions for those of you still around to answer, if you can, and I'd really appreciate some guidance.

-While I'm no longer quite as afraid of genuine ET contact anymore, I am still incredibly scared of 'military abduction'. There isn't a lot about this online, but from what I can gather, military abduction is basically alien abduction with military interference, or a full military abduction using reverse engineered tech to appear alien.
What I can gather from the internet, is that the majority of the more traumatising and vivid experiences are military ones, which doesn't surprise me. I'm sure a lot of you know how dodgy and illegal the black programmes are.
How do I avoid / prevent these sort of abductions, and do any of you have more information or experiences on this? I really don't want my privacy and life to be violated by some awful military/ government people, all because I tried to attract some flying saucers.

-An experiencer I found online said that he was able to branch out, make friends with the ETs and have only positive and loving experiences, just by keeping positive and loving in his nature, and having no pre set expectations. Is this true for any of you who have experienced, and what's the nicest experience you've had so far? (this will help reassure me to try and attract more experiences, as I'm still extremely, extremely afraid.)

-I am very very against the idea of having children, ever- on earth, or anywhere in the universe. So many people talk about having their eggs / sperm taken against their will, to produce offspring they will never know. This idea really upsets me- how do I prevent this from happening? Can I just ask them not to? So far, my experiences have been kind and non-invasive, but might it change? Does anyone know why they want to make hybrid offspring, and do any of you recon it has anything to do with the military meddling?

-Why do they take tiny biopsies from people? (assuming that's what the mark is) Is it a burn? It looks kind of shiny, like a cauterised wound or acne scar. What the hell is the mark? It certainly wasn't there 3 days ago. Is it permanent? It's very white compared to the rest of my skin and is kind of ugly. (update: 1 week later, mark has turned pink in centre with a white ring, and is not fading)

-I noticed I've only been getting the 'scoop marks' since I got sick and 'gave them permission' to take me. Do you guys think they're connected? If so, should I allow it to continue, or maybe politely ask them to stop in the same way that I asked it to start? I fear that I'm experiencing traumatic things I can't remember, or that I'm not safe. So far, based on the experiences I've had (the craft vanishing upon request, the 'kind visitors', the gentle nature of checkups and the fact I rapidly recovered from gastrointeritus after a possible abduction) I'm probably in safe hands, but one can never be too sure, and I'm scared it's opening doors to not so nice things. The sleep I experience before the markings appear feels very normal, maybe a little dream heavy, but nothing out of the ordinary for me. I have difficulty remembering the dreams.

-Have any of you ever discovered or remembered having implants? Based on the accounts I've read, the implants appear to exist in order to help the abductee heal from the experience, but they probably vary in purpose. I don't believe they are 'trackers', as the ETs seem to have no trouble finding their target.

Thank you so much for your time, and I really appreciate any answers I get as I'm so new to this.

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