The Corona Plandemic

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The Corona Plandemic

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Hello Friends,
I hope everyone is doing well, hanging in there through this crazy time of the corona virus plandemic. To me, it is crystal clear that this is a big fear-mongering show being put on by the secret government and the media. Perhaps the virus is real, but it is certainly not dangerous enough to have shut down the entire world. The secret government is really pushing it down our throats and many of us awakened ones have had more than enough!

Take care of yourself, eat fresh vegetables and healthy. This is a big part of staying well and keeping your immune system strong. Your body was made to fight infection naturally. Just keep your immune system strong.

Do not listen to everything you hear on the tell-a-vision. In fact, take everything with a "grain of salt", use your own judgement and discernment. We are being duped while our freedoms are quickly being stripped away and most of the mainstream sleepers are falling right in line! How very sad it is.

However, the shift of consciousness is well underway and some people are starting to wake up. Even some of those people who you never thought would get it are starting to say,"Hey! Wait a minute! This doesn't make sense!"

We are at WAR. Literally. We are fighting for our lives and our freedom.

Feel free to speak your mind and comment here. You will not be censored or deleted because of your viewpoint. Speak your TRUTH!!!
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