A Lifetime of Contact Leading to
Higher Consciousness

The Shift

Bonnie jean mitchell

Bonnie Jean Mitchell Alien Abduction Help

Bonnie Jean Mitchell is a life-long contactee. She founded Alien Abduction Help in the year 2000 with the intention to bring forth truth and help those who experience the bizarre, other-worldly phenomenon typically known as alien abduction.

In 1988, Bonnie began recording her alternate reality experiences with multidimensional beings she calls star people. After many years of recording the data, she wrote her first book, Journey with the Star People, in 2005. This is where the story begins.

After 16 more years of experience with the star people (as well as run-ins with the secret government and MILABS) she published her second book, The Shift, in synchronicity with the natural and spiritual ascension of humanity we are experiencing now.

Bonnie welcomes contact from awakened souls who are making the transition to higher vibrational frequencies as we Shift into a new conscious awareness of who we truly are.

The Shift Book


fake scenario

Fake Scenario

Star People (aliens/ETs) sometimes place contactees into a fake scenario. This is a pre-made “skit” or movie that is used as a training tool for teaching. The contactee is put...

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How to Shield

Knowing how to shield is very important. It can help protect you from low level frequencies emitted by other people as well as psychic attack. If someone near you is...

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What is REAL

What is REAL?

What is REAL? Some people think that physical reality is the ONLY reality; if it didn’t happen physically, then it’s not real. This is a misconception we need to overcome....

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