The Shift is upon us! We are moving into higher levels of conscious awareness as humanity is being pushed to awaken. Even those who have been stubbornly asleep are being forced to awaken. If they don’t wake up…then they are staying with the old matrix as it falls apart. It is time to let go of our fear, anger, depression, and frustration to focus on our inner selves and connect to Source.

Reserve your energy for the tests to come–they will get bigger and more difficult as we reach the end of this game. We are riding those rolling energy waves that are getting faster and more intense. We can feel joyous one moment and completely depressed and defeated the next. Focus on love and you will find your balance. All will be well.

The star people taught me to release all my fear in order to be calm and in control when I need to focus the most. Now is that time. Raise your vibrational frequency and move up to the next level. Remember: This life is temporary. Be strong and do your very best. When you are done and you go back HOME, you will be glad you gave it your all.

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