become more conscious

Your level of conscious awareness determines how you manifest your body, your image, and the way you present yourself to the world. The more awareness you can bring to this place, the more power you have over this life.If you were always connected to Source and your Higher Self, you would always be conscious and you would always know who you are. You would have all the answers you’d ever need and you would be happy and joyous to be here playing this game because you would know the truth: You are a powerful being!!

Find the Joy in Your Life

One of the main goals of this life is to become fully conscious while in the physical body. It is a test to constantly pull yourself up to the mark and be present in the moment. We all want to be happy and lead fulfilling lives; this can be accomplished by becoming consciously aware of our true eternal, spiritual nature. We can manifest reality the way we want it. As we Shift into higher vibrational frequencies, it will become easier to be conscious in the present moment. We are all working together to help make The Shift happen by manifesting it with the love in our hearts.

It is time to focus your energy on what you want to create. Let go of what is not serving you; the old world, along with all of its problems, is fading away into the lower vibrational frequencies. We are rising up to higher levels of mastery as we proceed on this inner journey. We are remembering who we are, how powerful we are, and the fact that we are able to change our lives and the world for the better. Learn how to become more conscious and free yourself from bondage.

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