how to stop alien abduction

You do not have to be a victim. Stand up for yourself and stop alien abduction. If you are visited by negative beings, kick them out! People have a variety of experiences with these multidimensional visitors; some are friendly teachers and some are dark entities with a dark agenda. As a life-long contactee, I have experienced both types of visits as well as Military Abduction.

If you want to stop alien abduction, feel your inner strength and stand your ground. Go into a quiet space and imagine the alien intruder is in front of you. Be assertive and forceful when you tell them they do not have permission to visit you. This is the first step to taking control. Because we are dealing with metaphysical beings, we confront them in a spiritual manner. You really are creating your reality, so make it what YOU want it to be!

Protect yourself and your family by “sealing” the windows and doorways of your house. Do this by “drawing” a protective symbol with your finger or a stick of purifying white sage. You should also seal your television, which is a device that was originally created to channel spirits and allow dark entities to enter your home. It is also a mind control device, like your cell phone. Keep them turned off and far away from you while you sleep.

Television Mind Control

When we are filled with love and light and we feel the strength of our true, spiritual selves, have the power of creation on our side. Remember who you really are and take back your power!

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