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Star People (aliens/ETs) sometimes place contactees into a fake scenario. This is a pre-made “skit” or movie that is used as a training tool for teaching. The contactee is put inside the movie set and observed to see how they will react in a given situation. The set is made to look as real as possible. However, after years of going through the fake scenarios myself, I began to see through them. I began to realize they were not real; they were just fake situations with fake people on a movie set. Then I decided to not take part.

Dream Harvesting: They’re Going to Change our History

This is a book reading from my new book The Shift; A Lifetime of Contact Leading to Higher Consciousness. This particular experience happened in April of 2013. The Star People placed me inside a fake scenario that I saw right through and I tried to escape. I was not afraid. I was awake and aware in that place and I remembered being there before — I had exited before the test was complete and they put me right back into that fake scenario. This time I got a bit farther. I flew outside to their half-manifested “natural” landscape to see the purple nets hanging from the “sky.” I was inside a rectangular room, not a natural environment. It was enclosed and surrounded by nets!

Release Yourself NOW – Little Time Left

I sometimes wonder if the mundane, physical Earth plane we live in is another fake scenario…just a surreal dream that is not our real life, but a test. Are the Star People the Watchers? The Keepers? The Guardians of this place? Do they have something to do with the maintenance of this Earth? Is it part of their duty to help and assist humans who are awake and ready to learn about raising their vibrational frequency? Are the Fake Scenarios made to teach us important lessons? If you are a contactee who has an opinion about fake scenarios, please leave a comment below this post. Thanks!

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