UFOs and Aliens are multidimensional

UFOs and Aliens are Multidimensional in nature; they are not just physical in a 3D way. They pop in and out of our reality as they please. However, not all UFOs are from other dimensions; some UFOs are military craft that may have been reverse-engineered from actual crashed vehicles. There are also many fake, holographic images of UFOs being projected onto the plasma screen that our atmosphere has become from the intense spraying of chemtrails for many years now.

During the recent July 2023 UFO Congressional Hearing in the United States, key witness Mr. David Grusch brought up the Holographic Principal. The idea is that objects entering Earth’s atmosphere from higher dimensions may break the laws of 3D physics and they may appear very strange to us, as we cannot see the whole picture.

What is REAL?

Every Friday, my husband John and I host the Awakenvideo Friday Nite Livestream. We discuss paranormal and metaphysical topics as well as hidden truths everyone should know about. On August 4, 2023, I spoke about the idea that UFOs and Aliens are Multidimensional . I discovered their multidimensional nature about 35 years ago, during my own contact experiences. The video in this post is a snippet from that livestream.

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The UFO/UAP Congressional Hearing is great because it makes UFO sightings and alien abduction experiences/contact more acceptable. In fact, the United States government is now looking for ways to make it possible for everyone to report UFO sightings. They are no longer ridiculing people on the NEWS…there is a real SHIFT in the way society views these experiences. On the other hand, it is clear the government is going in this direction because The Controllers (Fallen Angels, Reptilians, and Demons) are following an agenda to produce a fake alien invasion. They are using the truth for their own dark plans. Now they will have to act fast to make the most of their plan…before too many truthful individuals come forth and wake up the whole world. We will see many changes happen quickly now!


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