ufo sightings are increasing

UFO Sightings are increasing! Some of them are actual unknown multidimensional craft, some are physical secret military craft, and some are holographic Project Blue Beam projections. Now comes our big test where we have to be able to discern what we are looking at. It can be very tricky. The most important thing, I think, is to pay attention to what kind of energy you pick up from these objects; do they feel sinister or do they simply peek your curiosity when you see them? It will take great discernment to know for sure.

The Time is Short

With such incredible, advanced technology, it can be difficult to tell what we are really looking at. Is it a vehicle made of light frequency, perhaps from a higher dimension that we can only partially comprehend? Is it some reverse-engineered military object? Is it a holographic image being projected by lasers onto the plasma screen that has been placed into our atmosphere by chemtrails and geoengineering? And if you see it on the Internet or TV…is it just some great computer graphics?

Know Your Enemy — 66 The Fallen Among You

WE are at the end of this world age when using our spiritual insight will give us the best answers. At this pivotal time, UFO sightings are increasing, so we must sift through fact vs fiction. There are two reasons for the increase: the Controller’s Project Blue Beam agenda AND the rising of human consciousness bringing the enhanced ability to see these objects that have been here the whole time. It is the time of the great awakening and also the time of the great deception. Where do you stand? What does your heart tell you? Have a look at some of the newest UFO sightings from August 2023 and see what you think.

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