how to stop alien abduction

How to Stop Alien Abduction

You do not have to be a victim. Stand up for yourself and stop alien abduction. If you are visited by negative beings, kick them out! People have a variety of experiences with these multidimensional visitors; some are friendly teachers …

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shift your point of power

Shift Your Point of Power

Shift your point of power from your physical body to your spiritual body. Change your perception and change your life. Your manifestation will become more positive and filled with love if you can focus from a higher plane, to see …

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Take the Reins

Take the reins of life into your own hands. Manifest what makes you happy by giving it your attention. It really matters what you focus on as we Shift into a higher dimension of awareness. Manifestation is happening quickly as …

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Blue Light UFO

In 2010 I had an alternate reality experience where people were choosing their paths, getting ready for the coming Shift in consciousness. Some people knew which way to go and others were confused. As the experience went on, I saw …

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Prepare Yourself

Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and in every way possible for the changes that are on the way. Life is changing as the two paths diverge; those with love in their hearts are moving into higher vibrational frequencies while …

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