sleep paralysis

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis happens when you are about to leave your body. Then it can happen again when you return to your body. When an Out-of-Body experience is beginning, the physical body usually becomes very relaxed to where the muscles are […]

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mind over matter

Mind Over Matter

Use mind over matter to overcome any problem you might be facing, whether it is anxiety, depression, or feeling sick. You can change your reality! Focus in this present moment to bring yourself more awareness. Wake up to the fact

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prepare for the shift

Prepare for the Shift

Prepare for the Shift now in order to face the challenges ahead. Let go of any baggage you might have in order to raise your frequency. Don’t wait any longer to face your issues and problems that you might be

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Call to Lightworkers

Call to Lightworkers

Call to Lightworkers! It is time to WAKE UP! It is time for all lightworkers and starseeds to channel the higher vibrational frequencies of love and light. LOVE is an open channel to Source. Fill your heart center with love

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