Frequency Bridges connect different vibrational frequencies. You can find them on the etheric plane while you are traveling Out-of-Body.This will help you raise your frequency and explore new worlds.

A theme that has been prevalent throughout my life-long journey with the star people is the raising of my own vibrational frequency. Each person has their own frequency fingerprint that is natural to them. This frequency will determine what type of life you experience. It can change everything about your life, including your perspective on how you view the world, and this is vitally important. If your energy field is vibrating on a low level, you will have bad experiences. You will need to work on your life lessons and learn from them in order to overcome your problems and work your way up to having more conscious awareness. More clarity and insight will bring you a closer connection to your higher self. This, in turn, connects you to the Source of everything that we are all part of and all wanting to be more closely connected to.

One way to raise your vibrational frequency in the alternate reality is to cross a bridge.

This is a book reading from The Shift.

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