When the storm comes, go inward to find the light and your salvation. Connect to your highest self and to Source. If you do this in the present moment, you have nothing to worry about. Let go of the past and the world we are leaving behind. It is time to focus your thoughts on creating a new reality in a higher vibrational frequency. Your thoughts literally manifest reality.

As chaos erupts in the social structure of the matrix, those of us who are awake need to go inward and focus on the highest vibrational frequency we are capable of. Not everyone is ready…in fact, most people are not. Allow them to follow their own path while you take your energy back for yourself and focus on LOVE.

2 thoughts on “When the Storm Comes”

  1. hi 🙂
    thank You for the reminder…
    I’ll commet by sharing one of my recent dreams… I’ve read Your second book (woow – thank You for sharing Your experiences.. increadible) and that night I had a dream – I was looking for mushrooms in a forest , found many.. found also one strange (psychedelic I think) with an upsidedown cap.. anyway, I started to run through a plain mountain path to another forest – on my way I saw an owl – it was the size of a human and had strange/humanlike eyes, it was looking at me and behind it was a big box.. looking beyond the owl in the distance above the mountainview I saw a strorm brewing – some dark clouds and thunders… I ran to the next forest – a pine forest, as I entered it the trees started to wiggle like spaghetti and I woke up….
    …referring to Your today’s message – following that dream – not a week later in my waking state it manifested like this – I left one town where I live and work drafting electrical projects (mushroom picking, many forest here) to a city for one day to draft a project (running on the mountain path) entering the city I drove through pine forests… and the site where I was doing my job was a eyeglass shop where there women worked one with big glasses (the owl mayby ? :))
    greetings from Gorlice, Poland 🙂

    1. Bonnie Jean Mitchell

      Hi Lukas!
      Yes! That could totally be your dream playing out in the waking world. It’s amazing how literal it can be sometimes. There is a flow of consciousness that keeps on going whether we are awake or asleep. If we pay attention to our dreams we can really have a good idea of what is coming to us physically. That’s cool! Thanks for sharing! Bonnie : )

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